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Home Battery Storage Systems for Off-Grid Living

The need for residential energy storage systems has grown in popularity, whether you’re far from grid storage or are looking to storage backup power for your home tied to the grid. There are plenty of perks in adding a home battery storage system, including reducing your carbon footprint, achieving self-sufficiency, avoiding reliance on fossil fuels, and having peace of mind that power is there when you need it.

Battle Born Batteries’ off-grid power systems and residential battery storage are designed for safety, long-lasting power, and ultimate reliability, making them perfect for off-grid living. These home battery storage systems offer 100% depth of discharge, little to no maintenance, and freedom from battery anxiety and worry of having enough power.

12 and 24-volt lithium-ion batteries can be configured for 12, 24, 36 and 48-volt systems, allowing you to customize your residential battery storage system. And our team of technical experts has designed lithium off-grid power systems for a wide range of customers, from off-grid living in different climates to large power supply systems to small backup ones.

Have Questions or Want to Discuss Your Lithium Power System Needs? Give our in-house team of Technical Sales Specialists a call today: 855.292.2831

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Why Choose Battle Born Batteries for your Off-Grid Power System?

Battle Born Batteries are designed to provide superior performance and reliability compared to lead acid batteries. Their lithium iron phosphate is known to last up to 10 times longer than lead acid batteries, retaining 75-80% of their capacity even after 3000-5000 life cycles. Most LiFePO4 home battery storage systems typically take 10-15 years to reach this many life cycles. In addition, they offer two to three times more power than lead acid batteries and can be charged five times faster. 

In addition to superior product features, Battle Born Batteries offers excellent customer service with a team of USA-based experts to assist with sales, technical, and customer service needs. Battle Born Batteries also have a 10-year warranty for added peace of mind.

Overall, Battle Born Batteries provide an excellent choice for anyone looking to upgrade their off-grid power system.

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