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We’re changing the game with this new 12V LiFePO4 deep cycle battery.

The BBGC3 is a 270Ah 12V LiFePO4 deep cycle battery in a unique battery case and shape that is changing the way batteries can be placed inside RV’s. Rather than adhering to a traditional battery size that needs to fit in a battery box to allow for ventilation from off-gassing, we have created a battery that can be placed anywhere.

Utilizing stable LiFePO4 chemical composition in cylindrical cells and the same built-in battery management system (BMS) technology as our other products, the BBGC3 is one of the most unique deep cycle batteries on the market.

The BBGC3 offers a form factor that no other battery on the market has, and it only weighs roughly 80 lbs. With unlimited mounting possibilities and 270Ah of power this battery is ideal for any application and maximizing your system’s space and power. This battery is capable of being discharged to a 100% depth of discharge and can charge 5 times faster than lead-acid. The BBGC3 allows you greater flexibility for what you can power and how you install it and provides energy independence that other batteries cannot. We also offer a GC3 mounting kit for purchase so you can explore these limitless mounting possibilities!

Built to last 10 to 15 years and backed by an industry-leading 10-year warranty, at Battle Born Batteries we’re making battery anxiety a thing of the past.

Looking for a more traditional battery? Our BB8D is another 270Ah 12V LiFePO4 deep cycle battery. Check it out here.


Included with each BBGC3:

  • (1) GC3 Battle Born Battery
    • Dimensions (L x W x H): 22.83” x 7.09” x 13.15”
    • Weight: 80.8 lbs.
    • Comes standard with mounting feet, feet can be removed with a #3 Allen wrench
    • Comes standard with terminal covers, terminal covers can be removed with a Phillips head screwdriver
    • Comes with standard flag style terminal posts with a 3/8” hole to accommodate either a 3/8” or a 5/16” bolt
  • (1) Finishing Hardware Kit
    • (2) ‘18-8 Stainless Steel’ 5/16-18 x 1” Bolts
    • (2) ‘18-8 Stainless Steel’ 5/16-18 x 1 1/4” Bolts
    • (4) Washers
    • (2) Nylok Nuts

Each BBGC3 comes standard with the following:

Terminal Covers:
(1) Black Terminal Cover
(1) Red Terminal Cover
(2) 25mm M5 Screws for Terminal Covers

(12) Feet
(36) M5 x16mm Screws for Feet

If you are interested, a mounting kit is also available for purchase. Designed specifically for the BBGC3 the mounting brackets can be found here. Replacement Terminal Covers and Replacement Feet are also available.

All Battle Born Batteries are produced with cylindrical cells.

Additional information

Weight 80.8 lbs
Dimensions 22.83 × 7.09 × 13.15 in
Amp Hour


BBGC3 Manual


3 reviews for 270Ah 12V LiFePO4 Deep Cycle GC3 Battery

  1. 19jet54 (verified owner)

    Purchased these (2) to replace 4 AGM batteries in my RV. Half the weight. Easy to mount & secure with feet everywhere. The AGMs were total of 600 AH & these are 540 AH, but work out to 165% total useable total energy. An old Xantrex TruSine 2.0 Charger/Inverter/Switch & 200 Watt solar Renolgy system with PWM. Programmed both for Lithium charging at 14.4 & 13.5 float. But AGM profile is very similar at 14.3 & 13.4 float if I was lazy. CPU controlled device keeps RV engine battery charged & the engine can also charge these two as well. I are pleased with how easy it was & how much information is on your website about details of your charger/inverters/switches and how to program it for lithium. Thanks Guys & Gals!

  2. heavenbound11112 (verified owner)

    So, I’ve now been running 3 of these in my 5th wheel for a few months. They have performed flawlessly I must say! And the fact that these can be installed in so many different ways is just great! Mine are installed in a standing position which has aloud me to put all 3 in a space where only one standard size D8 would fit (without building shelves). I highly recommend the GC3 and really any Battle Born battery for that matter!

  3. Tom ODell (verified owner)

    The guys at Battle Born helped me get the right products to convert from four 100Ah AGM batteries to a single GC3 270Ah battery in our Airstream Interstate Sprinter van. I added the Victron Energy MultiPlus Compact 2000 W charger/inverter that Battle Born provided preconfigured with the charge settings for the GC3.

    We were able to test the system while off grid on a trip last month in Utah and the system performed perfect and made off grid camping possible where our old and tired AGM batteries would not make it through a night. Next morning we had 70% SOC and our 300w of solar panels had the battery back to 100% by 10:00am.

    Great products and great support. Thanks Battle Born!

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