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Where’s Coffee Girl: A Mobile Café Powered by Battle Born Batteries

As a barista, business owner, ski enthusiast, and mom, Michele Wong loves living life on her toes, always on the cusp of an adventure. Combining her love for the outdoors and her passion for crafting premium lattes, Michele took her café on the road with the Where’s Coffee Girl van.…

Thai Burger Company is Disrupting the Food Truck Industry with Battle Born Batteries

Peri Thitathan and his wife Pang had always dreamt of starting their own food business. After being inspired by the freedom of a food truck and the desire to bring authentic Thai flavors to America, they started Thai Burger Company. With an Americanized twist on Thai classics, Peri and Pang…

Local Frozen Yogurt Truck is Powered by 1,000 Amp Hours of Battle Born Batteries!

TukTuk YumYum is the latest business on wheels to hit the streets of Reno, Nevada. Owners Debey Grimes and Dan Faulkner  run the business out of a Piaggio Ape TukTuk. Not wanting to power the unique three-wheeled vehicle with noisy generators at events, Debey and Dan began extensive research on lithium and how it can make a power system as efficiently (and quietly) as possible. With renewable energy on board, TukTuk…