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Best of 2023 | Systems, Boondocking & Rigs Using Battle Born Batteries

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It’s been a long year of getting out there and staying out there. The Battle Born Family has traveled far and wide, backed by reliable and trusted power from Battle Born Batteries. Photos of the top systems, rigs, and boondocking adventures using Battle Born Batteries were shared with us–and we’ll just say, all of them were impressive! Let’s dive in and take a look at this year’s epic and far-off-the-grid adventures!

2023’s Best Battle Born Systems

Here at Battle Born Batteries, we appreciate a good system install, so we highlighted our top picks from 2023 for you to enjoy! All of these systems come directly from our customers and have powered rigs across the world, taking travelers to one-of-a-kind l places.

If you’re looking for a system install as beautiful as these, find a certified dealer or installer near you!

And if you’re not sure where to start, Battle Born’s Battery Bank Calculator is a great tool to help define just what you need for a lithium power system. Our team of Technical specialists is always just a phone call or an email away too and can guide you through making the ultimate lithium upgrade.

An Off-Grid Home Set Up with Battle Born Batteries

A Battle Born Batteries power system is featured in the image. There are Battle Born Batteries and Victron Components.

This fully off-grid setup is powered by six 100Ah 12V Battle Born Batteries. Gordon, a proud Battle Born Batteries customer, built this system in a 10’ x 12’ shed to power a water well and aerobic septic system on his property.

Battle Born Batteries offer trusted and reliable power, great for off-grid homes and power systems. And if you’re hesitant because of the temperature in which your batteries will be used, Battle Born offers heated versions of each battery model that use proprietary, low-draw technology to keep your battery warm and ready to charge no matter what weather you may face, making any maintenance-free, off-grid setup a reality.

A Ham Radio Powered by Lithium

Dog, Molly Jean, is standing behind Ham radio connected to a Battle Born Battery.

Pup Molly Jean is pictured posing with a ham radio, powered by Battle Born Batteries! This unique setup features a 50 Ah 12V LiFePO4 battery hooked up to a modern ham radio. Greg’s untraditional system is impressive, and Molly Jean in this photo is simply a bonus!

Here at Battle Born, we love to see unique systems and the possibilities LiFePO4 technology brings to the table.

An Off-Grid Van Life Power System

This system is mounted in a van compartment and has a Battle Born Battery with battery switches.

A drone shot of a white van boondocking off-grid.

This customized system sent in from Corey boasts four 100Ah 12V Battle Born Batteries for limitless power on the road. Corey’s van system allows him to get out there and stay out there so that he can focus on his adventures … anywhere. Using quality Victron Energy components with Battle Born Batteries offers trusted and reliable power for any system, whether it be just off the road or far, far off the grid.

Battle Born Batteries and Victron Energy Make the Perfect System Pair

A Battle Born Batteries power systemw tih Victron Energy Components

Sent in by Eric, this system is comprised of three 100Ah 12V Battle Born Batteries, connected to multiple Victron Energy components, including a SmartSolar MPPT, Orion-Tr Smart, a Lynx Distributor, and a Multiplus-II. Eric’s system offers plenty of power and a maintenance-free approach to powering his RV!

Solar Energy & Lithium Power: The Ideal Battle Born Solar Set Up

A Battle Born Batteries power bank

Wow! This beautiful system, sent in by Bethany, has Battle Born Batteries impressed! Installed in February of 2023, the system is comprised of five 50Ah 24V Battle Born Batteries and is outfitted with plenty of Victron components. Bethany’s Victron Multiplus-II inverter is fit for her power system and is seamlessly wired along with a Cerbo GX, BlueSolar Charge Controller, Lynx Distributor, and multiple battery switches.

Read more about solar charge controllers and  Victron Energy’s variety of Inverter sizesto learn what’s best for your system. If you’re thinking about integrating solar into your setup, the team of Technical Specialists at Battle Born Batteries is available to help define your power needs: (855)-292-2831 or [email protected].


