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Sol-Ark was born of necessity and bred with innovation. These hybrid inverter systems were created by defense engineers searching for a better solution for true energy independence. Sol-Ark Battery Kits are designed to be tough, adaptable, and easy to install. As all-in-one solar generator systems, they include an inverter, charge controller, and display with remote monitoring capability. Sol-Ark hybrid inverter systems are the solution to your energy independence needs! 

These innovative hybrid inverter systems have a combined output that allows for simultaneous power distribution to your battery bank, AC loads, and the grid for sell-back. Sol-Ark Battery Kits can effectively manage multiple power sources, making it a versatile and efficient energy management solution–the perfect option for off-grid and backup industrial solar systems. 

If you are ready to revamp your industrial energy storage system, Sol Ark Battery Kits offer advanced and innovative features. Their programmable color touchscreen interfaces allow you to customize the system to match your needs. And thanks to heavy-duty connections and built-in flexibility, Sol-Ark Kits can adapt to any system changes you make. Whether you are in need of a grid-tied, off-grid, or battery-backup solar application, Sol Ark Hybrid Inverter Systems are a simple, easy-to-install, reliable option.

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Shop Battle Born 12K Sol-Ark Hybrid Inverter Systems

Choose from a variety of Sol-Ark Hybrid Inverter models, including 5A-5K-2P, SA-8K-N, SA-12K-N, and SA-15K-N. Sol-Ark Battery Bundles are also available.

“The ability to offer our Battle Born customers Sol-Ark Hybrid Inverter Systems expands their capabilities and gives our customers flexibility in determining how they want to use our solutions, including off-grid, grid-tied, or battery backup,” Bill Huss, Industrial Product Specialist for Dragonfly Energy and Battle Born Batteries, said. “This is a powerful solution that puts customers in the driver’s seat for their hybrid inverter systems. Sol-Ark is a brand known for its excellent customer support, making it a natural fit for us. With the integration of these Sol-Ark battery kits, we continue to bring quality, full-power solutions to our customers to truly build the power systems they want and need.”

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