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Lithium Upgrades for RV Battery Systems

At Battle Born Batteries, our goal is to power your ideal RV experience. We build our lithium-ion RV batteries to perform better, last longer, and provide the deliverable power needed for weekend adventures or full-time boondocking. Battle Born Batteries were designed as drop-in replacements for the most common lead acid sizes on the market, so you can find the lithium deep cycle battery that works best for your 12V, 24V, or 48V RV power setup.

At Battle Born Batteries, we’ve performed extensive testing with the RV industry’s major suppliers to ensure compatibility and performance for the ultimate RV battery system. Brands like Victron Energy and many more make products that excel in a lithium RV power system. 

Our experienced Technical Sales Specialists will assess your current RV battery setup and components and help build a system to power your future adventures. Whether it’s in a Motorized RV, Towable RV, or Truck Camper, Battle Born Batteries has powerful solutions for your RV lithium upgrade. 

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Today is Someday Ditches Lead Acid for Powerful, Reliable Lithium Batteries​

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What RV Type Are You Looking to Upgrade With Lithium Power?

Motorized RV

Motorized RVs give you all of the comforts of home on four wheels. Whether you’re enjoying a weekend at your favorite campground, traveling cross country, or using your RV as a permanent residence, Battle Born Batteries can help you optimize your RV experience.

Towable RV

Towable RVs are an excellent option for full-timers or those who like to partake in the occasional outdoor adventure. They’re praised for their ability to trek to some of the most breathtaking areas out in the boondocks that Motorized RVs can’t always reach.

Truck Camper

Truck Campers are known for being one of the most versatile RVs on the market, with the freedom to roam without the stress of towing or managing a large Motorized RV. Their ability to go just about anywhere is unmatched, and they range from minimal pop-ups to luxury cab overs.