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“Go North” Series from Mortons on the Move is Now on Amazon Prime

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At Battle Born Batteries, our brand partners and their travels are important to us. We enjoy helping to power cross-continental travels around the world, just like Tom and Cait Morton’s experience of a lifetime!

Tom and Cait Morton have announced that their documentary travel series, “Go North,” is available to stream or purchase on Amazon Prime!

Filmed in 2019, the 20-episode series chronicles the Mortons’ travels in a Lance Truck Camper over six months as the couple headed north through Canada, Alaska, and all the way to the edge of the Arctic Ocean. Battle Born Batteries powered their adventure so they could eliminate battery anxiety and enjoy an epic experience. With five 100Ah 12V LiFePO4 Deep Cycle Batteries in their rig, their setup handled freezing Northern temperatures without a single hitch! In this blog, we talk about how our team was able to catch up with them in Alaska, and filmed a video highlighting the capabilities of their rig with LiFePO4 technology!

"Go North" image featuring Tom and Cait

Looking to read more about their 10,000-mile, 6-month journey? Our previous blog post on Tom and Cait can be found here!

The Mortons are excited to share this series on a new media platform. They hope to reach an audience that does not use YouTube and provide an alternate viewing experience for existing fans of the show.

“The goal with this series was to educate, entertain, and inspire viewers about RVing and the destinations we experienced on the Go North Expedition,” said Tom. “We are thrilled to be on Amazon Prime and have this series available for an even wider audience.”

“We’ve received so many messages from our viewers about how the series inspired them to plan a trip to Alaska or brought back memories from a previous trip,” said Cait. “Going to Alaska is a bucket list item for so many people, so if we can help them get there – either by encouraging them to physically go, or bringing them visually through our videos – then we’ve met our goal.”

Cait overlooking a snowy mountain range.

What’s Next for Tom and Cait?

Tom and Cait now use their RV’s solar system to power their electric car. It’s different than other electric powered cars out there because its internal drivetrain is in series instead of parallel! This supplements their system and lifestyle well because with programmable charging parameters, they can choose when to directly charge to their electric vehicle. Their system is programmed to direct a charge to their car once their RV batteries reach a minimum of an 85% charge. In rain or shine, their car is charged and ready to hit the road.

Their blog post here details more about this setup, and how it runs on power that would otherwise be lost from their solar system.

The couple continues to test and improve their ideal RV solar system to expand their limits of an off-grid lifestyle. Tom and Cait recently switched to Battle Born Solar and their travels have been brighter ever since! They installed 10 of our 230-watt panels on their RV’s roof and 2 on the front cap to utilize all available surface area. With lightweight, durable and easy to install panels, the Mortons are pushing their system to the limits.

We love to help our customers push their systems and adventures to the limits and are happy to see this come to fruition with Battle Born Batteries and Battle Born Solar onboard their rig. You can read more about their install process, schematics and more on our recent blog post.

They’ve been RVing full-time for five years and show no signs of slowing down! Make sure to keep up with their travels and exciting new systems on their YouTube channel, blog and Instagram. You can also see them on the Discovery Channel and PBS series, The RVers.

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