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What Our Customers Say

Our batteries have attracted people from all walks of life, ranging from off-grid ranch owners to bass anglers. We take pride in knowing that our customers don’t just want our products, they want to be part of the Battle Born family. On this page you’ll find people who have shared their stories on who they are, what they do, and where they are from. Our batteries have helped people accomplish their boondocking dreams and get rid of their battery anxiety.

Sage Mountain Charges Electric Vehicles Off-Grid with Battle Born Batteries

Nearly 30 years after they founded Sage Mountain Center, Christopher Borton and Linda Welsh continue to pioneer off-grid living. Their commitment to making a minimal impact on the environment and promoting physical and mental health hasn’t wavered through the decades. As industry advancements make living off-grid easier with more complex technology, Sage Mountain is leading […]

John Cox Competes in MLF and Bassmaster Tournaments Powered by Battle Born Batteries

Professional bass angler, John Cox, has been competing in angling tournaments for nearly 25 years. He’s spent the last 12 as a full-time professional, first competing in Fishing League Worldwide (FLW)/Major League Fishing (MLF) and then joining the Bassmaster Elite series in 2019. He’s passionate about fishing and spends more days on the water than […]

Martin and Julie Johnson’s Off-Grid Homestead with Battle Born Batteries

Almost two years ago, Martin and Julie Johnson purchased a 7-acre property in northern Idaho with the plan to build an off-grid homestead. While they haven’t finished yet, they have made immense progress in the completion of their home and are slowly becoming self-reliant. With the recent addition of a well and a solar and […]

Expedition Evans Sets Sail with Battle Born Batteries

Brett and Jade Evans of Expedition Evans have a love for exploration and adventure. They purchased a salvaged sailboat at an auction and spent a year and a half renovating it and converting it into a tiny home. Now, Brett, Jade, and their dogs, Penny and Dingo, are on a mission to sail around the […]

Arbour Season Plays Music on the Road with Battle Born Batteries

The Indie Folk band, Arbour Season, features the husband-and-wife duo, Shane and Emily. Together, with their two adorable kids, they travel the US in their custom-built Skoolie, playing private and public shows and attending festivals and rallies. As they travel, they search for small towns to explore, find hikes to go on, and simply enjoy […]

Happy Homebodies Battle Born Powered Home on Wheels

As a solo full-time traveler, Francesca of Happy Homebodies is driving across North America in her Skoolie she converted into a home. While she may be a solo traveler, she is accompanied by her 3 pups: Sully, Murphy, and Magoo. Together, they live on the road in search of breathtaking views and endless adventure.  Meet […]

The Crew of the S/V bāsik Live the Onboard Lifestyle with Battle Born Batteries

Teal, Linh, Emma, and their Yorkshire Terrier, Compass, are a family of four exploring the world on the water. They live full-time on a 1993 custom-built 435 Featherlight Catamaran named S/V bāsik and love sailing from island to island, exploring new cultures, and meeting fellow sailors. Meet the Crew of the S/V bāsik It was […]

Professional Climber, Paige Claassen, Powers Her Van with Battle Born Batteries

Paige Claassen is a professional rock climber from Colorado who travels the world competing in climbing competitions and seeking out routes that challenge her skills. While on the road, she lives out of a van that was custom-built by her husband, Arjan de Kock. Together, Paige, Arjan, and their puppy Freya take their home comforts […]

Arjan de Kock Custom Builds “Forged Vans” with Battle Born Batteries

South African, Arjan de Kock, is an avid photographer and outdoorsman with a talent for woodworking. Arjan found the perfect niche for his unique skills when he started doing custom van builds and created his company, Forged Vans. He’s living out his dream life of adventure and travel, while setting aside time to complete his […]

Wheelin’ with the Wendes to Remote Locations and Boondocking Paradise

Lance and Flo Wende, of Wheelin’ with the Wendes, are full-time travelers with a passion for boondocking. Three years ago, they took their work on the road to be able to experience the life they dreamed of without having to wait for retirement. Together, the Wendes traverse across the U.S. in search of remote locations […]

