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What Our Customers Say

Our batteries have attracted people from all walks of life, ranging from off-grid ranch owners to bass anglers. We take pride in knowing that our customers don’t just want our products, they want to be part of the Battle Born family. On this page you’ll find people who have shared their stories on who they are, what they do, and where they are from. Our batteries have helped people accomplish their boondocking dreams and get rid of their battery anxiety.

Stuart Palley Documents the Devastation of Wildfires with Battle Born Batteries

As a southern California native, the recent decade of devastating wildfires in California has hit close to home for Stuart Palley. With a variety of accolades in photojournalism, he began using his skills to document the destruction of wildfires and tell stories through photography. Now, with a fully equipped truck-camper, Stuart is able to get […]

Slow Car, Fast Home Travels in a Vintage Airstream Powered by Battle Born Batteries

Danielle and Tommy ditched their stationary life for the adventure of the open road in 2017. After spending three years in a small Toyota RV, they were ready for a change of space. They found an unbeatable deal on a vintage Airstream, purchased it, and completely renovated it to fit the needs of their little […]

Endless RVing Powered by Battle Born Batteries

After an unfortunate travel experience in a hotel, MJ and Izzy Alsina began looking into purchasing an RV and on their first RV shopping outing, they drove one off the lot. With their son Jason, MJ and Izzy have spent countless weekends, holidays, and vacations, adventuring across the east coast in their newly acquired home […]

Spear it Animal Harnesses the Power of the Sun with Battle Born Batteries

Sascha Meyers and Raf Echemendia spent much of their early adult years dreaming about one day sailing around the world. After a chance meeting, on an island in the southern Bahamas, they set out to accomplish their goals together. They recently finished refitting their dream sailboat and are looking forward to starting their next sailing […]

Trey and Jessie Kitchens Power Deep Houseboat Life with Battle Born Batteries

After years of dreaming about owning their own houseboat, Trey and Jessie Kitchens finally purchased one in 2020. With their newborn daughter Clare and pup Dory in tow, they jumped into part-time houseboat life without hesitation. While working remotely, Trey and Jessie love spending as much time as they can at their home on the […]

Seattle Mountain Rescue Gains Remote Area Communication with Battle Born Batteries

Every year, alpine recreation enthusiasts flock to the Pacific Northwest to enjoy the breathtaking beauty and adrenaline-pumping adventures of the various mountain peaks and vast expanses of wilderness. From climbing to backcountry skiing, hiking, and more, there is a broad range of activities to satisfy every outdoorsman. With the large number of individuals partaking in […]

Calico Skies Sails Around the World with Battle Born Batteries

College Sweethearts, Bill and Grace Heaton were saving for their dream sailboat while working as finance professionals in New York City. In 2009 they finally purchased a 36-foot Sabre Sailboat and slowly began transitioning to life on the water. By 2017, both Bill and Grace were working remotely, and they officially set sail for full-time […]

Unique Adventures and Community Await | Harvest Hosts

  Are you a seasoned RVer who has exhausted the usual RV sites scattered throughout the United States? Or maybe you have been toying with the idea of getting out on the road, but you want something different and unique? Whether you have been traveling for a while or are a newbie seeking community, look […]

The Crew of Mothership Adrift is Circumnavigating the Globe with Battle Born Batteries

After individually pursuing their passion for sailing, Woody and Irenka met and fell in love while working as flotilla skippers in Greece. Despite having to leave their sailing life behind when they started a family, they made a commitment to one another, that one day, they would sail around the world together. Three kids and […]

Everything You Need to Know About Overland Expo’s 2023 Events

A Brief Background – What is Overland Expo? Overland Expo stems from a passion for the outdoors, adventures, and conservation. The idea was to create an expo that showcased conservation and responsible overland travel through training and education.  Roseann and Jonathan Hanson started the expo ten years ago in Prescott, Arizona. Since then, these events […]

