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Professional Bass Angler John McCutchan Experiences the Game Changing Power of Battle Born Batteries

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After more than a decade of professional angling, John McCutchan took a step back following a devastating medical diagnosis. Following some time off and a hard fight, John recovered well and was ready to get back out on the water. With the help of his Battle Born Batteries, he is kickstarting his return to professional fishing!

Meet Professional Bass Angler, John McCutchan

John McCutchan holding a large mouth bass that he caught on his bass boat

In a small town in West Virginia, John McCutchan grew up fishing at his family pond with his grandparents. At the age of four, he caught his first bass and immediately fell in love with fishing. John was hooked on the excitement of each cast and spent the next fourteen years fishing around the northeast. Some of the fondest memories from his childhood were of the fishing trips to Lake Erie he took with his grandfather.

John moved to Florida in 2002 to attend college and pursue professional fishing after high school. He quickly worked his way up the ranks and competed in multiple professional circuits over the last two decades. With numerous accolades in the Bassmaster, Fishing League Worldwide, and the American Bass Anglers circuits, John has experienced many sides of the bass angling world.

John McCutchan competing

After over ten years of professional fishing, John was diagnosed with a very rare form of cancer called Rhabdomyosarcoma. As only the 400th person in the world to ever be diagnosed with this disease, John was given a 20% chance of survival. Despite the odds, John fought hard, underwent surgery, and is living with a whole new lease on life.

Currently, John and his wife Lori are living in Debary, FL, where John is a full-time sales and marketing manager while he works his way back into his professional bass fishing career. With the power of Battle Born Batteries, John is kickstarting his return to the professional fishing circuit and sharing how this game-changing power is getting him back on the water.

John McCutchan Gets Back Out on the Water

John McCutchan and his Battle born Batteries

As an avid angler, I am constantly seeking ways to enhance my bass boat’s performance and gain a competitive edge on the water. One significant upgrade that has truly transformed my fishing adventures is the incorporation of Battle Born lithium batteries.

These cutting-edge power solutions have revolutionized how I operate my boat and provided me with advantages over traditional lead-acid batteries. By experiencing the power of Battle Born Batteries, firsthand, I have realized that they are an invaluable asset in my pursuit of trophy bass.

The Game-Changing Power of Battle Born Batteries

Battle born Batteries

A few years ago, I was fishing at an event at Camp Mack here on the Kissimmee Chain of Lakes. I spent about 12 hours pre-fishing on Friday, running my ghost through the wind and the dense Florida cover. Despite the conditions, my Battle Born batteries provided constant power throughout the entire day without any issues.

Upon my return to the motel, there were no available power outlets. I encountered an issue with the outdoor plug in my hotel room, and every other plug was already in use by other anglers. So, I decided to put my Battle Born batteries to the ultimate test and fish the next day without charging. With lead-acid batteries, this is something I never would have attempted.

The following day, I fished the event in rough winds and heavy cover. My Battle Born Batteries performed flawlessly, delivering consistent power throughout the entire event. I’m not going to lie, I was a little nervous towards the end of the day, but I finished the event without an issue.  Having constant, full power all day with a trolling motor is something I never experienced until installing Battle Born lithium batteries in my rig.

John McCutchan fishing

After returning home, I finally plugged in the batteries to recharge them. To my amazement, they still retained nearly 50% of their power. At this moment, I truly grasped the game-changing nature of Battle Born lithium batteries for tournament anglers like me. Knowing that my Battle Born Batteries will provide consistent power throughout the competition, I can fish with peace of mind.

John McCutchan Gains a Competitive Edge in Fishing Tournaments

Their exceptional performance and longevity allowed me to focus solely on my fishing without worrying about having enough juice to last all day. The reliability and extended battery life have undoubtedly given me a competitive advantage in the tournament scene. I can run my boat’s trolling motor at higher speeds for extended periods. This allows me to cover more water and explore new fishing spots without the worry of dead batteries or declining power.

Battle Born lithium batteries have an impressive cycle life, outlasting traditional batteries by a wide margin. Their advanced design and construction ensure that they can endure thousands of charge and discharge cycles. This translates into longer battery life, reducing the need for frequent replacements and ultimately saving both time and money.

John McCutchan driving his bass boat

My experience with Battle Born Batteries has solidified their status as a game changer for tournament anglers. Their ability to endure long hours of fishing, retain power over extended periods, and eliminate the need for heavy lead acid batteries has enhanced my performance and overall fishing experience. If you’re a serious angler seeking a competitive edge, Battle Born Batteries are undoubtedly a worthy investment.

Experience the Difference of Reliable Power

Whether you’re actively competing in tournaments, an aspiring angler, or simply looking to spend more time on the water, upgrading your power system is a game-changer. Calculate your system’s exact needs or browse our trolling motor system packages. If you have any questions, contact our technical sales team, who will be happy to assist you! Also, be sure to follow along with John McCutchan’s angling schedule by checking out his Facebook, Instagram, and website.

John McCutchan smiling holding a large mouth bass that he caught
John McCutchan bass angler
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