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Battle Born Batteries harnesses the power of lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4), bringing the most efficient, stable, and powerful lithium-ion battery to the market. 

To us, green energy is more than just a trend, and our team is devoted to creating a new standard in energy storage. Enabling widespread deployment of our cutting-edge technology is our goal, making green, renewable energy available to anyone. 

To back the market’s leading lithium-ion batteries is a team dedicated to ensuring a great customer experience—every time. Our technical sales specialists are available via phone and email to assist with any questions, from installs to what will work best in your system. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your batteries, build a complete power system, or anything in between, our team will provide the expertise needed to get the best system for your needs. 

Whether you’re an RV, van life, marine, or off-grid enthusiast, our Battle Born Batteries are made to help you … 

Get Out There. Stay Out There. 

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Dragonfly Energy

Dragonfly Energy is one of America’s fastest-growing and industry-leading lithium-ion battery technology companies. Researched, designed, and assembled in the USA, Dragonfly is revolutionizing the lithium battery industry through innovative technologies and manufacturing processes. Offering sustainable, safe, high-performance battery storage solutions for RVs, marine vessels, off-grid living, and other applications through OEMs, Dragonfly Energy is making green, renewable energy of tomorrow available today. 


The entire processing from the consult with Roni to placing the order has been very easy, smooth, and the pros over at BBB have been very helpful!
Tory, Live.Travel.Family
We highly recommend this company for their products and services if you are serious about living off grid.
I've never seen a bad review of their products or service, and so far my experience has aligned with others'. Give them a call, send a message, check their site, you won't be disappointed.
Based on the expertise and the customer service provided by Aaron... making this decision to upgrade the batteries for my RV was an easy one.
Great company, great product, and fantastic customer service.