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Introducing the Battle Born All-Electric APU (Auxiliary Power Unit), the most advanced and reliable power solution on the market for heavy-duty trucking. With its state-of-the-art lithium battery system, the Battle Born All-Electric APU can provide ample power to run your HVAC unit, appliances, and other electronics, even when your truck is not running.

No more idling your engine to stay comfortable or being woken up by an annoying auto start during required break periods. With the Battle Born All-Electric APU, you can enjoy a quiet, fuel-efficient, and environmentally friendly way to power the hotel loads of your long-haul rig.

Imagine the Possibilities

  • Save Money on Fuel: The Battle Born All-Electric APU can save per year on fuel costs by reducing the reliance on idling.
  • Reduce Your Carbon Footprint: The Battle Born All-Electric APU produces zero emissions, helping you reduce your carbon footprint and improve air quality.
  • Improved Driver Comfort: The Battle Born All-Electric APU allows you to run your HVAC unit, appliances, and other electronics even when your truck is not running, so you can stay comfortable on the go.
  • Increase Your Productivity: The Battle Born All-Electric APU allows you to work and stay connected even when you are parked, so you can be more productive on the road.
Battle Born Batteries all-electric APU for heavy duty trucking

The Battle Born All-Electric APU features a lithium battery system that is designed to withstand the rigors of over-the-road trucking. It is lightweight, durable, and provides hours of power on a single charge. Coming in a pre-assembled and pre-wired box, installation is easy and the product fits right inside the rig’s frame rails.

Powering the Long Haul

A Whitepaper on Heavy Duty Trucking

Long-haul trucking, an industry integral to global commerce, faces the challenge of improving the efficiency of sleeper cab hotel loads for driver comfort, safety, and increased sustainability. This whitepaper advocates for a transformative solution: adopting advanced all-electric lithium-ion auxiliary power units (APUs) to power the hotel loads of sleeper cab semi-trucks.

Heavy Duty Trucking Whitepaper Study
Dedicated Battery Bank for Hotel Loads, Heating, and Air Conditioning
Long Haul Truck with Lithium All Electric APU

The Battle Born All-Electric Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) was recognized with the prestigious Heavy-Duty Magazine Top 20 Products Award for 2024. This accolade recognizes the most innovative and substantially enhanced products and components within the industry, acknowledging their capacity to meet industry requirements, alleviate challenges, and contribute to improving the financial performance of heavy-duty trucking fleets.

Trusted, Reliable Power from Battle Born Batteries

  • Safe Battery Chemistry
  • Tested and Certified to Strict Safety Standards
  • Proprietary BMS for the ultimate in Safety Protections for you and your power system
  • Built-in Heater for charging even in cold temperatures

Flexible Charging

  • Stay charged up using your daily driving: Our dual DC to DC Converters use your truck’s alternator to charge your battery bank.
  • With increased charging speeds, enjoy the peace of mind knowing that your battery bank will always be charged up and ready to go.
  • Easily add solar charging to your system with our optional solar charge controller

Easy Installation

  • Pre-wired box for quick and easy installation: With all of the electrical connections already made, install is quick and easy so that you can get your truck back on the road.
  • Low-profile design fits seamlessly between the trucks frame rails, with a discreet industrial design that blends in with the trucks chassis.
  • No special tools or equipment required: This All-Electric APU can be installed with basic tools that most truck shops already have
  • Technical support available: If you have any questions or problems during installation, you can contact our experienced technical support team for assistance.

Full Wireless Communication

  • Upgrade to Battle Born Battle Born Batteries with Dragonfly IntelLigence and experience full wireless system monitoring and communication.
  • Alerts and Notifications
  • Monitor True State of Charge and Battery Health
  • Connect via Common Protocols into Existing Systems

A Return on Investment that Just Makes Sense!

Expect an ROI in Under 2 Years !

The Battle Born All-Electric APU is the perfect solution for both owner-operators and fleets who are looking to upgrade their power system. Make the switch to Battle Born today and experience the difference!

Heavy Duty Trucking all-electric APU solution with Battle Born lithium batteries
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