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Benefiting from the Federal Solar Tax Credit with the Use of Lithium Batteries

Homeowners and businesses in the United States have access to a Federal Solar Tax Credit to incentivize the use of more renewable energy and to promote a sustainable future. This incentive program offers a tax credit on the costs of qualified clean energy property installations. Whether you’re a business looking…

Don’t Let Dirt and Grime Dim Your Investment: Best Tips on Solar Panel Cleaning

Dirty solar panels can lead to reduced output and other problems. Use these expert solar panel cleaning tips to optimize performance and profitability.

Enjoy Energy Independent Living with Off-Grid Solar Panels

Discover how off-grid solar panels provide sustainable energy to power your homestead or your travels across the open road.

What Components Do You Need to Make the Upgrade to Lithium Batteries?

Are you looking to upgrade your current rig, home, or marine power system with long-lasting, reliable, safe, and lightweight lithium-ion batteries? With the right components installed in your system, it’s a simple switch! Let’s explore the essential components needed to create a Battle Born Batteries lithium power system. Inverter Chargers…

Everything You Wanted to Know About Backup Solar Power But Were Afraid To Ask

Are you prepared for a power outage? Discover how backup solar power keeps essential appliances running in an emergency situation.

Solar Tax Incentives for RV Homeowners

We all love living life on the road. If you’re in the know, the thought of upgrading your rig with solar and reliable energy storage is bound to cross your mind. Well, good news–there are tax incentives available for just that!  Have you heard about the Inflation Reduction Act? It’s…

Can Solar Help Run Your CPAP Machine?

If you or a loved one rely on a CPAP machine at night, you know just how important it is to have a constant source of power. After all, CPAPs are one of those electronics that are absolutely essential. But is it possible to venture off-grid while using a CPAP…

5 Reasons You Should Get Solar Panels Right Now

They’re seemingly everywhere these days, from massive roadside facilities to the roofs of your neighbors’ RVs. We’re talking about solar panels, the key elements of a renewable, green solar power system. While most folks may be familiar with this popular technology, they may not understand the many benefits of solar…

3 Big-Name Music Artists Use Solar Power in Concerts and the Studio

Solar energy powers our homes, businesses, and industries. Now, it’s coming to revolutionize the music industry as well. A handful of major artists are taking steps to fight climate change, both in the studio and on the road — and not always in the ways you might expect. Read on…