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You, Me & the RV Ditch Lead Acid Batteries

In 2019, Phil and Stacy of @todayissomeday said goodbye to their lead acids for Battle Born lithium-ion batteries and never looked back. Being able to turn on or plug in any electronic they needed, just like they would in a house, was a complete game changer.

Featuring: Phil & Stacy of You, Me & the RV

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Rick Harrison's 'I Bought Myself a Nightmare'

Rick Harrison, the face of Pawn Stars, “bought himself a nightmare” … a historic fish hatchery built in 1929 off the grid in Oregon. Miles and miles from power lines, this property needed a lot of work — and it needed reliable power too. The property now has forty eight 100Ah 12V Battle Born Batteries.

Featuring: Rick Harrison of Pawn Stars

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Living the Van Life ... With Powerful and Reliable Lithium

Chad DeRosa of @LivingTheVanLife  puts Battle Born Batteries to the test! His 1991 Westfalia Volkswagen camper van is the machine behind Chad’s adventures, taking him off the beaten path to capture landscapes and experiences you wouldn’t come across every day. 

Featuring: Chad DeRosa of Living the Van Life

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Off Grid Living with the Johnsons

@MartinJohnsonOffGridLiving is the family of four living out in Sandpoint, Idaho living on seven acres, sustainably and far off the grid. They currently power their home in all seasons, including below-freezing winters, with 800Ah of Battle Born Batteries and 3,000 watts of solar, allowing them to stay out there!

Featuring: Martin Johnson of Off Grid Living

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Mortons on the Move Take on Moab in their Truck Camper

When a modified and tough-built rig is what you need to Get Out There and Stay Out There, you do what it takes to make it happen! Caitlin and Tom of @MortonsontheMove went from a standard truck camper to one that could accommodate their adventures far off the beaten path.

Featuring: Tom & Cait of Mortons on the Move

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Bass Fishing Legend Uses Battle Born Lithium

Bass fishing legend, Rick Clunn, powers his trolling motor with Battle Born lithium batteries, allowing him to get out and stay out on the water longer. From fishing on his property in Missouri to competing in Bassmaster events, Rick’s focused approach stems from a very successful career.

Featuring: Professional Bass Angler, Rick Clunn

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This Dog-Man Duo Explores Off Grid in Their Truck Camper

@LokitheWolfdog and his sidekick, Kelly Lund, are two that live for outdoor adventures. The duo has explored long and far together with their love for Overland Rigs, including their 2003 Northern Lite 6-10 Edition Truck Camper with a power system to handle any off-road expedition.

Featuring: Loki the Wolfdog & Kelly Lund

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Thai Burger Company Food Truck Powered by Lithium

Thai burgers anyone? Home of the original Sticky Rice Burgers, this San Diego-based food truck, Thai Burger Company cooks up these tasty meals with Battle Born lithium on board — they said goodbye to the anxiety of running out of gas or filling up a generator.

Featuring: San Diego’s Thai Burger Company

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The Passion of Fishing with Pro Angler, Darius Arberry

Let’s catch up with professional bass angler, Darius Arberry at his home base of Lake Mead down in Las Vegas, Nevada! Hear about how Darius’ love of fishing began and how he continues to grow within this one-of-a-kind sport and follows this passion, both on and off the water.

Featuring: Professional Bass Angler, Darius Arberry

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Indie-Folk Duo Travel the Country in Their Skoolie

Emily and Shane are the husband and wife duo behind  @arbourseason . Traveling the country and living full-time in their converted school bus with their two kids, the family documents their travels, shares their lives through music, and they love living their nomadic lifestyle.

Featuring: Shane & Emily of Arbour Season

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The World's Highest Soaring Glider Soars With Battle Born

@PerlanProject is a climate and aerospace research project that expands the boundaries of aviation and atmospheric research by exploring in an engine-free glider. The Perlan 2 Glider flies with a Battle Born lithium battery on board, which powers the glider’s electronics while in flight. 

Featuring: The Perlan 2 Glider

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Pro Climber, Paige Claassen, Travels the World in her Van

Paige Claassen is a world traveler, professional rock climber, and van-lifer. Built by her partner, Arjan de Kock, owner of Forged Vans, and powered by 400Ah of Battle Born Batteries, their Sprinter Van gets them to some of Paige’s most challenging climbs in remote destinations.

Featuring: Pro Rock Climber, Paige Claassen

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This Glass Cabin is Powered Off the Grid with Lithium

The Ristings are behind the architecture studio, atelierRISTING. Their northeastern Iowa off-grid home, the GLASS CABIN, floats above the Iowa prairie and is made of recycled materials and with sustainability in mind. They wanted all the comforts of home, including power, and went with lithium. 

