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Lithium Power Solutions for Medium and Heavy Duty Trucking

Built for the long roads ahead, our lithium power solutions for Medium and Heavy Duty Trucking applications save owner/operators money, improve sustainability and increase comfort. 

The Battle Born All-Electric APU from Dragonfly Energy is the perfect solution for long haul drivers who are looking for a reliable, efficient, and environmentally friendly way to power the hotel loads on their vehicles, while our custom-engineered power systems provide fleets with reliable and trusted power for trucks of all needs.

Get a Rapid ROI with the Battle Born All-Electric APU

HDT Top 20 Products Award logo for Heavy Duty Trucking The Battle Born All-Electric Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) was recognized with the prestigious Heavy-Duty Magazine Top 20 Products Award for 2024. This accolade recognizes the most innovative and substantially enhanced products and components within the industry, acknowledging their capacity to meet industry requirements, alleviate challenges, and contribute to improving the financial performance of heavy-duty trucking fleets.

Battle Born Batteries all-electric APU for heavy duty trucking

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Powering the Long Haul

A Whitepaper on Heavy Duty Trucking

Long-haul trucking, an industry integral to global commerce, faces the challenge of improving the efficiency of sleeper cab hotel loads for driver comfort, safety, and increased sustainability. This whitepaper advocates for a transformative solution: adopting advanced all-electric lithium-ion auxiliary power units (APUs) to power the hotel loads of sleeper cab semi-trucks.

Heavy Duty Trucking Whitepaper Study

What Trucking Application Are You Looking to Upgrade With Lithium Power?

Long Haul Sleeper Truck

Long haul sleeper trucks need separate battery banks for starting the engine and powering the sleeper cabin. The sleeper battery bank must be able to provide enough power to run all the cabin’s electrical appliances for a standard rest period (8-10 hours). At Battle Born batteries, we have innovative solutions designed to keep you out on the road.

Last Mile Delivery

Lithium batteries are the ideal power source for last mile delivery vehicles, as they offer a number of advantages over traditional lead-acid batteries, including Increased usable capacity, longer lifespan and a lighter weight. Ideal for powering fans and AC units in the cargo area of last mile delivery vehicles. Battle Born Batteries can provide enough power to keep the cargo area cool and comfortable for the driver, even on the hottest days. This can help to improve driver safety and productivity.


Liftgates are typically powered by two 12-volt batteries, but the actual battery life will depend on the weight of the load being lifted, the outside temperature, and the condition of the batteries. To extend battery life, make the switch to lithium and enjoy long lasting, maintenance free power solutions.

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