2023’s Best of Boondocking | Powered by Battle Born Batteries

At Battle Born Batteries, our top priority is to get off the grid .. and stay there. The Battle Born Family has boondocked near and far in 2023, with powerful systems allowing for complete freedom on and off the road. Heated lithium batteries have eliminated the worries around boondocking in cold temperatures and have opened up adventures and possibilities for all.

We’ve come across many beautiful boondocking sites, but here are our top picks from 2023.

Boondocking in a Winter Wonderland

A man wearing snow skis outside of a van boondocking while covered in snow
Oregon, axis vehicle outfitters, backcountry skiing, camping, columbia river gorge, hood river, outdoor adventure, pedersen, roadtrip, skiing, van, vanlife

The folks over at Axis Vehicles know a thing or two about cold-weather adventures. This featured image was sent in from Gretchen at Axis Vehicles, and showcases a winter wonderland, with a skier trekking to his Axis Vehicle.

The van’s appliances are powered by Battle Born Heated Batteries, which stand up to extreme weather conditions, including subzero temperatures, making them a reliable source of power for those who enjoy the winter mountain life.

Boondocking is a great way to experience the realities of nature up close, but venturing far off the grid doesn’t have to be uncomfortable. With a Battle Born Batteries power system, you can get out there and stay out there like those at Axis Vehicles.

To keep up with Axis Vehicles’ boondocking adventures and van builds, visit their Instagram or Facebook.

Boondocking Under The Stars

A van is boondocking under a sky full of stars

Oh, my stars! This boondocking photo was sent in from Rosie and Steven and features Kronk the Van! Rosie and Steven were able to rove to a secluded campsite under the stars, where they boondocked with Kronk thanks to the limitless power of Battle Born Batteries. Even their kitty, Daisy, tagged along– if you look close enough, you can see her admiring the starry sky in the dash of the van.

Keep up with Kronk the Van (and Daisy) on Instagram to see their latest adventures!

Boondocking in the Vast Desert

An Rv is parked next to a jeep wrangler while they boondock in the desert

These adventurers are boondocking in style in the midst of this beautiful desert landscape. Lennie sent in this image to Battle Born Batteries, and we had to share this ultimate camping location. His Motorized RV is complemented by a Jeep Wrangler, both vehicles built for adventure. With a trusted power system, Lennie’s lifestyle is ideal–in secluded spots, just like the desert pictured above.

Did You Know? Battle Born Batteries have a built-in battery management system (BMS) that protects against the most common battery run-ins, including operation in extreme temperatures, making these lithium batteries perfect for both hot desert days and the transition to cold, starry nights.

Van Life Under the Stars

A Dodge Ram van is parked under a starry sky for boondocking

Next up, we have another starry boondocking photo sent in from the folks at Graver Electric. This Dodge Ram van is equipped with a power system from Battle Born Batteries, and it relies on the trusted power of the 270Ah 12V LiFePO4 Deep Cycle GC3 Battery to power all of its off-the-grid adventures.

The magic of being under the night sky is something many people chase, and the adventurers over at Graver Electric know a thing or two about finding the perfect site.

You can check out their Instagram or Facebook for more content and to see all of the unique ways they use Battle Born Batteries to power all sorts of adventures.

Boondocking on Farmland

A lanscape shot of an RV boondocking near a pond on vast farmland

Jim shared this photo of his Towable RV boondocking on expansive farmland. With no hookups, Jim relied on Battle Born Batteries to power his boondocking efforts. His towable RV offers the comforts of home with a scenic view and lots of land to explore–a boondocker’s perfect playground.

With the power and flexibility of Battle Born Batteries, no hookup is needed to enjoy the perfect camping site, anywhere. Take your rig wherever your wandering heart desires without the stress of worrying about a hookup … just like Jim.

Katie and Joe on the Go

A drone shot of a red van boondocking next to a river and mountains

Katie and Joe know what it’s like to be on the go and live the van life. In this adventure, their rig took them to a secluded site outside of Kenai Fjords National Park in Alaska. Their red van stands out, and so does their thirst for adventure.

