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Are Expensive RV Batteries Really Worth It? 

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As RVing becomes increasingly popular, overcrowded campgrounds and rising fees have left many RVers looking for alternative ways to camp. For many, boondocking is the perfect way to get out in nature and enjoy time in their RV. While this brings the added challenge of RVing without full hookups, recent technological advancements are giving RVers the freedom to camp off the grid for extended periods. By upgrading their RV batteries, RVers can enjoy all the benefits of traveling in their RV, even without connecting to power. With so many alternative forms of power on the market, many RVers are left wondering if the more expensive RV batteries are really worth the investment.  

RVers are Finding More Freedom on the Road While Boondocking 

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Centuries ago, traditional tent camping was the only way to travel. As times changed and modern forms of transportation evolved, many forms of travel arose, but tent camping remained popular. While some preferred the comfort and ease of traveling by air and staying in hotels, others desired to connect with nature and spend more time outdoors. 

Over the years, new forms of camping were developed that carefully blended the comfort of home with the tranquility of being out in nature. Recreational Vehicles (RV) of all shapes and sizes began hitting the market, promising the best of both worlds to consumers. This spurred a camping revival as many who had never desired to camp were more enticed by continued access to modern conveniences, even while adventuring off the beaten path.  

Whether campers prefer the unmatched luxury of a motorized RV, the functionality of a travel trailer, or the capability of a truck camper, they all want access to some comforts of home. Along with bringing along a bed and indoor living space, many RVs come equipped with lights, hot water, and fully functioning kitchens with a variety of appliances.  

an airstream in alaska

For those that choose to stay in campgrounds, full water, sewer, and electrical hookups ensure they have access to all the power and water they need. Others desire to camp away from the crowds, be more immersed in nature, and forego the conveniences of hookups. Desiring to continue to use their luxury items, these “boondockers” must bring along enough power and water to last the duration of the trip. RVers turned to their battery banks to store reserve power and use it throughout their time off the grid. While lackluster lead acid batteries have left RVers wanting more, many are wondering if pulling the trigger on expensive RV batteries will really be worth it.  

Lithium Batteries Offer Extended Performance 

Although they come with a higher price tag that warrants its fair share of “sticker shock”, lithium deep cycle house batteries offer enhanced power and unmatched reliability.  These stark differences in performance boil down to the underlying chemistry of each type of battery. Lithium-ion batteries are inherently more energy-dense than their lead-acid counterparts. Battery energy density is crucial because the higher the energy density, the longer the battery can emit a charge in relation to its size. 

The increased energy density in lithium-ion allows them to offer higher energy storage per unit mass. With more energy, we can fit more usable power in a smaller space. In the same physical space as a traditional lead-acid battery, lithium-ion batteries are 1/5 of the weight and offer 2-3 times the amount of power. Combined with a 100% depth of discharge, lithium batteries can power more while needing to be recharged less.  

a variety of battle born batteries

In addition to being heavier and less powerful, traditional lead-acid batteries require regular maintenance and monitoring. Maintaining the proper amount of water in a lead acid battery is critical to its ability to function properly. To avoid permanently damaging lead acid batteries, they must be watched closely to ensure appropriate water levels and that they never get discharged below 50%. Lithium-ion batteries are maintenance-free, meaning you can spend more time doing what you love and less time worrying about your power.  

Although some would argue that lithium batteries don’t perform well in the cold, this is a common misconception. In fact, the opposite is true—lithium batteries perform better than any other battery type in cold conditions. While there are still temperature restrictions for peak performance, many lithium batteries offer internally heated batteries, ensuring you’ll have power no matter what weather you face.  

Are All Lithium Batteries Created Equal? 

While all types of lithium batteries offer numerous advantages over lead-acid batteries, not all lithium batteries are created equally. Despite the term “lithium-ion battery” being used interchangeably, there are actually six different types of lithium batteries. Each type of lithium battery relies on unique active materials and chemical reactions to store energy and has applications for which it is best suited.  

Battle born batteries system

Lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries are the ideal choice for deep-cycle house batteries. The materials used in LiFePO4 batteries offer low resistance, making them inherently safe and highly stable. Their thermal runaway threshold is about 518 °F, making LiFePO4 batteries one of the safest lithium battery options on the market. 

Even after narrowing your search down to LiFePO4 battery options, the market is still saturated with numerous brands at a variety of price points. So, what makes a premium brand, such as Battle Born Batteries, stand out above the rest? Aside from the higher price tag, Battle Born Batteries offer unprecedented excellence.  Quality is prioritized, starting from a selection of top-quality raw materials sourced from long-standing, trusted suppliers. Then, on-site production in Reno, Nevada, allows for increased quality control, ensuring each battery is crafted to meet the highest standards and pass rigorous testing.  

