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Professional Kayak Angler Justin Patrick Hosts the Lines In Yak Fishing Podcast

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Justin Patrick is a professional kayak angler with a passion for all sides of the sport of angling. He started a podcast called “Lines In Yak Fishing” as a way to connect with other anglers and provide educational information to those aspiring to join the sport. 

Meet Justin Patrick 

Justin Patrick holding a bass he caught

Professional Kayak Angler, Justin Patrick, is from Arlington, Tennessee, where he and his wife live with their 4-year-old daughter. He has a passion for fishing, shooting, and hunting, but his favorite way to spend his time is with his wife and daughter. Justin says that his daughter is full of life, and it has been a joy to watch her grow up and enjoy everything life has to offer her. 

Justin and his family love going on road trips together, whether that’s going to Gatlinburg, Tennessee or Colorado to spend time in the mountains or going to Florida to enjoy the beach, they love the time spent together. Cooking on his grill is one of the best parts of any day, and while he’ll be out at the grill in any weather, he loves grilling in the warmer months–the perfect opportunity to spend time outside with family and friends. 

Justin Patrick with his daughter and wife

Life as a Professional Kayak Angler  

For Justin, fishing has been a part of his life for as long as he can remember. While he didn’t come from a fishing family, his dad introduced him to the sport when he was young, and Justin continued to pursue it on his own.  

Early on, Justin solely fished from the bank until he discovered kayak fishing. Kayak fishing was much cheaper than fishing from a bass boat and was therefore an easier transition into the sport. Although Justin originally chose kayak fishing because it was the cheaper option, it quickly became the type of fishing he preferred. 

On top of having a full-time job, Justin has spent the last 7 years kayak fishing. He now competes in three major circuits that include the Hobie Bass Open Series, the Bassmaster Kayak Series, and the Tennessee Bass Nation Series. His Hobie Pro Angler Kayak is equipped with a Battle Born Group 24 Battery nestled in the rear. 

Battle Born Battery on a kayak

Battle Born’s Group 24 Battery offers a significant amount of power and is ideal for limited space. Justin uses his to power his Motorguide Xi3 which allows him to be propelled to a desired fishing area and provides him control over his boat. The addition of his Battle Born Battery has increased his range in tournaments and allows him to cover more water to find fish. Justin said that he is “very impressed with how far and how long I’m able to stay on the water with the Group 24 from Battle Born.” 

A Passion for Angling  

Justin loves everything about being a tournament angler, from the preparation to the competition, but he said his passion lies in the adventure. Growing up, Justin “would load up [his] backpack, hop on [his] bike, and take off for the day going on these adventures to find those small honey hole ponds that nobody knew about.” This sense of adventure has only grown to a larger scale in Justin’s time as a professional kayak fisher, and he says he loves the adventure of traveling down back roads in national forests and finding a tournament-winning fish out on the water. 

The thrill of fishing for Largemouth Bass is one of Justin’s favorite parts of angling. The Largemouth Bass is the number one game fish in America, and their chance of survival is far from favorable. Finding a large fish that’s evaded danger for years and is reluctant to bite lures is an incredible experience. Justin said he feels lucky to have caught many big fish in his career. He described the thrill as something he experiences “from the bite to the fight, and then into the net” and it’s a story he will tell for the rest of his life.  

Justin Patrick holding a large mouth bass he caught on his kayak

Tournaments are what drive Justin’s passion for angling. Before a tournament, Justin likes to get everything organized and start on the right foot. He believes that in order “to do well in a tournament, you need as much working in your favor” as possible. After ensuring he is organized and ready, he launches 30 minutes before the tournament starts. He’ll “often find [himself] sitting in the dark watching the sun rise slowly over the treetops, waiting for the first cast.” Watching the sun rise over the lake is a natural pre-tournament ritual he always looks forward to. 

Lines In Podcast Powered by Battle Born Batteries 

Justin hosts the podcast called “Lines In Yak Fishing,” one that Battle Born Batteries is proud to sponsor. Justin and co-host, David Best, have a goal to connect with anglers, locally and nationally, and to provide an educational source from experienced anglers.  

While the podcast loves featuring top-level professionals, they also put a large emphasis on grassroot communities. There are some great anglers that possess a wealth of knowledge, even though they don’t travel or fish in large tournaments, and this type of knowledge is something that anglers of all skill levels can benefit from. 

Justin Patrick fishing off of his kayak

Although the podcast focuses on kayak fishing, they enjoy engaging with all types of anglers. Their listeners are the lifeblood of the podcast and the reason they do it. Whether someone is listening to the podcast or tuning into a live feed, Justin appreciates every member of their audience. 

Justin is striving for the podcast to “maintain a positive culture where new anglers can come, interact, and get answers they are looking for regardless of their skill set or the type of vessel they fish out of.” He believes it’s currently headed in this direction and is excited for what the future holds. 

What’s Next for Justin Patrick?  

As the 2022 angling season is underway, Justin has been prepping and getting ready for upcoming tournaments. After getting his 2022 Hobie PA 14 360 fully ready for the season, he is headed to Lake Fork in Alma, Texas for the first tournament of the Bass Nation Kayak Series. 

Additionally, Justin has big goals for his podcast this year. He’s hoping to grow his audience and broaden the channels his content can be heard on. Getting the “Lines In” podcast featured on Spotify and other popular podcast platforms will significantly propel this goal. He’s also looking forward to talking with more anglers and providing quality content for his audience this year. 

To keep up with Justin’s tournaments and to tune into the podcast, check out his Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and website. 

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