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As experts on Battle Born Batteries, lithium power systems, components, and the science behind our game-changing products, we’ve put together resources for you to become an expert too. Browse videos about our lithium chemistry, series that deep dive into power systems for every application, and even learn from our brand ambassadors.

Educational Series

Building Complete Lithium
Power Systems for RVs

Battle Born Batteries’ Technical Specialists are dedicated to educating RV pros on installing lithium power systems, from DIYers to installers to OEMs. We go over the details of LiFePO4 batteries, lithium power system components, proper and safe system installation, and more in this Building Complete Lithium Power Systems for RVs educational session.

The Basics of Lithium Battery Power
for Marine Applications

ABYC Certified Technician and Sailing Professional, Conor Smith of Warrior Sailing hosts this Marine 101 Training, presented by Battle Born Batteries. In this training, you’ll learn about the basics of full lithium-ion battery power systems for marine applications–sailboats, power boats, houseboats, trolling motors, and more.

The Ultimate FAQ Guide to Lithium Batteries for Bass Boats & Trolling Motor Applications

This Ultimate FAQ Guide to Lithium Batteries for Bass Boats & Trolling Motor Applications gives you all the insights you need to upgrade your bass boat’s power system to Battle Born Lithium-Ion Batteries and extend your time out on the water! Hosted by professional angler Miles “Sonar” Burghoff, this on-the-water expert walks through making the switch from traditional lead acid batteries to lithium that is sure to make any power issues you’ve had in the past obsolete.

Dragonfly Energy 101 | The Basics of LiFePO4
Batteries for Keystone RVs

Keystone RV equips many of its Towable RV models with industry-leading Dragonfly Energy lithium-ion batteries–the same powerful solutions you’ll find through Battle Born Batteries.

What stable chemistry is used, and how does it perform efficiently? What are the advantages of using lithium batteries for off-grid RVing? We dive into the details in this RV 101 Training.

Dragonfly Energy 201 | Making Simple Upgrades with Lithium-Ion Batteries in Your Keystone RV

In this RV 201 Training, learn how to make simple power system upgrades to your motorized RV or towable RV with Dragonfly Energy lithium-ion batteries. 

Dragonfly Energy and Battle Born Batteries are ideal drop-in replacements for traditional lead acid batteries, those typically found as factory standards in many RVs.

Wakespeed 101 | Advanced Alternator Regulator Training

During this comprehensive training seminar, Wakespeed engineer and founder, Al Thomason, dives into the specific details of high energy DC power systems, the need for an Advanced Alternator Regulator, how that led to the inception of Wakespeed, and a detailed guide to the wiring, installation, and use of the WS500 Alternator Regulator.

Wakespeed 201 | Advanced Alternator Regulator Training Seminar for the WS500

Al Thomason, a founder and engineer behind the Wakespeed WS500 Advanced Alternator Regulator, leads a comprehensive training seminar at the Northwest School of Wooden BoatBuilding. In this training, we deep dive into CAN (Controller Area Network) and capabilities, which was developed for the automotive industry to allow for the transfer of information between nodes.

How-Tos & FAQs​

Getting Set Up with Battle Born Batteries

Supporting Lithium Power System Accessories

Technical Series from Dragonfly Energy

The Science Behind Lithium Battery Technology

Lithium Fundamentals | Whiteboard Series

Learn from Our Brand Ambassadors


Nate and Steph of EXPLORIST.life teach DIYers how to build DIY Campers. You’ll find all kinds of valuable information on their website, from how to cut wire to full electrical system installations. 

Martin Johnson | Off Grid Living

The Johnson family are just regular folks who decided to give living completely off-grid a shot, and now couldn’t be happier. They teach DIYers about the freedom and independence of off grid living.

Sailing Dauntless

Ty and his family live aboard their 2021 Leopard 50 Sailing Catamaran and are working toward many upgrades. As a power system expert, Ty deep dives into the technicalities of marine lithium installs.