Featuring: atelierRISTINGs The GLASS CABIN

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These Children "Pilot" Mini Jets For a Ride of a Lifetime

Providing memorable experiences for children with life-threatening illnesses and disabilities, the Mini Jet Air Force 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization is focused on lifting children’s spirits during the most challenging times of their lives. The program makes children of all ages “pilots” in their seven mini jets.

Featuring: The Mini Jet Air Force Organization

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Moving Forward Adventures Upgrades to More Lithium

Kenny and Sabrina of  @MovingForwardAdventures  call a 2016 Winnebago Vista their home on the road. After seeing just what Battle Born Batteries could do, they made the decision to add even MORE lithium to their RV in a separate power bank — giving them the power to run their A/C and more.

Featuring: Moving Forward Adventures

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Taking BBQ Off the Grid with a Lithium-Powered Food Truck

Boom Bandits isn’t shy when it comes to going the extra mile in fun, entertainment, and now … BARBEQUE! Serving up smoked BBQ dishes, Bandit BBQ is not only changing the game with their delicious food but also with the way they’re powering their commercial kitchen on wheels.

Featuring: Boom Bandits’ Bandit BBQ

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Keep Your Daydream Dreams of Even More Off-Grid Travels

The Leach family of @KeepYourDaydream talks about how they keep their daydream alive out on the road and shares their experiences using powerful and reliable Battle Born Batteries in their Grand Design Momentum 399TH, their second towable that has been upgraded with Battle Born Batteries.

Featuring: Marc & Tricia of Keep Your Daydream

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Pro Angler, Shaw Grigsby, Is Free of Worries With Lithium

Pro angler, Shaw Grigsby, competes on the Bassmaster Pro Tour and for MLF and is a seasoned pro when it comes to being out on the water. Becoming all too familiar with the struggles of lead acid, this bass angler is loving what Battle Born has done to power his trolling motor!

Featuring: Professional Angler, Shaw Grigsby

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The Wounded Warriors in Action Foundation Gain Off-Grid Power

The Wounded Warriors in Action Foundation’s project, Camp Hackett, is a sportsmen’s paradise located in Northern Wisconsin. Founded by Retired Army Officer, John McDaniel, the nonprofit organization serves combat-wounded, Purple Heart recipients by giving the opportunity to get outdoors.

Featuring: Wounded Warriors in Action Foundation

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Hang Em' High Sportfishing Charters Goes Lithium

Hang Em’ High Sportfishing Charters offers all-inclusive fishing trips for those who don’t have the means to get out on the water on their own. They have a variety of guided tours, including inshore and offshore fishing, scalloping, and even duck hunting. And now, charters are powered by Battle Born!

Featuring: Hang Em’ High Sportfishing Charters

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Marine, Mom, Artist & Nomad of the Painted Buffalo

@The.painted.Buffalo has a mission to help veterans heal through art and does so through traveling the country in a converted school bus. The 40-foot 2001 Blue Bird All-American with a Cummin 5.9 diesel engine is home to Jess, her family, her animals, and her art studio.

Featuring: Jessica of The Painted Buffalo

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Mortons on the Move Go North on an Alaskan Adventure

Catch up with Tom and Caitlin Morton of @MortonsontheMove on the tail end of their Alaskan adventure. The couple explores on a 6-month expedition through Canada and Alaska, and all the way to the Arctic Ocean in a Lance Truck Camper.

Featuring: Tom & Cait of Mortons on the Move

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Dog, Van, National Traveler ... The Trio of Linnea and Akela

Female solo traveler and pup, @Linneaandakela live full time on the road in their 2016 Ram Promaster. Together they travel around North America enjoying the freedom of van life and the natural beauty of the world around them, powering their van’s system with Battle Born Batteries.

Featuring: Linnea and Akela

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Pro Angler, John Cox, Relies on Lithium For His Bass Boat

Every trolling motor needs reliable and powerful lithium, and professional bass angler … John Cox, agrees! This Bassmaster and MLF angler powers his bass boat, the Crestliner PT20 and 1850 Bass Hawk, with six 100Ah 12V LiFePO4 Deep Cycle Battle Born Batteries.

Featuring: Professional Angler, John Cox

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Battle Born Technical Specialist Puts Lithium to the Test

Eric Carter was such a fan of Battle Born Batteries after putting them in his own camper van, that he became a part of the team — a Battle Born Technical Sales Specialist! When you call for help with your own system, you just might get some advice from Eric. 

Featuring: Eric Carter of Battle Born Batteries

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The Niland Wildlife Refuge Uses Lithium in Refuge Equipment

Doc Luffy, head of California’s Niland Wildlife Refuge, powers his golf cart, man lift, and Airstream with Battle Born Batteries, giving him peace of mind and ease of use to keep his focus on maintaining the habitat for the animals who call the refuge home.

