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Raising Efficiency for Heavy-Duty Trucks: What Operators Should Know About Sustainable Batteries

Heavy-duty trucks are a major source of air pollution. Here's how shifting to sustainable battery power can help you meet your environmental goals.

Sustainability of IMSA and a Future of Electric Touring Vehicles at the Rolex 24

The International Motor Sports Association (IMSA) is the king of North American sports car racing. And 2023 is their year for going green.  In January 2023, Daytona hosted the prestigious Rolex 24. This event celebrated the arrival of a new Grand Touring Type (GTP), which will be open to Hybrid…

What Is the Best Victron Battery Monitor?

Victron is known for its high-quality products in the off-grid and power management space. One area they particularly excel in is battery monitoring. Not knowing the true state of charge of your batteries can cause all kinds of problems with a power system. That’s why getting a quality battery monitor…

Not a Regular Skoolie is Ready for Cold Canadian Winters with Battle Born Batteries

Gabi and Tyler loved the life they created for themselves in Ontario, Canada, but they were still searching for more. On a whim, Tyler suggested moving into a bus and, despite initial protest, Gabi fell in love with the idea and they purchased a retired school bus. Now, the couple…