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Loki, the World-Famous Wolfdog, Loves Adventuring Off Grid with His Pack

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With nearly 2 million followers on Instagram, Loki, the Wolfdog is arguably one of the most famous dogs on the internet. His Dad, Kelly Lund, began documenting their adventures and sharing them on Instagram 10 years ago. The world couldn’t help but fall in love with Loki, Kelly, and the many other foster pups that have joined them along the way. Now Loki, his brother Raven, and their pack leader Kelly love exploring in their truck camper and spending time in nature every chance they get.

Hi, I’m Loki the Wolfdog

Loki the Wolfdog

Standing on top of a rock, looking out over a valley of trees and endless mountain peaks, I can’t help but reminisce on the incredible journey that led me to this moment. At nearly 77 years of age (dog years, that is), my life has been filled to the brim with an abundance of adventures. I’ve gotten to feel the wind in my fur on mountaintops scattered across the continent. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Hi, my name is Loki, and I’m a husky/arctic wolf/malamute mix, or just a wolfdog for short. I live in Colorado with my favorite pack leader and Dad, Kelly Lund. While so many dogs spend the majority of their lives without a pack or a home, I was lucky enough to find my forever family when I was a puppy.

I still remember it like it was yesterday. Just before Christmas in 2012, when I was only eight weeks old, Dad picked me up and took me home to start our life together. Back then, I was just a little ball of fur, but we were best friends, and we did everything together. Dad learned quickly that I enjoyed the outdoors as much as he did and was quick to include me in his adventures. He even left his desk job in the city just so we could spend more time together.

Loki the Wolfdog and Kelly Lund

Dad loves helping other dogs and puppies find the best forever homes. While it’s hard for me to share my home and my family, I always warm up to each furry friend that joins our pack, even for just a short time. Although most of these pups find their homes in other packs, there was a special, older dog that joined us two years ago that we simply couldn’t part with.

Life with the Pack

At the end of 2021, Dad got a message about an older dog at a shelter that needed our help. Without hesitation, we jumped in the car and brought him home with us, despite his bleak outlook. Turns out that all he needed was a little love. We were captivated by his dark, wise eyes and the love he gave us, and Dad knew he had to join the pack for good. Even though it took some time for me to warm up to him, I couldn’t imagine not being his little brother.

In spite of his glossy white fur, Dad knew that Raven was the perfect name for my older brother. Out in the wild, ravens watch over the wolves, looking after their pups, playing with them, and even adopting individuals that venture out on their own. The ravens act as the wolf’s eyes and warn them of any coming danger. Even in his old age, Raven is a fierce protector, always right at my tail, no matter where we go.

Raven the dog posed in the snow

Life with my pack is always an adventure, even on the days we stay home. Dad always makes sure we get to spend plenty of time outside. When we’re not out on the road, we spend time at the shop. Last year, Dad started a company called Howl Campfires. He and a team of engineers designed a propane alternative that emulates a wood fire. Days in the shop are spent working with the production team, testing products, and ensuring operations are running smoothly. I always do my part by serenading everyone in the shop with my best howling.

Adventuring with Loki the Wolf Dog

While I love any time I get to spend with my pack, my absolute favorite days are spent out in the wild, away from the chaos of the city. Dad and I have been to every corner of the continent together. From the desert and sandy beaches of Baja to the bone-chilling cold of the Arctic Circle and everywhere in between. Dad especially loves road trips because it means he doesn’t have to leave Raven and me behind. He knows our lives are much briefer than his and loves spending every waking moment with us.

Loki the Wolfdog on an outdoor adventure

Raven and I aren’t picky about where we like to spend time outdoors. Whether we’re laying in wildflower fields on the sides of mountains, running through a forest surrounded by trees, climbing up rocks in the desert, or chasing each other down the shoreline, we love getting out and enjoying the fresh air. Each new place we get to explore reminds me how lucky I am to be a part of a pack that spends so much time adventuring together.

Over the years, car rides have become one of our favorite things. As soon as Dad grabs the keys, Raven and I can barely contain our excitement. He barely has a chance to utter the words, “Do you want to go for a ride?” before I start howling, and Raven picks up his favorite toy, shrieking as he bounds toward the door. We practically run Dad over as we eagerly hurry past him to jump in the car. Even if it’s just a short ride, we happily hang our heads out the window, ears blowing in the wind, tongues lolling out of our mouths, simply enjoying one another’s company.

Loki the Wolfdog and Kelly Lund

Getting Off Road and Off the Grid

Don’t get me wrong, I love any and every type of car ride, but overnight camping trips have to be my favorite. Dad, Raven, and I pile into our Tundra with a truck camper mounted on the back. Getting in the Tundra means heading further off the beaten path and spending time disconnected and off-grid.

Loki the Wolfdog with the Truck Camper

When Dad started the project to build the perfect truck camper, his main inspiration was to open up the possibilities for where we could travel together. Having a place to sleep and all the necessary comforts of home meant we could go on longer trips. With a home on wheels, we can adventure anywhere, and Dad doesn’t have to leave me or Raven behind. While there’s a lot to consider when bringing your dogs along on your RV and camping travels, it’s always worth it.

My favorite trip we’ve taken in the truck camper was to the coast of Northern California. Dad always says, “The best campsite is the one a little farther down the road.” The campsite we had originally booked for this trip was much too close to the neighbors, so we kept driving, hoping for something better. Driving up a road that rose high above the ocean, we were encapsulated by thick clouds and ended up just pulling into a field to park for the night.

Loki the Wolfdog and Raven and Kelly on the beach

We woke up to the most incredible sunrise we had ever seen as the fog evaporated, and we looked out over the Pacific Ocean. Enjoying the stunning view, Dad cooked breakfast in the camper while Raven and I snuggled on the bed. The night had been chilly, but our Battle Born Batteries powered our heater and kept us warm while we slept. It was definitely a trip for the books.

Where will Loki the Wolfdog Go Next?

Raven and I are looking forward to many more camping trips and car rides with our fearless pack leader. There are plenty of mountains to climb, squirrels to chase, and forests to run through as we continue exploring new parts of the country. I know Dad is just looking forward to spending as much time with us as he can. He’s determined to make every moment count, and Raven and I are just excited to be along for the ride!

Loki the Wolfdog and Kelly Lund in the back of their truck camper

Keep up with the journey and where we adventure to next by following me on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and our website. Don’t forget to keep up with my dad, Kelly Lund, and Howl Campfires too. We can’t wait to share where we go next!

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