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Andrew Nordbye Tackles Fishing Days with Battle Born Batteries

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After frustrating experiences with unreliable power, professional angler Andrew Nordbye made the switch to Battle Born Batteries. With more power, less weight, and faster charging, Andrew has more time to spend on the water without worrying about losing power. Now, he can fish back-to-back days with peace of mind, knowing his trolling motor and electronics will run without interruption!

Andrew Nordbye Balances Family and Professional Fishing

Andrew Nordbye Competing in MLF

Andrew Nordbye was born and raised in the town of St. Joseph, Missouri. At just three years old, his love for fishing began. He has fond memories from throughout his childhood of spending time out on the water with his dad. Andrew became an avid outdoorsman at a young age as well. Every chance he got, regardless of the season or the weather, he was out on the water casting a line. Following high school, Andrew went to Northwest Missouri State. On top of being a dual major and working three jobs, he was a nationally recognized collegiate fisherman.

In the midst of starting his fishing career in 2017, Andrew married his wife, Codi. They started a life together in Alabama, and Codi has loved supporting Andrew throughout his fishing career. When she’s not cheering him on at tournaments, Codi runs their wedding venue in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountain Range.  Andrew and Cody are looking forward to a new chapter, as they’re expecting twins this November.

Andrew and Codi Nordbye

After graduating college, Andrew began pursuing a professional fishing career and entered the FLW Costa Series open tournaments. He cashed a check at his first tournament and quickly earned his ticket to the FLW Costa Championship. Since 2017, he’s fished professionally in both the FLW and MLF circuits, collecting many more checks and top-ten finishes. With a 24th-place Angler of the Year finish in the MLF Tackle Warehouse Invitationals Pro Circuit this year, he is getting ready for another year of professional fishing. While Andrew is preparing for the next season, he takes us behind the scenes of his life as an angler and shares some of the biggest game-changers of his career!

Stress-Free Days on the Water Start with Reliable Equipment

As a professional tournament fisherman, it is extremely important for equipment to operate correctly. I need to be able to rely on it not breaking down so that I can stay on the water all day long. Sometimes, this includes 16+ hour practice days, three days in a row, in the heat of summer, while I prepare for upcoming tournaments. I need my equipment to work flawlessly in all conditions, whether it’s 15 degrees or 115 degrees.

Andrew Nordbye Competing in MLF

Between tournaments, practice, and some leisure fishing, I spend over 100 days on the water each year. Whether I’m hunting for bass, crappie, bluegill, or catfish, it is very important that my gear works properly. I always prioritize investing my time and money into equipment that won’t interrupt my time on the water.

I want to enjoy each day fishing to the fullest and give my all in a tournament or bring home a nice catch for my family to enjoy for dinner. From long practice days to family fishing trips and every time on the water in between, I trust Battle Born Batteries. For over four years, their 12V 100Ah LiFePO4 batteries have kept me out on the water all day long, no matter what conditions I encounter.

Andrew Nordbye Relies on the Game-Changing Power of Battle Born Batteries

Over the years, I have had nothing but an exceptional experience in using Battle Born Batteries. My boat’s current electrical system is powered by 5 of the 12V 100Ah batteries. I use three paired together as a 36-volt system for my Garmin Force trolling motor. Previously, I had a 24V system for my Minn Kota Ultrex, and I used 2 of the 12V 100Ah batteries.

Battle Born Batteries Powering a Trolling Motor

During the four total years I’ve run these two systems, I only had my trolling motor die once.  I fished for four days straight during pre-fishing, leading up to a tournament. Despite plugging my battery in, I failed to check if the light on the charger was on and didn’t notice the outlet was out. While the batteries still lasted far longer than any other setup I had previously, this simple human error was the only time I lost power from my batteries.

When switching to lithium, it’s essential to make sure your charger has enough juice to charge your batteries fully when plugged in overnight. Additionally, a thicker extension cord will allow more amps to flow into your batteries. If you aren’t giving your batteries enough amps through your charger, then your batteries will eventually go dead. Especially during back-to-back 16+ hour days with shorter charging periods in between.

Andrew Nordbye Competing in MLF, holding 2 bass that he caught

Adding Additional Power for Optimal Performance

At the beginning of my angling career, I ran my electronics on my boat’s lead-acid cranking battery. There were times, especially on those long days, when it left me dead on the water, unable to start my big engine. Additionally, the added stress was wearing down my cranking battery quicker and giving it a smaller lifespan.

As a tournament fisherman, I’ve tested many batteries over the years, and it is tough to find one that stands up to back-to-back long days on the water. For the past four years, I ran my boat electronics and accessories with a 1 – 12V 100Ah Battle Born Battery. In 2023, I added another Battle Born Battery, in parallel, for a 24V 100Ah system.

Battle Born Batteries Logo and Fishing Poles

With additional electronics added to my boat this year, I wanted to ensure I would have enough juice for those 16-hour back-to-back days on the water. Making the switch to Battle Born lithium batteries for my accessories and electronics has been a game-changer. With my current electrical setup, I can run five different graphs all day long, in addition to my other boat accessories. Although I hear many stories about anglers losing power during long days, I’ve never lost power during my 16-hour back-to-back days on the water.

Experience Uninterrupted, Reliable Power

Andrew Nordbye Competing in MLF

Switching to Battle Born Batteries will keep you charged and ready for the next TEN years. Yes, I said ten. With Battle Born’s ten-year warranty, starting the day you receive the batteries, you will have unmatched reliability for the years to come. Whether you need lithium batteries for your fishing boat, camper, or something else, Battle Born has amazing products for any application. I highly recommend them to anyone interested and am excited to continue running mine for the years to come.

Follow along as Andrew Norbye tackles the next season of tournament fishing, and check him out on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and his website!

Ready to make the switch to lithium? Learn more about trolling motor systems and other applications on the Battle Born Batteries website. If you have more questions, our technical sales team would love to help you out! You can reach them at (855) 292-2831 (M-F 8 am – 4:30 pm (PST)) or by emailing [email protected].

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