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What Our Customers Say

Our batteries have attracted people from all walks of life, ranging from off-grid ranch owners to bass anglers. We take pride in knowing that our customers don’t just want our products, they want to be part of the Battle Born family. On this page you’ll find people who have shared their stories on who they are, what they do, and where they are from. Our batteries have helped people accomplish their boondocking dreams and get rid of their battery anxiety.

A Luxurious, Modern Off-Grid Home Powered by 64 Battle Born LiFePO4 Batteries

When Eric, an avid snowmobiler and outdoorsman, happened upon his dream off-grid property and found out it was for sale, he jumped at the opportunity to purchase it. Starting from the ground up, Eric worked to upgrade the house on the property with the luxurious finishes he desired. He realized he needed a robust power […]

The Lennon Bus is Revolutionizing Mobile Music Education with the Power of Battle Born Batteries

Inspired by John Lennon’s passion for the arts, Yoko Ono and Brain Rothschild joined together to create the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus. This non-profit foundation is dedicated to giving children across the U.S. and Canada access to top-tier musical education. With their mobile recording studio, the Lennon Bus travels to schools, concerts, and industry […]

The KÜHL Mule, Now Powered by Battle Born Batteries

As one of the few independently owned companies in the outdoor space, KÜHL is committed to providing their customers with the highest quality of products. Born for the Great Outdoors, KÜHL creates clothing and gear that inspires athletes to reach their highest potential. By only partnering with companies that share their high standards, KÜHL is trailblazing […]

The Li-MITLESS ENERGY Podcast: Sustainable Music Education with The Lennon Bus

While at one of the music industry’s largest events of the year, the NAMM show, we caught up with Brian Rothschild and Jeff Sobel to discuss the latest innovation on the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus. With the help of a new Battle Born Batteries power system, the Lennon Bus is bringing unparalleled access to […]

Fifty Years of Professional Bass Angling with Rick Clunn

Avid bass fishing fans, fellow professional anglers, and experts of the sport alike have labeled Rick Clunn as the ‘Greatest Angler of All Time’. With 50 years of professional fishing, multiple championship wins, impressive titles, and over 500 tournaments under his belt, it’s no wonder he’s deeply admired. Clunn’s humble approach to his victories and […]

Best of 2023 | Systems, Boondocking & Rigs Using Battle Born Batteries

It’s been a long year of getting out there and staying out there. The Battle Born Family has traveled far and wide, backed by reliable and trusted power from Battle Born Batteries. Photos of the top systems, rigs, and boondocking adventures using Battle Born Batteries were shared with us–and we’ll just say, all of them […]

The Li-MITLESS ENERGY Podcast: International Overlanding

A van lifer adapting their vehicle to explore rugged terrain. A mid-size truck equipped with a rooftop tent. Or an SUV completely transformed from the inside out to accommodate the necessities. Overlanding can be difficult to definitively define due to the numerous different types of travel, vehicles, and duration. Graeme Bell defines himself as an […]

Holiday Gift Guide 2023 | Powering the Season with Battle Born Batteries

Looking for holiday season gifts for the adventurous boondockers, full-time RVers, weekend travelers, off-grid dwellers, and marine enthusiasts in your life this holiday season? We have the ultimate Holiday Gift Guide of 2023 for you! Find the best gift options for your circle’s biggest adventurers that will help…  🏕️ Make their camping experiences luxurious  🛣️ […]

The Li-MITLESS ENERGY Podcast: Cold Weather Van Life with Chad DeRosa of Living the Van Life

The desire to get not only get far off the grid, but also in extreme weather conditions, has caught the interest of many adventurers, but Chad DeRosa has been pushing the limits of cold-climate van life since 2011. Chad has been able to share his adventures with an ever-growing following through his passion for filmmaking, […]

Loki, the World-Famous Wolfdog, Loves Adventuring Off Grid with His Pack

With nearly 2 million followers on Instagram, Loki, the Wolfdog is arguably one of the most famous dogs on the internet. His Dad, Kelly Lund, began documenting their adventures and sharing them on Instagram 10 years ago. The world couldn’t help but fall in love with Loki, Kelly, and the many other foster pups that […]

