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The KÜHL Mule, Now Powered by Battle Born Batteries

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As one of the few independently owned companies in the outdoor space, KÜHL is committed to providing their customers with the highest quality of products. Born for the Great Outdoors, KÜHL creates clothing and gear that inspires athletes to reach their highest potential. By only partnering with companies that share their high standards, KÜHL is trailblazing a path through the mediocre and mundane. With the recent completion of the KÜHLMOG, their unique and highly capable overland vehicle, KÜHL continues to break boundaries and defy the status quo. 

KÜHL: Born in the Mountains 

Kuhl Headquarters 

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I – I took the one less traveled by. And that has made all the difference.” This famous quote by Robert Frost has been the inspiration for KÜHL since its inception. KÜHL’s commitment to taking the road less traveled and making a quality product unlike any other on the market has been their driving force. Rather than searching for the easy way out, the team at KÜHL put in the work to stray from the status quo and create something incredible. 

KÜHL is an outdoor gear and clothing company that refuses to settle for second best. “We source only the finest materials from environmentally conscious and ethically minded partners.” Each article of clothing KÜHL produces is created with unmatched quality and immense attention to detail. Just like the people wearing their clothing, KÜHL defies boundaries and opposes mediocrity. As world-class athletes climb mountains, conquer summits, and scale peaks, they want quality clothing and gear that’s as equipped for the challenge as they are. 

Operating under the philosophy of inspiring their customers to find their true calling, KÜHL strives to hire staff and employees with the same mindset. “Our entire team possesses the desire and passion to produce the best outdoor products on the market.” Further committing to this vision, KÜHL has remained privately owned, ensuring they can solely prioritize providing their customers with the best possible products.  

GC3 Battle Born Batteries

Pledging to ignite a passion for the Great Outdoors in each customer, KÜHL is also committed to operating sustainably. “If ethics were profitable, all businesses would have them. We believe that we are defined by our actions. As an independently owned company, our definition of success is different.” Prioritizing the environment and only partnering with other ethically minded businesses always comes first at KÜHL. 

KÜHL’s Eco Alpine Truck 

In addition to producing best-in-class outdoor clothing and gear, KÜHL took their desire to inspire people to get off the beaten path to a whole new level. After getting their hands on a 1972 UNIMOG, a German military utility vehicle, they desired to create the ultimate off-road vehicle. This reconnaissance vehicle was capable enough to go wherever and whenever the mission required. “The UNIMOG is capable of crossing over the roughest ground attempted by any four-by-four.” 

Enter the KÜHLMOG. With the help of Mule Expedition Outfitters, KÜHL designed the perfect blend of past and present technology. “A happy fusion of mechanics and art which contributes to render life in our present time easier and more ennobled than at any previous time.” Starting with a simple ink sketch on paper, the original UNIMOG was transformed into the “KÜHLMOG.” Completely stripping the vehicle down to the metal framework, KÜHL and Mule rebuilt it piece by piece. 

Sin City's Battle Born install on the Kuhl Mule

Beginning with the chassis, the drive train was reworked, and the transmission repositioned to ease gear shifting, which is especially important while driving on mountain passes. Next, upgrading the steering wheel and front seats to allow for increased driver comfort and helps to minimize driving fatigue.  Then came the time to upgrade the tires. “KÜHL chose the Continental 365/80 R 20 MTB Radial for better transport and comfort and improved gas mileage due to their large diameter.” 

Once those key components were overhauled and upgraded, it was time to tackle the body of the vehicle. Wanting to keep the military feel while including modern technology, KÜHL, and Mule added removable panels and doors to allow easy replacement and conveniently transform the KÜHLMOG into a flatbed when necessary for utility or maneuverability.  

The KÜHLMOG Upgrades with Powerful LiFePO4 Batteries 

With the truck’s exterior complete, the KÜHLMOG was ready for internal renovations. From the beginning, KÜHL desired to create a rig that was able to venture far off the beaten path. Although various external upgrades were needed to accomplish this, the internal power system would become a major limiting factor. The original lead-acid batteries simply weren’t robust enough to handle extended periods of time off grid.    

Kuhl Mule

When considering how to power the KÜHLMOG, KÜHL began researching the best way to power an overland vehicle. Overlanding is all about exploration and the remote parts of the map where most don’t dare venture. Most overlanding vehicles are equipped with all the things necessary to be self-sufficient. This includes needing ample wastewater storage, freshwater storage, fuel supply, food storage, and power supply. 

When the KÜHLMOG was initially built, KÜHL and Mule installed what they thought was their best option for power. With 4 lead acid batteries, they assumed there would be plenty of long-lasting power available, even during long periods of time off-grid. Quickly, they realized their lead acid batteries added excess weight, limited power, and required extensive maintenance to continue providing power.  

After searching for an alternative, KÜHL stumbled upon Battle Born Batteries. Lithium batteries are hands-down the best choice for overland campers. They weigh less, can be mounted in any position, charge faster, last longer, and provide steady and constant power. With the help of Sin City Overland, the KÜHLMOG got a massive power overhaul. Powered by 2- 12V 270 Ah GC3 Battle Born Batteries, a Victron MultiPlus-II Inverter Charger, and a Victron Orion TR-Smart Charge Controller, this rig is ready for anything the trail throws its way.  

Sin City's Battle Born install on the Kuhl Mule

KÜHL Continues to Defy the Status Quo and Break Boundaries 

Fully renovated with top-of-the-line overland capabilities and top-of-the-line power to match, the KÜHLMOG is ready to hit the road. The rig and its massive new power system debuted at the 2023 SEMA Show. As the first of many events, we can’t wait to see where the KÜHLMOG goes next.  

Kuhl Mule at Sema

We love supporting KÜHL and partnering with another company that’s priorities extend far beyond the bottom line. With a commitment to sustainability, unmatched quality, and the desire to make a product that truly makes a difference, we feel aligned with KÜHL and their mission to inspire more people to explore the Great Outdoors.  

To keep up with KÜHL and see where the KÜHLMOG will go next, check them out on Instagram and Facebook.  

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