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Shop Industrial Solar Integration Lithium Power System Kits

Pole Mounted & Ground Mount Solar Systems

Battle Born Batteries is the leader in LiFePO4 batteries and provides the industry’s best in solar panels and system components. Focusing on supplying dealers, contractors, and industrial specialists located worldwide, we have brought dependable, cost-effective battery storage and solar system solutions to a wide range of locations, including industrial sites.

With an extensive and experienced background, Battle Born Batteries’ Industrial Solar Specialists have designed Pole Mounted and Ground Mount Off-Grid Solar Systems suitable for utilities, oil and gas, and other markets dependent on continuous and reliable power.

Shop our variety of 12V and 24V Pole Mounted Solar System Kits and 24V and 48V Ground Mount Solar System Kits, each equipped with lithium power, monocrystalline solar panels, durable enclosures, charge controllers, and more. 

Looking to Speak With an Industrial Solar Integration Specialist? Get in touch today about your unique off-grid power needs.

Email: [email protected]     Phone: (775) 622-3448 Ext. 027

Industrial Solar off-grid power unit

Off-Grid Industrial

Size a System for Your Industrial Needs

Looking to size and design the right off-grid industrial solar system for your unique needs? This guide will help you determine the kit suited to power your job site or other industrial location.

If you’re looking for further assistance, Battle Born Batteries’ team of Industrial Solar Specialists are experts in the field and can run custom sizing analyses to give you specific recommendations.

Give us a call for any questions regarding an Industrial Solar System: (775) 622-3448 Ext. 027