As other LiFePO4 batteries are composed of prismatic or pouch cells, Battle Born Batteries use the highest quality cylindrical cells. With a commitment to quality control and responsible sourcing practices, each cell delivers exceptional performance. Cylindrical cells allow for passive cooling, more efficient distribution of internal pressure, and the ability to continue functioning if one cell malfunctions, taking the safety and reliability of Battle Born Batteries to the next level. 

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The Benefits of High-Quality, Long-Lasting Batteries  

With high quality materials and components, Battle Born Batteries offer enhanced reliability. One of the many advantages of lithium deep-cycle batteries is the ability to endure continuous cycles of charging and discharging without experiencing a significant reduction in their capacity. Battle Born Batteries are designed for long-term use and can last for 3,000-5,000 deep discharge cycles. This is ten times longer than a traditional lead acid battery. 

In addition to their long-life expectancy, Battle Born Batteries offer extended support with a ten-year warranty. This guarantees at least ten years of reliable power to all Battle Born Batteries users. Although they come with a higher price tag, the long life and extended warranty create long-term cost savings over the life of the battery. Without the frequent and costly repair and replacement that is needed with lead-acid batteries, more expensive lithium batteries are a more economical choice in the long run. 

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As one of the early movers in the deep cycle lithium battery industry, Battle Born Batteries products are backed by a decade of experience. Since 2014, Battle Born Batteries has been producing the most durable, safe, and long-lasting lithium-ion batteries on the market. With tried-and-tested LiFePO4 products in RVs, marine vessels, residences, and industrial applications across the United States, Battle Born Batteries have proven their power and changed the lives of customers. 

Headquartered in Reno, Nevada, Battle Born Batteries is at the epicenter of the lithium battery world–in a region rich in lithium. Just like the state that we call home, our brands, our products, and our customers are Battle Born. At our 99,000 square-foot facility, we assemble industry-leading LiFePO4 batteries that ship from our facility worldwide. Our team of industry-leading experts is committed to ensuring all our customers receive the absolute best batteries possible.  

Unparalleled Safety with Battle Born LiFePO4 Batteries 

Combined with higher quality, a longer lifespan, and increased reliability, Battle Born Batteries offer unparalleled safety. Along with superior cylindrical cells, each battery contains a proprietary internal battery management system (BMS). The BMS acts as the battery’s guardian, ensuring it operates within safe limits. Consisting of sensors, controllers, and communication interfaces, the BMS can monitor and regulate a variety of battery parameters, including voltage, current, temperature, and state of charge. The system then processes the battery input it receives into an algorithm that anticipates potential obstacles and shuts the battery down before it encounters unsafe operating conditions. 

Battle Born Batteries BMS infographic

Additionally, each of our batteries has been strictly tested and held to stringent testing and certifications. Accordingly, they have been listed to the various UL and UN standards they conform to. UL standards are applied to a variety of “environmentally sustainable products, renewable energies, food and water products, recycling systems and other innovative technologies” to ensure consumers feel confident about the products they purchase. The United Nations also established UN 38.3 certifications to specifically ensure the safety of lithium batteries and the Canada Electrical Code created CSA C22.2 standards for electrical equipment safety.    

Most recently, Battle Born Batteries been given “Ingress Protection” (IP) ratings. These standards are used to signal the effectiveness of sealing on electronic devices to protect against foreign objects and moisture. IP ratings are based on a two-digit scale, where the first digit represents intrusion protection, and second digit represents moisture protection. Battle Born Batteries have received a rating of IP65 proving that the enclosure on our batteries is “totally dust tight” and water resistant. 

Upgrade Now with Batteries from a Proud American Company 

With seemingly endless choices for RV power, it’s easy to become lost in the buzzwords and confusing jargon about switching to the latest and greatest technology. Many consumers have been left wondering if upgrading their electrical system will really be worth it. As the market is flooded with cheap alternatives, we stand behind our premium product.   

At Battle Born Batteries, we go far beyond offering industry-leading lithium-ion batteries. We take a comprehensive approach to complete system integration for your ideal lithium power system. Our knowledgeable Technical Sales Team is educated in the latest technology and is ready to start discussing your specific energy needs.  

Battle born batteries technical sales specialist

We understand that every system is unique, and we offer custom solutions that meet your needs. Whether you are looking for a small off-grid system or a large-scale power solution, we are ready to help every step of the way. Start by checking out the battery bank calculator on our website. This will allow you to plug in your power needs and get battery size and quantity recommendations. Then, give our incredible Technical Sales Team a call. They’ll walk you through each step of your upgrade and stand by to help you troubleshoot along the way.  

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