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The Lennon Bus is Revolutionizing Mobile Music Education with the Power of Battle Born Batteries

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Inspired by John Lennon’s passion for the arts, Yoko Ono and Brain Rothschild joined together to create the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus. This non-profit foundation is dedicated to giving children across the U.S. and Canada access to top-tier musical education. With their mobile recording studio, the Lennon Bus travels to schools, concerts, and industry events, promoting their mission and carrying on John Lennon’s legacy.  

The Lennon Bus is Carrying on the Legacy of John Lennon  

The Beatles Art Piece

At just 15 years old, a young English singer-songwriter and musician formed a band that would change the music industry forever. John Lennon joined Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and later Ringo Starr to form the band the world came to know and love as “The Beatles.” The young group rose to international stardom throughout the 1960s, captivating the world with their musical prowess. Together, Lennon and McCartney were a dynamic songwriting duo, and The Beatles became “the most commercially successful band in the history of pop music.”  

Between his time with The Beatles and his solo career, Lennon racked up 25 Billboard Hot 100 hits, leaving a lasting impact on the world. Off the stage, Lennon’s impact continued as he became a voice for pacifism and ending war. “Together with wife and artist Yoko Ono, [Lennon] leveraged his fame to call attention to important issues regarding social justice, love, and peace, and they co-wrote the global anthem, Imagine.” Following Lennon’s death, “Imagine” became a number-one hit in the UK.  

Dedicated to keeping her late husband’s legacy alive, Yoko Ono joined with Brian Rothschild to provide young people with opportunities to create original art and media. The Lennon Bus was created as a mobile, immersive music experience. “Since 1998, Lennon Bus programs have provided millions of students with FREE events, workshops, interactive experiences, and hands-on opportunities to produce original audio, video, and broadcast projects reflective of their ideas and concerns.” Traveling to K-12 schools and universities across North America the Lennon Bus is continuing John Lennon’s legacy of inspirational music and encouraging peace. 

The Lennon Bus at NAMM

Inside the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus 

Equipped with state-of-the-art musical technology, “the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus (Lennon Bus) is the premier nonprofit mobile recording facility that provides hands-on experiences for students of all ages.” For the last 26 years, the Lennon Bus has been traveling across the U.S. and Canada, providing free tours, hosting workshops, and attending major industry events. Featuring a full Dolby Atmos recording studio, the bus is fully equipped to help students make music from anywhere in the world. With major industry partners including Apple, Inc., the NAMM Foundation, Westlake Pro, and many more, the Lennon Bus is creating incredible opportunities and providing students with unparalleled music education.  

Throughout its travels, the Lennon Bus provides a variety of experiences to diverse groups of students from coast to coast. Lennon Bus studio tours introduce students to the music industry. As they learn about the technical aspects of the bus, they’re given tips from chart-topping artists about how to create content at home. Studio Sessions take the hands-on experience to the next level. Students spend an entire day on the Lennon Bus and create original songs, music videos, short films, or documentaries. Bus crew members lead them through each step of the creative workflow and show them what it would look like to have a career in the music industry.    

CEO Dr. Denis Phares playing guitar with other musicians on the Lennon Bus

The Lennon Bus also participates in a variety of community and industry events. Spreading Lennon’s legacy of peace and equality, the bus participates in events that showcase original student works and engage in key discussions. Additionally, the Lennon Bus is on-site at various concerts, festivals, and trade shows, working with artists and students and “showcasing the next generation of music, audio, video, and broadcast technologies.” 

The Lennon Bus Receives a Power Upgrade with Battle Born Batteries 

A mobile recording studio requires an exceptional amount of power to run all the electronics and key systems. For much of the last two and half decades, the Lennon Bus has relied on toxic and heavy lead acid batteries to provide power. When away from shore power, these batteries struggled to keep the bus up and running and frequently needed to be replaced. For many of their events, the Lennon Bus had to rely on generators to supplement their power as the lead acid batteries simply couldn’t keep up. 

16 8D battle born batteries powering the Lennon Bus

Looking to make the bus more sustainable, the Lennon Bus overhauled its power system. With the help of Sin City Overland, they installed sixteen 270Ah 12V Battle Born LiFePO4 Deep Cycle Batteries and twelve 200W Rich Solar Panels. With this powerful new electrical system, the Lennon Bus can run “two state-of-the-art studios on board, which now include the ability to mix in Dolby Atmos, plus the ability to run A/C and other features that were previously limited in conjunction with the studio equipment.” A Wakespeed WS500 Advanced Alternator Regulator provides charging via the bus’s engine, and five 5000W 24V inverter/chargers provide adaptive charge technology. 

“Transitioning the bus to lithium power takes the bus to a new level of sustainability, cost-savings, and improved experience with up to eight hours of runtime of the batteries alone, plus extended runtime with the availability of solar power.” In addition to increased run time, the new Battle Battery power system offers increased sustainability. Utilizing green energy and batteries that last for 10 years without the need to run a generator has allowed the Lennon Bus to reduce emissions. 

  Recording studio set up Inside the NAMM bus

Brian Rothschild, co-founder of the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus, noted, “The capabilities that Dragonfly Energy’s batteries have given us are beyond our expectations, and now we can truly just go out and use the bus as it is designed to, focus on the project at hand, rather than worry about generators, fuel and all the noise and cost that come with them.” 

The Renewed Lennon Bus Debuts at NAMM  

During the National Association of Music Merchants (“NAMM”) Show at the Anaheim Convention Center in January 2024, the new and improved Lennon Bus made its national debut. One of the biggest events in the music industry, this show brings attendees, media, and celebrities from across the nation. The best and brightest in the industry showcase their latest technological advancements, and upcoming artists perform on a massive stage.  

CEO Dr. Denis Phares with The Lennon Bus a NAMM

While at the show, the Lennon Bus was on display for tours, showcasing their upgraded Dolby Institute electronics and recording equipment. Surrounded by those most passionate about the music industry, the Lennon Bus was able to share its mission for creating the next generation of content creators through education, hands-on learning, and empowerment.   

As a part of the Lennon Bus’s debut, Dragonfly Energy sponsored the “Imagine Party” during the NAMM Show to spotlight the bus. During the event, Khemist, winner of the John Lennon Songwriting Contest’s Song of the Year, performed. Additionally, Dr. Denis Phares, CEO of Dragonfly Energy, presented at Lennon Bus’s off-grid recording studio. Dr. Phares shared how the renewable power of lithium and solar is fueling the future of music and creative expression.  

Before the conclusion of the NAMM Show, Dr. Phares was able to sit down with Brian Rothschild and Jeff Sobel for an episode of the Li-MITLESS ENERGY podcast. During the episode, Rothschild and Sobel share the history and mission of Lennon Bus. They discuss the various programs and events the Lennon Bus takes part in and how their new Battle Born Batteries power system is playing a pivotal role. Check out the full episode below or wherever you stream podcasts! 

Leading the Way for the Future of Music Education  

Since 1998, the bus has been to over 3,500 schools, has had over 500,000 visitors, makes an average of 400 stops annually, and doesn’t plan on slowing down anytime soon. With their newly renovated equipment and powerful new electric system, the Lennon Bus crew is looking forward to upcoming events 

The Lennon Bus a NAMM

We’re thrilled to have been able to help continue the incredible mission and can’t wait to continue to partner with them in the future. As Lennon Buss continues to bring music education to students across the country, we can’t wait to be a part of it. Stay tuned for upcoming events and exciting news by keeping up with the Lennon Bus on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube 

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