Featuring: The Niland Wildlife Refuge

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Living the Van Life Takes on the Overland Lifestyle in a Sprinter

Chad DeRosa of @LivingTheVanLife started out as a van life enthusiast in his 1991 Westfalia Volkswagen camper van. Something new was on the horizon for Chad and what he could do as a van lifer and overlander … and a 4×4 Mercedes Sprinter Van was the answer!

Featuring: Chad DeRosa of Living the Van Life

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Me, God, & the Fish | Small Town Bassin'

Adam James is a kayak bass fisherman from Tennessee that has fished his whole life. He is a national and state qualifier and joined the Battle Born Batteries Family back in 2017. This angler uses one 100Ah 12Ah Battle Born lithium deep cycle battery for his trolling motor.

Featuring: Adam James of Small Town Bassin’

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The Less Junk, More Journey Makes the Switch to Lithium

The Less Junk, More Journey family of four upgraded their 31-foot Airstream travel trailer to a lithium-ion deep cycle battery bank. The Moss family lives full-time on the road and travels around the country looking to explore as many places as they can.

Featuring: Less Junk, More Journey

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Focused Fishing with Pro Angler, Miles "Sonar" Burghoff

This professional bass angler, Miles “Sonar” Burghoff, does more than just spend time out on the water. He is the co-host of SweetwaterTV and travels tournament to tournament in his truck camper … all powered by Battle Born LiFePO4 batteries.

Featuring: Pro Angler, Miles “Sonar” Burghoff

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Drivin' and Vibin' Lives and Plays Music Fulltime on the Road

Living life on the road and vibin’ along the way is what Kyle and Olivia Brady are all about. The duo behind @DrivinandVibin are full-time nomads and musicians turned RV experts as they’ve learned the ropes of RVing, including adding Battle Born lithium to their home on the road.

Featuring: Kyle & Olivia of Drivin’ and Vibin’

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Dependable Power for Honor Flight Board of Director

Adam Wygnanski, retired law enforcement, veteran, and Board of Director of Honor Flight Nevada, made the switch from flooded lead acid batteries to lithium in his motorized RV. Now, instead of worrying about his power supply, he enjoys the time and the freedom of traveling along the road.

Featuring: Adam of Honor Flight Nevada

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An Off-the-Grid RV Makeover with RV Love

Have you heard of an entire RV renovation done 100% off the grid? Marc and Julie of RV Love have help as they remodel their motorhome, CC. With only the use of their solar panels and LiFePO4 system, they were able to accomplish this renovation 100% off-grid in less than a month.

Featuring: Marc & Julie of RV Love

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Pro Angler, Keith Carson, Powers His Time on the Water

Professional angler Keith Carson talks about his time on the water as a bass angler. John Cox joins him, and as longtime friends and fishing pals, the two can stay out there longer than they’ve been able to before by powering their trolling motors with Battle Born Batteries.

Featuring: Professional Angler, Keith Carson

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Camp Ben | Ben Edwards Talks About Living Off the Grid

The importance of getting off-grid and being able to stay out there in peace is widely understood by those who choose the lifestyle. On Ben Edwards’ off-grid property, he has the ability to preserve it for generations to come with the reliability and the power of Battle Born Batteries.

Featuring: Ben Edwards of “Camp Ben”

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Arjan de Kock Starts Van-Building Company, Forged Vans

Arjan de Kock is the owner of Forged Vans, woodworker, rock climber, and all-around outdoor enthusiast. The van life had always been his dream, and now he proudly designs and builds vans for those who live to travel among the great outdoors, just like himself.

Featuring: Arjan de Kock of Forged Vans

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The Challenge of Fishing with Pro Bass Angler, Joey Nania

As a professional angler, fishing guide, and co-host of SweetwaterTV, Joey Nania spends nearly 300 days a year out on his boat and out on the water. He proudly faces the challenges of fishing and has Battle Born lithium on board his bass fishing boat to make it happen!

Featuring: Professional Angler, Joey Nania

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The Freedom to Roam with Nimbl and Battle Born Batteries

The @NimblVehicles Evolution truck camper gives adventurers the freedom to roam. Nimbl crafts the most agile and lightweight mobile habitats for families on the move. And paired with Battle Born LiFePO4 Batteries, take advantage of the freedom to roam even longer.

Featuring: Nimbl Vehicles

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Panels Up Solar Believes in Putting Lithium in Their Installs

Panels Up Solar specializes in solar installations for RVs and educating RV owners on their customized systems. Using Battle Born Batteries allows them to feel confident in the reliability, safety, and green impact that their customer’s energy storage will have to keep them going.

Featuring: Panels Up Solar

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Peace Love Car | Full Time Traveling with the YogaSlackers

Have you ever seen a more unique full-time travel vehicle? Sam and Raquel of the YogaSlackers are unique themselves, not just in their way of travel but in their Slackline Yoga, AcroYoga, Handstands, and more! Their unique rig has gotten the duo from place to place with Battle Born on board.

Featuring: Sam and Raquel of the YogaSlackers