On the Road of Adventure with Battle Born Batteries

Anne and Brian Klumpp, of On the Road of Adventure, have spent the last three years traveling across the US in an RV. Accompanied by their adorable puppy Skipper, the Klumpp’s enjoy experiencing new cultures through their tastebuds. They love visiting National Parks, enjoying local restaurants, wineries, and breweries, and cooking extravagant meals in their […]

Professional Kayak Angler Justin Patrick Hosts the Lines In Yak Fishing Podcast

Justin Patrick is a professional kayak angler with a passion for all sides of the sport of angling. He started a podcast called “Lines In Yak Fishing” as a way to connect with other anglers and provide educational information to those aspiring to join the sport.  Meet Justin Patrick  Professional Kayak Angler, Justin Patrick, is […]

Ironhorse Overland Heads Off-The-Grid with Battle Born Batteries

Full-time travelers Mike and Debby Lee, of Ironhorse Overland,  have a unique overland rig composed of a 2015 Toyota 4Runner SR5, pulling a 2020 Patriot Camper X1H. Eager to take their off-the-grid lifestyle to the next level, they made the jump to renewable energy and left lead acid behind. Mike and Deb replaced their old […]

Rehabit8 Sets Out on a Custom Build Bus Conversion

Mela and Don, of Rehabit8, took a leap into full-time travel when they purchased a 1996 Coach Bus to convert into a tiny home on wheels. They gutted the bus and custom-built every square inch of the bus to accommodate their specific lifestyle. As they finish their bus conversion, Mela, Don, and their two cats […]

BE Adventure Partners Sets Out on a Custom Skoolie Build

Brian and Erin, of BE Adventure Partners, left their life of international travel behind to take on a custom Skoolie build. They gutted their Skoolie and turned it into their dream home on wheels. Now they’re on an adventure from Canada to the U.S. looking for a place to set up their homestead.  Meet Brian […]

Local Frozen Yogurt Truck is Powered by 1,000 Amp Hours of Battle Born Batteries!

TukTuk YumYum is the latest business on wheels to hit the streets of Reno, Nevada. Owners Debey Grimes and Dan Faulkner  run the business out of a Piaggio Ape TukTuk. Not wanting to power the unique three-wheeled vehicle with noisy generators at events, Debey and Dan began extensive research on lithium and how it can make a power system as efficiently (and quietly) as possible. With renewable energy on board, TukTuk YumYum is partnering with local vendors and […]

Angler Miles Burghoff Is Living Life On the Road In His Truck Camper

Roar warrior and angler, Miles Burghoff, has been on the road since 2019 while dominating his professional angler career. Battle Born Pro Angler Miles “Sonar” Burghoff tells us about how a truck camper was the ultimate option for his lifestyle, as he pulls his boat across the country during tournament season and lives over 150 […]

Where Is Brittany

Here at Battle Born Batteries, we enjoy sharing the stories of the ways that people can get out there and stay out there. From skoolies to vans, no rig is too small to take advantage of tiny living. For Brittany Newson, being able to do what she wants, when she wants, is the top factor […]

Adventure Van Man

Meet Brian Poirier of Adventure Van Man. He’s been on the road since 2014 and needed a reliable power system to get him on his travels. That’s where our lithium technology comes in – and the rest has been smooth travels for Brian since. Introducing Brian: Born and raised in San Diego, Brian’s adventures in […]

Essentially Streaming

Meet Tanner and Nallely Bean: Living in their Airstream for the past five years, the two noticed that being resourceful with their power needs was taking a toll on their travels. Their 2017 International Serenity Airstream has been able to carry them plenty of miles across the country, and now with our Battle Born LiFePO4 technology, Tanner and […]

Justin Lucas

Here at Battle Born Batteries, our team strives to ensure that our anglers have the best power in their rigs. Justin Lucas has been steadily kicking bass over the past few seasons as a participant of the Major League Fishing circuit. About Justin: A Sacramento native, Justin began fishing in the FLW tour while in […]