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What Our Customers Say

Our batteries have attracted people from all walks of life, ranging from off-grid ranch owners to bass anglers. We take pride in knowing that our customers don’t just want our products, they want to be part of the Battle Born family. On this page you’ll find people who have shared their stories on who they are, what they do, and where they are from. Our batteries have helped people accomplish their boondocking dreams and get rid of their battery anxiety.

The Journey to Dragonfly: CEO Denis Phares’s Story

At Dragonfly Energy, our company is filled with people who come from diverse backgrounds, from former bike mechanics to med school graduates: our company is our people. Our CEO, Denis Phares, traveled a long road before starting Dragonfly Energy. We wanted to share the story that would eventually lead to the creation of the best […]

Will Lithium Batteries Work in My Class A RV?

A Class A RV is essentially a small house you can drive from destination to destination while adventuring. And like any house, it needs a constant power source to thrive.  Some Class A RV owners love to boondock, staying in remote areas. This presents a simpler lifestyle, but it also begs the question as to […]

BFixie Works from the Road as Van Lifers Powered by Battle Born Batteries!

At Battle Born Batteries, our team enjoys hearing the stories of how our brand partners can get out there and stay out there. For Francisco and Lulu of BFixie, this couple from Venezuela can eliminate battery anxiety while running their business. All About the Van Lifers Behind BFixie: Francisco Borrero and Lulu Hurtado were originally […]

Wind Over Water is Sailing the Seas with Battle Born Batteries

For Chris and Debbie Verra, creators of Wind Over Water, having Battle Born LiFePO4 technology on board their Bristol 71.1 makes sailing a breeze. Based out of Canada, Chris and Debbie share tons of helpful content for sailing enthusiasts, whether it’s how to refit your boat on a budget or repairing aging instruments, or sailing […]

LiFePO4 Powers Eric and Allison of The Endless Adventure and their RV Renovation!

For Eric and Allison Bieller, renovating their 1986 Chevy Coachmen Leprechaun RV has been quite the escapade! Between stormy, unprecedented weather and supplier issues, the couple behind The Endless Adventure has been hard at work making the most of it all. Here at Battle Born Batteries, we’re excited to power their home on wheels for […]

Minnesota Angler and Guide Jeremiah Johnson is Hooked on Battle Born Batteries!

Battle Born Batteries is proud to have our products powering anglers who are passionate about fishing, and Jeremiah Johnson is no exception. He no longer has battery anxiety about running out of power while doing what he loves out on the water. Who is Jeremiah Johnson? For angler Jeremiah Johnson, our batteries power his rig […]

Chris Penn Tours Tiny Homes and Goes Off-Grid with Battle Born Batteries

Entrepreneur and digital nomad Chris Penn hit the road more than a decade ago and never looked back. Currently living in a school bus, or skoolie renovated to his needs, Chris now helps others live their dreams of being digital nomads. You can often find him getting his hands dirty while renovating school buses into livable tiny homes on wheels. With Battle Born Batteries powering his Bluebird bus, Chris no longer has battery […]

Be Old Later

Be Old Later’s Overland Van Goes Further With Battle Born Batteries Our partners and seasoned travelers Candice and Jordan of Be Old Later are no strangers to all the challenges and delights that come with living the van life. Their 1997 Mitsubishi Delica L400 Chamonix 4×4 they have named “Bagheera” is not your traditional rig. […]

Miles Burghoff

Here at Battle Born Batteries, our team loves to hear testimonials about how our products help you get out there and stay out there, and our anglers are no exception. Battle Born Pro Angler Miles “Sonar” Burghoff has been busy competing in tournaments and spending day after day competing on the water, and wanted to […]

Battle Born Batteries Sponsors the International Friendship Tournament

At Battle Born Batteries, we want to help as many people as possible get out there, and stay out there. That is why we partnered with the International Federation of Black Bass Anglers (IFBBA), an organization that is dedicated to promoting diversity in the professional bass fishing scene.  International Federation of Black Bass Anglers Battle […]

