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Powerful and Reliable Truck Camper Batteries

Truck campers are a highly versatile type of recreation vehicle, ones that are renowned for their ability to traverse virtually any terrain. They come in various sizes, ranging from basic pop-ups to luxurious cab-overs with multiple slides, offering a wide range of choices to suit different overland, off-road, and travel needs. 

One of the greatest advantages of truck campers is their independence from the need to tow a trailer or manage a large RV, allowing for greater mobility and stress-free travel. 

Adding a reliable lithium truck camper power system to your rig allows you to stay off the grid longer and explore more. What’s not to love?

Have Questions or Want to Discuss Your Lithium Power System Needs? Give our in-house team of Technical Sales Specialists a call today: 855.292.2831

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Lead Acid Batteries vs. LiFePO4 Batteries for Truck Campers

Truck campers demonstrate some of the most significant advantages of transitioning from lead-acid batteries to lithium-ion batteries. Truck camper battery setups, with Battle Born LiFePO4 batteries, are a serious game changer for off-grid adventures. Battle Born Batteries can substantially increase the energy capacity of your rig, even in the tight spaces of a truck camper.

Unlike RVs that may have the room to add more solar panels to their roofs for additional power generation, truck campers usually lack this option. Their smaller roofs can only support so many watts of solar capacity, making upgrading your truck camper batteries and energy storage your best option for extending off-grid exploration.

With Battle Born, you can put your truck camper battery-related concerns aside and concentrate on your next endless adventure!

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