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The Beans of Essentially Streaming Are Powered by Battle Born Batteries! 

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Meet Tanner and Nallely Bean: Living in their Airstream for the past five years, the two noticed that being resourceful with their power needs was taking a toll on their travels. Their 2017 International Serenity Airstream has been able to carry them plenty of miles across the country, and now with our Battle Born LiFePO4 technology, Tanner and Nallely can #GetOutThere and #StayOutThere.  

About Essentially Streaming: 

Tanner and Nallely are currently in Texas, and their travels began in 2016 after their first camping trip ever led them down a rabbit hole of research and wanting to improve. Nallely went camping for the first time and enjoyed everything from staying in a teepee to being out in nature.  

“We never thought we would ever live in a travel trailer, but we wanted something different for our lives and knew that RV living was how we could achieve it,” said Nallely. Their initial travels to Big Bend, Carlsbad, and Guadalupe Mountains National Parks inspired them to continue on the road, and don’t see themselves stopping anytime soon. It was and still is the best financial decision for them to move into the Airstream and love every moment of tiny living.

Essentially Streaming couple inside of their Airstream

Tanner and Nallely note that a lot of people ask them if their Airstream is vintage, and about 70% of all Airstreams ever built are still on the road today. They ordered theirs straight from the Airstream factory in Jackson Center, Ohio. The setup is towed by their truck, a 2016 GMC Sierra 2500 with a Duramax Diesel. 

Here is what Tanner and Nallely are running in their 30-foot Airstream:  

Essentially Streaming Airstream Battle Born Batteries power system

For a system similar to Essentially Streaming’s, check out our Battle Born Energy Towable 30A 600Ah GC2 kit. It’s got everything you need to start your travels and supercharge your system today! 

They also have 180 watts from a portable Zamp solar panel. Before, even that wasn’t enough to power the two AGM batteries on board. The couple has learned so much about systems since then and don’t feel the need to start their batteries with jumper cables anymore!  

The batteries were installed by Ronnie Dennis of Airstream Nuts and Bolts. They appreciated how he took the time to explain the ins and outs of the electrical and solar system. The batteries have come in handy for their boondocking adventures, which they admit is “99 percent of their travels.”  

The couple feels that now with a supercharged system onboard, their trips will now accommodate more essential power draws to their on-the-go lifestyle. Tanner and Nallely can now use kitchen appliances like a hot water heater, electric kettle, and Instant Pot to cook meals more suited for Tanner’s diet. With an autoimmune disorder, he has to be very mindful about restaurants on the road.  

Essentially Streaming exterior shot of an Airstream trailer

They joked that every time they visit a family member’s home, the amount of space available still takes some time to get used to! As for advice, they suggest that people should start out slowly and try not to get overwhelmed. Many try and dive in right away or use the best options on the market, but Tanner and Nallely said they made do with what they had and prepared to build and have fun from there. All in all, they stress the importance of finding out what works best for your lifestyle and power needs and putting in the time to research. 

What’s Next? 

Tanner and Nallely’s entire family has been inspired to purchase an RV, from their siblings to parents, and take trips together. Now that their battery anxiety has been eliminated, the Beans plan to take their Airstream to Alaska. Follow Essentially Streaming on their FacebookInstagramwebsite, and YouTube channel. 

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