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Powerful and Reliable Travel Trailer Batteries

For outdoor adventurers and full-time RVers, towable travel trailers are a great choice. Towable RVs are renowned for their ability to access remote locations and give you access to a vehicle if you have decided to settle into a location. 

Whether you’re planning to go off-grid on your next trip or want the comfort of home, it’s crucial to ensure that your travel trailer batteries can supply enough power to meet your needs for the adventure. At Battle Born Batteries, our technical sales specialists are available for an in-depth consultation regarding your LiFePO4 battery needs!

Have Questions or Want to Discuss Your Lithium Power System Needs? Give our in-house team of Technical Sales Specialists a call today: 855.292.2831

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Lead Acid Batteries vs. LiFePO4 Batteries for Towable RVs

Standard lead-acid batteries that come from the manufacturers inside most towable RVs are typically inadequate to power your life on the road for the long term. Upgrading to a lithium system for your Towable RV batteries is not only a straightforward process, but it’s a decision that is sure to upgrade your lifstyle. Battle Born LiFePO4 batteries has significant advantages over traditional lead-acid batteries for travel trailers. 

Lithium-ion batteries can provide two to three times more power than standard, factory-included lead acid batteries and last up to 10 times longer. Extended power and lifespan with your lithium travel trailer batteries allows you to stay off-grid and travel further, for longer.

Make the switch to LiFePO4 Batteries for your Towable RV–the smart and powerful decision for your life on the road.

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