What Our Customers Think About Our Batteries

At Battle Born Batteries we work hard to provide the best customer experience and offer the highest quality lithium deep cycle batteries in the market.  We have some feedback from our customers shared on this portion of our site.  You will find out how much people love being a part of the Battle Born Family.  We will also review the system they have in place, including their 12-volt lithium deep cycle batteries, solar charge controllers, inverter chargers, converters, battery monitors, remotes and battery isolators.  We have interviews from our customers and in-depth views of installed RV lithium battery systems, lithium trolling motor set ups, lithium off-grid systems.  These are real Battle Born customers they come from all walks of life and share one thing in common.  They want to “Get Out There and Stay Out There.”

Rick Harrison, Off-Grid Ranch Owner


Rick Harrison has a family business in Las Vegas, Nevada, called The Gold and Silver Pawn Shop. Rick and the shop are known on the History channel for being stars of the hit television show, “Pawn Stars”. This popular pawn shop has been open since 1989 and by 2010 Harrison was awarded the Pawnbroker of the Year.


He has truly captured the essence of living off-grid by powering his ranch with Battle Born Batteries. With a total of 48 batteries, he powers his ranch, a workshop, and plenty more. Take a look at his blog/video here!

Less Junk More Journey

Nathan and Marissa Moss and their daughter Hensley live full time in an Airstream Trailer. They are known as, Less Junk More Journey. You can view more about them and their adventures on their YouTube Channel – Less Junk More Journey. They are currently running 6 – BBGC2’s a 12 volt lithium drop-in replacement for lead acid 6-volt batteries in their 2008 Classic 31- foot Airstream and they couldn’t be happier. To watch and read more about Less Junk More Journey and their Battle Born lithium batteries click here.

RV Love

Marc and Julie Bennett have been living on the road for almost 4 years. They drive across the United States in their RV. Inspired through couples who lived the nomad lifestyle, they decided to act and head off on the adventure. Through their YouTube Channel and online school, they share their passion for RVing. Adding a lithium battery bank with Battle Born Batteries, will allow them to camp out in nature more often and for longer periods of time, click here to follow their adventures.

Adventure Driven

Adventure Driven consists of Seth and Kande, a power couple whose love for the outdoors has allowed them to make their dreams come true. Alongside their dog, Atlas, they travel across the Americas and photograph some amazing views. They have a 1994 Military truck that has Deep Cycle Lithium Batteries to help journeys! Learn more about the adventures the power duo go on here.

Karl De Jong, US Navy Veteran

 Karl De Jong travels around in his 1979 Airstream Sovereign with his wife, Kristal, and their animals. Born in South Dakota, his father helped him develop skills in fishing, camping, and hunting. For 22 years he served in the Navy after his military career he became a teacher. One of the main reasons he got the Airstream, was to visit their youngest daughter in South Dakota, and to see family. Last year Karl upgraded to Battle Born lithium deep cycle batteries, he currently has 4 – BB10012’s on board. We have a full write up on Karl and his lithium system click here.

Keep Your Daydream

The Leach family travels full-time across the country on a 2018 travel trailer named “Grand Ginger”. Together the family documents their adventures on the Keep Your Daydream YouTube Channel. Recently, they switched to our LiFePo4 batteries and love the reliability we offer to keep the adventures going! Read their blog here.

Be Old Later

Candice and Jordan have a 1997 Mitsubishi Delica they have converted into their full-time mini home. Alongside their dog, Nugget, they travel across the Americas and document the breathtaking views they get to see. With our LiFePo4 batteries, we have helped them get out there and stay out there! Want to see more breathtaking view? Click here to find out where. 

Always On Liberty

Dan and Lisa Brown have two Main Coon Cats named Kandi and Krissie. Together they are known as Always On Liberty. After dedicating their lives in the Coast Guard, they would travel on their motorcycles where they would catch themselves longing for longer travels. In 2014 they decided it was time to make their dreams of full-time RVers a reality. Now that they have replaced their heavy lead batteries with Battle Born lithium batteries, they plan to extend their boondocking time. They will also be able to utilize more of their 120-volt circuits in the RV with the lithium batteries. To learn more about Dan and Lisa, and what they think about their new set up with Battle Born Batteries, click here.

Small Town Bassin'

Adam James is a semi- professional kayak bass fisherman from Tennessee.  He is devoted to the Battle Born family and has nothing but good to say about our Lithium Deep Cycle batteries! He is powered by a12v lithium battery on his kayak. He says that he has now gotten rid of his battery anxiety and can fish all day being powered by us! If you’d like to learn more about Adam and his love for bass fishing, click here. 


Battle Born Batteries met a hard-working couple that are a perfect fit for our products. Nathan and Stephanie Yarbrough from, EXPLORIST.life, previously known as “Adventure In a Backpack”, have implemented a 600-amp 12v Lithium ion, deep-cycle battery bank to their Sprinter van that includes our batteries. According to the couple, one of the benefits Battle Born Batteries provides them with is a weight reduction to their set up, which helps them immensely. Interested in reading their blog? Click here! 

The Perlan Project and Jim Payne

The Perlan Project has implemented custom 12-volt lithium batteries onto their current glider called, Perlan 2. Our batteries have proven to be reliable for this project and the atmosphere layer they test on. We strive to provide quality products, including customized orders to customers from all types of backgrounds.

Read the blog here, to learn more about the Airbus Perlan 2. 

The Sierra Mule

This customer story is about Michael Jacobs, a man that owns a local business here in Reno, Nevada which is where we are located as well. He provides Sprinter Van rentals for outdoor enthusiasts who seek adventures. Our batteries have not only helped Michael’s business they have helped his personal outdoor adventures on a Sprinter van of his own. Read the blog here.

Lorne Smith

Lorne Smith is a resident of the Battle Born state he calls Reno, NV home.  He is one of our original Battle Born customers, way back when we were still building batteries in our garage.  Don’t worry we have a real factory now, but even back then we took quality very seriously.  As you can tell from Lorne’s story he and his family get a lot of value and comfort camping with the Battle Born lithium batteries on board their Jayco Jayflight travel trailer.  To learn more about Lorne, his family and what he thinks about Battle Born batteries, watch the video below.

Meet the Yogaslackers

Meet Raquel and Sam from the YogaSlackers.  Two of our biggest fans and one of our very first Van Life customers.  Sam and Raquel have been living on the road since 2009, long before the #VanLife was so popular.  Being veterans on the road they offer us a lot of feedback about our batteries and how they work.  Featured here is their original micro house the Peace Love Car.  Today they call a Mitsubishi Delica home, click here to learn more about Sam and Raquel, their life on the road and their new van build.