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Battle Born Batteries has been committed to delivering reliable and long-lasting energy storage solutions across RV, marine, and off-grid markets. We understand the importance of strong partnerships between dealers and installers, that’s why we are committed to working closely with industry leaders, so then you can provide the highest quality lithium-ion batteries and power system solutions to your customers.

The Company

Dragonfly Energy is the maker of the industry’s leading lithium batteries, Battle Born Batteries, designed for reliable, safe, and long-lasting renewable energy storage. Our deep cycle batteries offer a hassle-free replacement for traditional lead acid batteries in a wide range of applications and spaces, including recreational vehicles, marine vessels, material handling, and off-grid residential and industrial properties. With our drop-in designs, upgrading an existing power system or installing on a brand-new rig has never been simpler.

As Dragonfly Energy and Battle Born Batteries, we are a technology and battery manufacturing company passionate about powering the adventures of an outdoor lifestyle. Hundreds of thousands of our products have been put to the test out on the road, on the water, and off the grid. And proven time and time again to be one the most reliable and trusted lithium batteries on the market.

Headquartered in Reno, Nevada, Battle Born Batteries embodies the pioneering spirit of the Battle Born State. With a rich history and abundant lithium resources, we are dedicated to transforming energy storage and creating a more sustainable future right here in the USA.

The Quality

Located in the USA, Battle Born Batteries is dedicated to manufacturing the highest quality products possible. Our state-of-the-art facility in Reno, NV is where Battle Born Batteries are assembled and tested, and we take pride in our rigorous quality control measures throughout the manufacturing process.

We understand the importance of reliability and performance, especially for those who depend on our products for their outdoor adventures. That’s why our batteries undergo extensive testing and evaluation across a wide range of industries, consistently demonstrating exceptional quality, performance, and power.

We also welcome first-hand visits to our facility, for an in-depth tour of the build process. As a dealer or installer, you will have peace of mind knowing that our products are manufactured to the highest standards … standards that meet your expectations and the expectations of your customers.

The Products

Battle Born Batteries is proud to offer safe and long-lasting lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries, the safest chemistry in energy storage solutions. Our lithium-iron batteries are specifically designed for 12V, 24V, 36V and 48V systems, providing a reliable replacement for traditional lead acid batteries.

The Battle Born Batteries product line ranges from 50Ah to 270Ah options and all models are made using cylindrical cells and are equipped with our proprietary and advanced Battery Management System (BMS), designed to  ensure optimal performance and protection of your lithium-ion batteries and power system.

We also offer the latest in smart lithium battery technology … Battle Born Batteries equipped with Dragonfly IntelLigence. Dragonfly IntelLigence delivers groundbreaking lithium battery communication technology, designed to give users the utmost confidence in their power system by providing unparalleled access to monitoring, notification, performance, and safety tools.

Battle Born deep cycle batteries are powerful and tailored to meet the unique requirements of your builds and your customers’ outdoor adventures.


> 10x Longer Lifespan Than Traditional Lead Acid​


2x – 3x the Power In the Same Physical Space​


1/5th the Weight For the Same Amount of Usable Power​


5x Faster Charging​


100% Depth of Discharge​


Internally Heated Options for Colder Weather Charging


Industry-Leading 10-Year Warranty

The Support

To us, it’s not just about the batteries. Battle Born Batteries is a full system integrator, as well as offering ongoing and dedicated dealer, installer, and customer support.

As full system integrators, we go beyond supplying dealers and installers our powerful LiFePO4 batteries. We also offer products and solutions for entire power systems from the industry’s most trusted brands. From batteries to solar panels, to charging components, inverters, monitoring solutions, and accessories, we provide reliable systems of all sizes, for all needs. 

For your customers, our team of USA-based Technical Support is focused on supporting customers’ power systems for RV, Marine, Residential, and Industrial applications. Our Technical Sales Specialists know power systems across these industries from the inside out, far beyond just the lithium-ion batteries, and are always just a phone call away to help support your customers.

And for our dealers and installers, we believe that building strong partnerships is crucial and we take pride in the ongoing support that we provide through these relationships. Our commitment to training and communication has ensured that everyone involved has the tools and knowledge to succeed, from education for you and your team to supplemental sales and marketing materials.

The Warranty

We understand the importance of protecting the investment of you and your customers and supporting you as a trusted dealer or installer, and our 10-Year Limited Warranty does just that. 

Our industry-leading warranty is a testament to our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction, and we are confident that you will be satisfied with our products and the support we provide.

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Dealer & Installer Stories

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“Lithium technology has made a huge impact. We are able to do the install of Battle Born Batteries, and with the batteries doing what they need to do to reliably provide power, there’s just no thought involved.”

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“They’re an absolute powerhouse of a system. Battle Born offers some out-of-the-box configurations that allow me to maximize power. You can click a light on, flip the AC on, and it just works!”
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“I build my vans with Battle Born Batteries, and that gives enough power for camera equipment, to work from the road, use portal massages, have hot water, and make espressos. I don’t need to plug in … ever.”