This impressive shot landed them in the top boondocking sites of 2023. To learn more about Katie and Joe’s adventures, you can check them out on Instagram or TikTok.

Welcome Caminante: A Boondocker’s Paradise

A green skoolie is boondocking next to the "Welcome Camininante" sign

With this submission from Terri, we are getting a lesson in boondocking 101! This converted skoolie takes Terri on adventures all over, and in this photo, her skoolie is parked in front of the “Welcome Caminante” sign at the Los Caminos Antiguos Scenic & Historic Byway.

We can’t wait to see the amazing places your power system and rig take you, Terri!

Airstream Takes on Farmlife: A Boondocker’s Paradise

An airstream is boondocking on lush, green farmland

Next up in 2023’s Best of Boondocking comes from Lorrie, who shared this shot of  her Airstream boondocking on farmland. This Airstream is fitted with Battle Born Batteries and offers power without any hookup needed, so Lorrie can take her rig to secluded places, free of power concerns.

Doesn’t this just encompass the relaxing lifestyle one can enjoy on the road?! The picturesque view is one reason to get out there and stay out there, which is something Battle Born Batteries can get behind.


Battle Born Batteries’ Best Rigs of 2023

Customizing your rig is something that the Battle Born Batteries family is very familiar with. From picking a wallpaper to exterior paint to even choosing which lithium battery size and model will allow you to venture where you dream is something that we sure can appreciate.

Here are the top rigs of 2023–all powered by Battle Born Batteries.

The Built-for-Action Rig

A large rig is parked next to the ocean

This rig is made for adventure, action, and non-traditional exploration. Fitted with six wheels, a full roof of solar panels, and Battle Born Batteries, this rig is set up to power any kind of off-grid adventure. In this image, this overland vehicle has a beach day ahead and is soaking up the sun–and this solar power will be stored and later end up powering the vehicle’s appliances.

The Cirrus 820 Truck Camper Takes on Boondocking

A white truck has a cirus 820 truck camper on the back while parked next to a body of water

Sent in from Jason, this truck camper managed to grab a spot on the 2023’s Best Rigs list from Battle Born Batteries. The Dodge Ram is modified with a Cirrus 820 Truck Camper, built to elevate any adventure. With long-lasting and reliable lithium power, Jason can boondock in scenic sites like the one shown above.

2023 was a year of adventure, and we can’t wait to see where else Jason takes his truck camper in the years to come!

Light and Salty | Boondocking at Sea

A boat on the open ocean during sunset

This next boondocking rig looks a little different, and it lives on the ocean’s surface. Mom with a Map sent in this photo of her boat, Light and Salty, out on the water during a vibrant sunset. Life with two kids and a husband requires reliable power to keep the family happy, healthy, and living the dream, which is why Mom with a Map counts on Battle Born Batteries to power all of their seaside adventures.

To keep up with the family and Mom with a Map, check out their Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube.

Small but Mighty: Max Takes on Boondocking

A camper is parked in a scenic boondocking site in the mountains

Meet Max, one of our favorite boondocking rigs! The Turners sent in this image of Max from one of their favorite camping trips in the mountains. This small towable rig is powered by two 100Ah 12V lithium batteries that The Turners acquired back in 2019. Max the camper travels all across the United States and offers a small but cozy space for the family to enjoy.

To keep up with The Turners and the adventures they take with Max, check out their Instagram, and YouTube.

Drenalin Adventure’s Custom-Built Boondocking Rig

A truck towing an RV with canoes on top is parked next to a body of water

Scott from Drenalin Adventures does it all differently, with a completely custom-built RV and the freedom to roam anywhere. Scott’s rig is the ultimate outdoor adventure facilitator, equipped with canoes mounted on his trailer and the off-grid inclination to explore sites that have been untouched.

Drenalin Adventures utilizes the limitless power of Battle Born Batteries and even has a YouTube video that shows how he set up his electrical system with lithium power. To follow Scott’s adventures and rig upgrades, check out his Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook.

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