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OEM Capabilities & Partnerships

Dragonfly Energy has been committed to delivering reliable and long-lasting energy storage systems to our esteemed OEM partners through our focus on quality products, innovation in technology, and custom-engineered solutions for their individual needs. Our emphasis on cultivating strong relationships with our partners has been crucial to our success and has been proven through partnerships with industry leaders, such as Keystone RV, Airstream, Tiffin, and more.

With our US-based technical sales team, we provide unparalleled and knowledgeable support to our partners and their customers. At Dragonfly Energy, we don’t just build robust and reliable batteries, we foster lasting relationships built on collaboration and trust.

Learn About Our OEM Successes

Dragonfly Energy and Keystone RV, the largest Towable RV Manufacturer in the U.S., transformed the industry with an unparalleled strategy that brought lithium batteries to the forefront of the RV industry. Keystone units came equipped with Dragonfly Energy lithium-ion batteries as standard equipment for the very first time, changing the way their customers could camp off-grid. 

Battle Born Batteries and Dragonfly Energy Headquarters
Dragonfly Energy R&D Scientist in the Lab

About Us

Dragonfly Energy & Battle Born Batteries

Dragonfly Energy leads the way in manufacturing safe and reliable deep-cycle LiFePO4 batteries and is the maker of the industry-leading lithium battery brand, Battle Born Batteries. Today, our non-toxic deep-cycle lithium-ion batteries are displacing traditional lead acid batteries in recreational vehicles, marine vessels, material handling, and off-grid properties.

As a technology and battery manufacturing company, Dragonfly Energy was founded over a decade ago by Cal Tech Battery Scientist, Dr. Denis Phares, and has since put hundreds of thousands of products into the market across a wide range of applications and industries. We are headquartered in Reno, Nevada, a state rich in lithium and steeped in history, and we’re proud that our products, company, and team encompass the indomitable spirit of the Battle Born State.

Ultimately, Dragonfly Energy and Battle Born Batteries are dedicated to transforming energy storage to create a more sustainable future. Our initiatives aim to propel conventional and solid-state lithium-ion battery storage to greater heights, optimizing accessibility while maintaining exceptional quality standards. Our vision is manifested from a desire to create efficient and cost-effective energy storage solutions that will become an integral part of the renewable energy sector in the future.

The Quality

At Dragonfly Energy, we take pride in ensuring the highest quality of our products through rigorous quality control measures during the manufacturing process at our state-of-the-art facility in Reno, Nevada. Our products undergo extensive testing and evaluation across a wide range of industries, consistently demonstrating exceptional performance and reliability – two of the hallmarks of our commitment to excellence.

Battle Born Batteries Lined Up in the Warehouse
Battle Born Batteries in Sand with Palm Trees Next to the Ocean
Dragonfly Energy Batteries in front of a Keystone RV

The Products

Dragonfly Energy and Battle Born Batteries offer safe and long-lasting lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries, the safest chemistry in lithium-ion energy storage solutions, as well as all the necessary components to build out reliable lithium power systems. Our lithium-ion batteries are specifically designed for 12V, 24V, 36V, and 48V systems, offering a powerful upgrade from traditional lead acid batteries. 

From 50Ah to 270Ah, all our batteries are equipped with an internal state-of-the-art Battery Management Systems (BMS) to ensure optimal performance and protection. Our proprietary and advanced BMS system is engineered to provide thermal and high voltage protection and can be calibrated to meet the specific electrical requirements of diverse applications in a range of rigs, ensuring maximum performance and extended battery life. Also designed using cylindrical cells, our innovative deep cycle batteries offer several key advantages over traditional prismatic cell-based battery packs, including superior performance, extended battery life, and enhanced safety. 

We also offer the latest in smart lithium battery technology … Battle Born Batteries equipped with Dragonfly IntelLigence. Dragonfly IntelLigence delivers groundbreaking lithium battery communication technology, designed to give users the utmost confidence in their power system by providing unparalleled access to monitoring, notification, performance, and safety tools.

Dragonfly Energy and Battle Born deep cycle batteries are powerful and tailored to meet the unique requirements of our proud OEM partners. 

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> 10x Longer Lifespan Than Traditional Lead Acid​

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2x – 3x the Power In the Same Physical Space​

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1/5th the Weight For the Same Amount of Usable Power​

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5x Faster Charging​

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100% Depth of Discharge​

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Internally Heated Options for Colder Weather Charging

Custom Engineered Solutions

Amongst a diverse range of industries and unique rigs and applications, there is one thing in common … everything needs power. As a USA-based company, Dragonfly Energy designs and assembles powerful products right here, allowing us to create real solutions for your real-world applications.

As your partner, we are here to support your efforts as an industry innovator, and we’ll craft custom-engineered solutions for your OEM needs. When your application demands sufficient quantity and original production, Dragonfly Energy can bring customized power solutions for unique applications.

Battle Born Batteries Engineer Working on Battery CAD
Battle Born Batteries Technical Specialist Helping a Customer

The Support

Dragonfly Energy’s full component systems are a wise long-term investment with the added benefit of exceptional customer service throughout the lifecycle of the battery. 

Our approach to training and partnerships has enabled us to establish strong relationships not only with our dealers, installers, and OEM partners but with their customers as well. The ongoing training and support we provide with each of our OEM partnerships extends not only to you as an OEM, but to your dealers and installers, your staff, and ultimately, your customers. 

Our technicians, leadership, and training programs provide exceptional value that far exceeds the monetary cost of our batteries and being a Dragonfly Energy OEM partner, we offer not only a high-quality product, but also become a valuable asset for your company; one who is there to assist with any technical support throughout the life of each battery.

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OEM Stories

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“The big thing for us being number one is that we’re going to take our time and make sure that we’re doing stuff properly from the get-go. Partnering with Dragonfly is a huge thing that Keystone is doing right now, and I think it’s going to benefit not only manufacturing-wise but the overall end game for our customers.”
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“Being able to use lithium and extend your adventures longer off the grid, not tethered to some campsite, [is what campers want]. These battery packs are now starting to bring a lot more use cases to RVS that we didn’t have before, and that’s ultimately where the customer is right now – to say, ‘OK, how can this impact me camping and how can I utilize it more?'”
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“As we talk vendor partners and dealer partners, it’s one less thing for the dealer to decide. ‘Do I want to carry [units] with or without [batteries]?’, but then you don’t have what the customer wants. So when we made [Battle Born Batteries] standard, it allowed dealers to have better customer relations and they were more likely to have what [customers] wanted.”

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