Less Junk More Journey Powers Their Life on the Road with Battle Born Batteries

In order to find a life filled with Less Junk and More Journey, Nate and Marissa Moss took a chance and put their home on wheels in 2015. Over the last 7 years of full-time travel, Nate, Marissa, and their two kids have fallen in love with life on the road. Each rig they’ve called […]

Purdue University’s Boilermaker ‘X-tra Special’ Gets Upgraded to Lithium

Dragonfly Energy: A Green Energy Company At the forefront of making renewable energy accessible and affordable, Reno, Nevada-based company, Dragonfly Energy has been working to displace lead acid batteries in vehicles, vessels, and material handling for over a decade. They are the leader in lithium-ion deep cycle batteries, made using the safest lithium battery chemistry […]

Team Aloha Kai Prepares to Row Across the Pacific Ocean Powered by Battle Born Batteries

After separately rowing across the Atlantic Ocean, Owen Gray and Jayme Linker decided to team up to row across the Pacific. In June of 2023, they will leave Monterey Harbor, CA, and row 2,800 miles. After persevering through intense weather patterns, they will arrive in Kauai, HI 60 days later.  Grueling training, tedious safety checks, […]

The Painted Buffalo Traveling Studio is Helping Veterans with the Power of Battle Born Batteries

Marine Corps veteran and artist, Jessica Rambo, founded and operates the Painted Buffalo Traveling Studio. The Painted Buffalo provides veterans with art supplies giving them a non-verbal outlet to tell their stories and express their feelings. Amid a converted Skoolie, this traveling studio can go where a veteran is and teach them valuable art skills, […]

Off-Grid Adventures in the AEONrv Powered by Battle Born Batteries

In search of a more capable camper van, Jim Ritchie and Lars Severin decided to create their own. With high quality components and build materials, Jim and Lars combined utility and luxury to create an RV unlike any other. Extensive off-road capabilities, a robust electrical system, and a small but spacious footprint make this the […]

Chase Gardner Chases the Stars with Battle Born Batteries

Engineer and aspiring Astro- and landscape photographer, Chase Gardner set out on a mission to create the perfect off-road vehicle for remote photography locations. In the process of turning his 2009 Lexus GX470 into this vehicle, Chase fell in love with the overland lifestyle and community. What began as a simple off-road vehicle transformation turned […]

Sean Silvera Rebuilds His Overland Rig with Battle Born Batteries

Sean Silvera is a yoga instructor and former marine with an unquenchable thirst for adventure. After surviving a 300ft fall, unscathed, in his newly built overland rig, he bounced back resiliently to build a new rig and get back on the road. With some upgrades and a new lease on life, Sean’s ready to get […]

EXPLORIST.life Shows a Start-to-Finish DIY Lithium Electrical Install in a Camper Van 

Nate and Steph Yarbrough specialize in teaching people how to build the DIY camper of their dreams through their business, EXPLORIST.life. Initially, their “explorist” lifestyle started when they began a life of full-time travel in an RV and then later transitioned into a Sprinter van. As they shared their travels on social media, Nate and […]

Honor and Valor Outdoors

Andrew Zegers wanted to channel his passion for outdoor experiences into a way to give back to those who have served our country, so he joined Honor and Valor Outdoors. He and the other volunteers from the non-profit take veterans and active-duty service members on hunting and fishing outings to experience the joy of being […]

Living a Bucket List Life with Battle Born Batteries

Geoff and Jo Yunker were tired of being stuck working at home while longing to travel, so they picked up their work and their lives and hit the road. Despite a rocky start, the couple fell in love with traveling and their new daily freedom. Everyday they hope to live a “Bucket List Day” and […]

Boreas Campers

After traveling around the US living out of his RV, Matt Reichel realized that a true overland camper trailer was missing from the market. In search of the perfect rugged, off grid camper, Matt created his own in a one-car garage on Boreas Pass Road in Colorado. Thus, Boreas Campers began, and Matt spent the […]