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Overland, Skoolie & Van Life Lithium Battery Systems

Vans, Skoolies, and Overland rigs offer a unique experience when stacked up against other RVs on the roadThe option to build from a blank canvas allows the owner to create their own masterpiece on wheels. The ability to create a floor plan built around your lifestyle and needs has created a surge of interest in these vehicles. A flood of creative individuals have taken the opportunity to build one-of-a-kind vehicles ranging from minimalist Vans, decked-out Overland vehicles, or Pinterest palaces on four wheels of a retired school bus. The sky is the limit!

A power system for a Van, Overland vehicle, or Skoolie is no different. Battle Born Batteries can build the system needed to support your vision and bring it to life with lithium. From a single auxiliary battery to power your basic needs to a roof full of solar panels and enough batteries to power a mobile editing studio, workspace, or home on four wheels, the van life options are limitless.

Chris and Julia with Fernweh the Van
Go Play Outside overland rig

Linnea & Akela Live Their Life on the Road
Full Time in a Van

Play Video about Lennea and Akela live in a van
Linnea and her sweet Akela gear up for a fun adventure in the mountains.
Linnea in Front of Her Self Converted Sprinter Van

What Application Type Are You Looking to Upgrade With Lithium Power?


From a classic Westfalia to a modern Sprinter, Vans have the ability to handle and maneuver comfortably, making them the perfect choice for the minimalist traveler, weekend warrior, or seasoned full-timer. A Camper Van is a more compact package while still offering many amenities you’d find in a larger RV.


Overland rigs can take you far off the beaten path, and allow the modern pioneer to venture off the beaten path and focus on their journey. Whether you encounter rough roads, overgrown roads, or no roads at all, an overland camper will be a reliable vehicle with ample clearance for your adventures.  


A Skoolie is typically a decommissioned and modified bus that has been transformed into a home on wheels. You’re apt to see school buses, both long and short, along with Greyhounds and other types of public transportation that have been ripped apart, remodeled, and restored into cherished Skoolie treasures.