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Justin Lucas Schools the Competition with LiFePO4 Batteries on Board!

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Here at Battle Born Batteries, our team strives to ensure that our anglers have the best power in their rigs. Justin Lucas has been steadily kicking bass over the past few seasons as a participant of the Major League Fishing circuit.

About Justin:

A Sacramento native, Justin began fishing in the FLW tour while in college for the 2009 season and finished his rookie season in the Bassmaster Elite Series in 2014. He’s qualified for three consecutive Bassmaster Classics and won two Elite events.

Fishing in the spring and summer are Justin’s favorite seasons to participate in the sport. His routine in the morning before a competition is simple: having coffee and eggs is all he needs to fuel up for a day on the water!

Justin Lucas holding a large mouth bass that he caught on his bass boat

Some of Justin’s favorite places to fish are the St. Lawrence River and Lake Champlain in New York. In the summer, because of high latitude, daylight runs for more than 16 hours a day- and Justin’s battery system can get him out there for that long!

Justin Lucas holding a bass he caught on his bass boat

Justin also takes on a mentorship role as the emcee of several FLW College tournaments for several years. He notes that several of the younger guys he worked with and mentored are now his bosses at some places. The fishing industry has plenty of ways to stay connected to the anglers they’ve met and been out on the water with.

This past season, Justin kicked bass on the water, finishing 4th in the Bass Pro Tour Circuit and 5th in the MLF. He got four top 10s in those events and always had a full charge on his batteries. Justin has three BB10012 Battle Born Batteries and a Victron IP 65 charger in his system. He runs two AGM batteries in parallel for his Power Pole trolling motor.

“I was able to fish in the Great Lakes and Florida through heavy grass without any issues,” said Justin. “It’s nice to have a system with a flawless performance overall.”

When he had a battery system full of lead-acid, Justin noticed his boat and productivity would also get sluggish.

“I can’t ever go back to a full AGM setup, because the power and longevity that lithium batteries bring out on the water is amazing,” Justin said. “Keeping a mindset of never stopping is exactly how I can be successful out on the water for sixteen-hour days.”


Justin Lucas holding a Bass Pro Tour champion trophy

Justin’s biggest piece of advice for anyone looking to get into the world of angling is that they should make good decisions when competing. Justin was able to join his high school and college fishing teams, so go for those opportunities if they are available! Justin says that all in all, going to college and participating in those circuits is important. Starting out as a co-angler to gain experience is crucial to success as you can learn first-hand and gain experience out on the water. It’s also how Justin won a boat as a nineteen-year-old.

“Buying a boat is such an expensive purchase and you need to make sure that when first getting into the sport, it’s something that you really want to do,” he said. “Going out and competing a couple times is important and really helped me gain a lot of knowledge on what works for me on the water.”

What’s Next For Justin?

Right now, Justin is gearing up for the upcoming season and welcomed his second son into the world. With baby Decker on board, Justin’s excited to fish and travel with his family and spend time together making memories. We’re rooting for him in every circuit he participates in!

Follow Justin on his Instagram, Facebook, YouTube channel, and blog.

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