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Lithium Upgrades for Marine Electrical Systems

Battle Born Batteries have been aboard marine systems of all kinds. Our batteries have powered boats on trans-ocean journeys, cruised through tropical paradises, and participated in the most prestigious bass fishing events in the world. We know marine enthusiasts of all types rely on lightweight batteries that can deliver power on demand.

Looking to upgrade your house bank on a sailboat, lighten up your bass boat, or find more deliverable power and thrust for your electric sailboat motor? Battle Born can help design the lithium battery bank for your marine adventures.

We’ve created solutions for sailboats, trolling motors, electric yacht motors, kayaks, houseboats and power boats. If you’ve got a floating vessel, we can find a battery solution to power your needs.

Why Choose Lithium for Your Marine Electrical System?

Battle Born Batteries charge much faster than lead acid batteries, which makes it beneficial for any marine system. They reduce the overall weight of your battery bank and can make a significant impact on your boat’s top speed and overall fuel consumption. Replacing your lead acid batteries with our LiFePO4 batteries can increase your power by two to three times!

With Battle Born Batteries, you can forget your battery anxieties and focus on your next catch!

Our team strives to make your boating experience unforgettable. We work with some of the best sailors and anglers in the world. Our experience, along with the on-water testing our pros have put our batteries through, have proven we can provide the batteries and components to get out there and stay out there!

Saltwater charter fishing

Hang Em' High Sportfishing Switches to Lithium For Powerful Charters Out on the Water

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Professional Angler, John Cox, Relies on Battle Born Lithium For His Bass Fishing Boat

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Professional Angler John Cox Fishing
Professional Angler John Cox Holding a Bass

What Type of Boat Electrical System Are You Looking to Upgrade With Lithium Power?

Electric Motor

An electric motor offers an alternative that does not rely on fossil fuels and will allow your vessel to be entirely powered by renewable energy. Battle Born lithium batteries work amazingly in an electric motor application while offering substantial benefits. 


Whether it’s a trip around your local marina or circumnavigating the globe, the exhilaration of setting sail and harnessing the power of wind can offer a genuine sense of freedom. Sailboats have the great advantage of requiring no fuel and lowering environmental emissions.

Trolling Motor

Many have used lead-acid batteries with their trolling motors but run into issues with their weight, low-capacity capabilities, and the fact that they do not perform well in cold weather. Battle Born lithium-Ion batteries make these issues obsolete! 

Other Marine Vessels

Whether it’s a Power Boat, Kayak, House Boat, or other type of marine vessel, having lithium-ion batteries on board for your marine power system can be a significant advantage whether you’re cruising long distances, living life on the water, or are out for a day of fishing.