The Li-MITLESS ENERGY Podcast: Lithium-Powered Food Trucks

The food truck industry is constantly growing and evolving, requiring flexibility and innovation from owners (and therefore reliable options to do so) to be successful. In this episode of The Li-MITLESS ENERGY Podcast, we discuss the ups and downs of the industry and how Battle Born Batteries forever changed Pari Thitathan’s food truck business, Thai […]

The Top Ten Celebrities and Influencers Who Live Off the Grid

As technology advances, more are choosing to enjoy the independence of off-grid living without having to sacrifice modern conveniences. The draw to live a more sustainable life is pushing people to release their reliance on fossil fuels and pursue self-sufficiency. This includes many celebrities and influencers who want to enjoy the simpler, slower pace of […]

The Li-MITLESS ENERGY Podcast: A Unique Teardrop Trailer with nuCamp

Nathan Wagler, COO of nuCamp, joins Dr. Denis Phares for an episode of the Li-MITLESS ENERGY Podcast. He shares the story behind nuCamp’s unique teardrop trailer and discusses how nuCamp continues to pursue excellence with each feature and upgrade they add to their trailers and truck campers year after year.    Behind the Scenes of nuCamp, […]

Andrew Nordbye Tackles Fishing Days with Battle Born Batteries

After frustrating experiences with unreliable power, professional angler Andrew Nordbye made the switch to Battle Born Batteries. With more power, less weight, and faster charging, Andrew has more time to spend on the water without worrying about losing power. Now, he can fish back-to-back days with peace of mind, knowing his trolling motor and electronics […]

Professional Bass Angler John McCutchan Experiences the Game Changing Power of Battle Born Batteries

After more than a decade of professional angling, John McCutchan took a step back following a devastating medical diagnosis. Following some time off and a hard fight, John recovered well and was ready to get back out on the water. With the help of his Battle Born Batteries, he is kickstarting his return to professional […]

The Li-MITLESS ENERGY Podcast: Tom Green Goes Off the Grid

Making the move from decades in Hollywood to farm life in Canada, Canadian-American comedian, host, actor, podcaster, and (now) off-grid dweller, Tom Green, talks about his life on a 100-acre property that’s far off the beaten path.  From Hollywood to Farm Life While living in Los Angeles, comedian Tom Green rented a Boho Van and […]

Cruisers Academy Harnesses the Power of the Wind and Sun While Teaching Sailing

Following a decade at sea with SV Delos, Brady Trautman and his partner Alex Blue were ready for their next adventure. After heading back to the States to start a sailing academy, they got stuck in Lake Tahoe during the COVID-19 pandemic. Taking this setback in stride, Brady and Blue started teaching people to sail […]

Noami Grevemberg, from Irie to Aurora, Powers Her Custom Bronco with Battle Born Batteries

After growing up on the island of Trinidad, Noami Grevemberg moved to the United States at 17. Upon finding a 9-5 routine, Noami realized a standard, run-of-the-mill life simply wouldn’t be enough to satisfy her. She left her stationary life behind and set out on the road to begin the adventure of Van Life. Now, […]

Chris and Trait Zaldain Dive into the Weeds of Professional Angling on the Bilge Podcast

Husband and wife, Chris and Trait Zaldain have taken the professional fishing community by storm with The Bilge Podcast. From professional anglers to industry executives, product manufacturers, and everything in between, the Zaldains are shining a spotlight on the hidden parts of the fishing world. While diving into key controversies, technological developments, and insight from […]

The Li-MITLESS ENERGY Podcast: The Healing of the Outdoors with John McDaniel

While in Tampa at the RV Super Show, Denis Phares, host of the Li-MITLESS ENERGY podcast, is joined by John McDaniel, founder of the Wounded Warriors in Action Foundation (WWIAF). Together, John and Denis discuss John’s military career, his inspiration for starting the WWIAF, and the impact it has on Purple Heart Veterans. With the […]

TikToker Julia Thompson Powers Her Life on the Road with Battle Born Batteries

After falling in love with travel and developing a passion for nature at a young age, Julia Thompson sold everything she owned to travel the world with her partner Chris Locke. The following years were spent driving a camper van through New Zealand, exploring Asia, and backpacking through Europe. Along the way, they both developed […]