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Lithium Power Pack

The Ultimate Generator Replacement & All-In-One Power System

Lithium Power Pack Series

Battle Born Batteries’ Lithium Power Pack Series features the ultimate all-in-one power solutions for RVs, vans, and other mobile, off-grid, and industrial applications. These pre-wired, ready-to-go systems make the upgrade to lithium simple, requiring limited installation into your RV or other applications. Designed with the dimensions and mounting points of traditional generators in mind, Lithium Power Packs are made to be quiet, clean, and simple drop-in replacements, allowing you to say goodbye to the days of generator fuel and noise.

Custom configurations of Lithium Power Pack products are available for volume orders, allowing dealers and OEMs to size these all-in-one solutions to their specific needs. To inquire about a customized Lithium Power Pack, please contact our Technical Sales team.

Lithium Power Pack 6500

Custom Solutions for OEMs

We work closely with OEMs across a wide range of industries to develop completely customized solutions for various use cases. As an original equipment manufacturer, if you’re interested in partnering with Battle Born Batteries to engineer a Lithium Power Pack product specific to your needs, get in touch with our Technical Sales and Product Development teams at 855.292.2831 or [email protected].

Lithium Power Pack 6500

Quick & Simple Setup With Limited Installation Required Icon

Quick & Simple Setup With Limited Installation Required

The Ultimate Generator Replacement Icon

The Ultimate Generator Alternative

Suitable for RVs, Vans, Mobile & Off-Grid Applications Icon

For RVs, Vans, Mobile & Off-Grid Applications

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Clean, Silent & Reliable Power Solution

LiFePO4 Chemistry

Designed with the Safest LiFePO4 Battery Chemistry

Customized Configurations Available for Volume Orders

Custom Configurations Available for Volume Orders

Some product features may vary in appearance. Specs and functionality of LPP6500 will not change.

What's Inside This All-In-One Power System?

All Pre-Wired & Set Up for Seamless Installation Into Your Lifestyle!

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Equipped with 540Ah of reliable and trusted LiFePO4 power from (2) 270Ah 12V LiFePO4 Deep Cycle GC3 Battle Born Batteries and charging, distribution, and monitoring components, the LPP6500 is an easy drop-in replacement for traditional generators and allows you to go green with lithium power.

Introductory Pricing!

$12,999 $9,999

The Lithium Power Pack 6500 is Built to Order, with a Lead Time of 2-4 Weeks from time of purchase.

Long-Lasting Power Capable Of ...

3.5 Hrs

induction cooktop icon

Induction Cooktop

4 Hrs

coffee pot icon

Coffee Pot

4 Hrs

air conditioner icon

15k BTU Air Conditioner

4 Hrs

hair dryer icon

Hair Dryer

130 Hrs

RV fridge icon

RV Refrigerator

65 Hrs

residential fridge icon

Residential Refrigerator

“Tom Green here, in the first-ever solar-powered Barn-Cast. Big thank you to Battle Born Batteries who hooked me up with this incredible solar system powering the entire barn.”

– Tom Green

On The Tom Green Podcast, Barn-Cast Episode

The Tom Green Podcast

Made Possible with the Lithium Power Pack

A Canadian-American comedian, host, actor, podcaster, and now off-grid dweller, Tom Green made the move from decades in Hollywood to 100-acre farm life in Ontario. Launching The Tom Green Podcast in its new location, Tom hosts the remote ‘Barn-Cast’ series using the power of Battle Born Batteries.

“If you want off-grid energy, this is the way to do it.”
– Tom Green