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Upgrade Your Power with the Leader in Lithium Batteries

Looking for long-lasting and reliable power for your off-grid adventures? Battle Born Batteries is powering lifestyles across the globe with a full line of industry-leading lithium-ion (LiFePO4) batteries.

An early mover in the transition from traditional lead acid batteries to lithium, Battle Born Batteries has made life on the road, on the water, and off the grid better with lighter, safer, and more powerful energy storage options. Experience the freedom and make the switch to reliable power with the leader in lithium!


LiFePO4 Chemistry

LiFePO4 Chemistry

Use of the safest and most stable lithium battery chemistry.

Cylindrical Cells (1)

Cylindrical Cells

Designed with premium UL-listed cylindrical cells.

BMS (1)

Proprietary BMS

Internal battery management system, featuring low temp protection.

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2x-3x More Power

Two to three times more power in the same physical space.*

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Lasts 10x Longer

Ten times longer lifespan.*

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5x Faster Charging

Charges up to five times faster.*

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1/5th the Weight

Approximately 1/5 the weight for same amount of usable power.*

Drop In Replacement

Drop-In Replacement

Easy drop-in replacement for lead acid batteries.

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100% Depth of Discharge

100% depth of discharge and no memory effect.

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Built-In Heating

Available with optional internal heating technology.

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10-Year Warranty

Industry-leading ten-year warranty to protect your investment.

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USA-Based Support

Domestic customer service team for technical support.

* Versus traditional lead acid batteries.

Powering Lifestyles Around the Globe


Battle Born Batteries is here to power your ideal RV experience, whatever that might look like for you—Motorized RV, Towable RV, Truck Camper, Van Life, Skoolie, or Overland Rig.

We build our LiFePO4 RV batteries to perform better, last longer, and provide the deliverable power needed for weekend adventures or full-time boondocking.

Designed as drop-in replacements for the most common lead acid battery sizes on the market, Battle Born Batteries has the ideal lithium deep cycle battery to power your 12V, 24V, or 48V RV power system.

Battle Born Batteries’ LiFePO4 power solutions have been aboard marine systems of all kinds, powering boats on trans-ocean journeys, vessels cruising through tropical paradises, and have powered trolling motors in the world’s most prestigious bass fishing events.

We know marine enthusiasts of all types rely on safe and reliable batteries to deliver power on demand. And Battle Born Batteries are the ideal marine solution with unmatched charging speeds and a lightweight form factor, which reduces the overall weight of a battery bank and can significantly impact your boat’s top speed and overall fuel consumption.

Traditional lead acid batteries have been a complication in off-grid systems for decades, forcing those who are now free from the power grid to discharge only a fraction of their total amperage, creating battery anxiety with nearly constant power system maintenance.  

Battle Born Batteries are designed to take you off the grid and keep you off the grid. These LiFePO4 batteries perform better and last longer than lead acid, making them perfect for off-grid living. With 12V and 24V lithium-ion batteries that can be wired in 12V, 24V, 36V, and 48V systems, off-gridders can tailor their battery banks to fit their remote power needs.

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