Kombi Life

No stranger to a nomadic lifestyle, Ben Jamin of Kombi Life has been on the road since 2008. He currently drives his 1973 VW Bus, nicknamed “Boomerang” to its limits, having just completed an extensive tour of Europe. With Battle Born Batteries powering Boomerang, Ben and his travel partner Leah have been showcasing their exciting […]

Less Junk More Journey Installs Lithium Batteries In New Fifth Wheel RV

Marissa and Nathan of Less Junk More Journey live full-time in an RV with their two young children, Hensley and Judah. The family recently acquired a new RV, and one of the first upgrades they made to it was the installation of lithium batteries.  Let’s peek in at their fabulous RV life and see how […]

Let’s Be Us Powers Their New Van with Battle Born Batteries!

Chris and Sara of Let’s Be Us are digital nomads and coffee connoisseurs with a drive for adventure!  They’ve learned the importance of a reliable rig after upgrading to a new van with commodities such as air conditioning. With a new van comes a new power system, which is why Battle Born Batteries is proud to supercharge their rig on their […]

Battle Born Batteries Power GeoAstro RV’s Adventures Under the Stars!

John and Brenda Nejedlo of GeoAstro RV are passionate about getting out there and staying out there. Living full time in their RV nicknamed “The Death Star,” the couple hosts interactive shows with their telescopes and educates participants about all things astronomy–related. As proud supporters of Battle Born Batteries, John and Brenda are always fielding questions from fellow travelers about what’s powering their RV across the country! You also can […]

Fishing with NFL Star Brian Robison

After NFL star Brian Robison retired in 2019, he traded making tackles on field for opening a tackle shop. He now spends his days fishing competitively as much as he possibly can. Brian trolls his Battle Born Battery-powered boat through Texas, chasing his next catch instead of chasing down quarterbacks. Who Is Brian Robison? The […]

Battle Born Batteries Powers Vans for Health Heroes

Here at Battle Born Batteries, we enjoy seeing the creative ways that people can get out there and stay out there. We’re excited to highlight the Health Heroes project by Kensie West of Superstition Customs where our batteries power vans for healthcare workers in need.  Meet Kensie:  As part of Superstition Customs, Makensie West strives to make the lives of […]

Fishing Pro Matt Stefan is Powered by Battle Born Batteries!

Matt Stefan has been busy practicing and preparing for the upcoming season. After tournament times shifted to later in the year due to the pandemic, Matt is grateful for the ongoing opportunity to participate in frequent competitions. Using Battle Born Batteries in his rig, Matt is excited to get out on the waters and stay […]

Tight Loops’ Van System Saved by Battle Born Batteries!

For Chase and Aimee Bartee of Tight Loops, the past year of living on the road has been anything but easy. Between traveling in the time of COVID and having a bad battery system, the couple managed to persevere and continue to create captivating content! Now that their 1985 Vanagon runs Battle Born Batteries, Chase, […]

The Freedom to Roam with Battle Born Batteries

At Battle Born Batteries, we pride ourselves on recommending reputable dealers and installers. This week we wanted to highlight one such company responsible for producing one of the sleekest truck campers on the market. Nimbl is for those who love adventure and total independence without compromise. Our team was able to sit down with Judd […]

Home with the Hoopers are Powered by Battle Born Batteries

Here at Battle Born Batteries, we value getting out there and staying out there with your family. The Hooper family feels the most at home on the road, traveling the country in their Keystone Montana. Our team loves to see what the Hoopers are up to and where they will go next!  Meet the Hoopers:  Andrew and Janelle of Home with the Hoopers have been […]

Truck House Life

Meet Timmy Johnson: With a passion for cold weather and cross-country travels, the ability to get out there and stay out there is crucial to what he does. All About Truck House Life: Tim grew up in the Great Smoky Mountains area and then moved to Alaska at 20. He loved it so much, he’s […]