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How to Use a Tripp Lite with a Battle Born LiFePO4 Battery

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Setting up your Tripp Lite RV750ULHW Inverter/Charger to work with Battle Born LiFePO4 Batteries is a snap! Follow this step-by-step walkthrough and you will be ready to get out there and stay out there in no time.

Step 1: Locate DIP switches on the front panel (Figure 1)

DIP Switches located on the front panelFigure 1: DIP Switches located on the front panel

Step 2: Select the Battery Type

Push “A1” to the down position to tell the system that you are using a wet cell battery. Though you are not using a wet cell battery, the parameters that they use to charge, in this case, match the parameters that are needed to charge Battle Born LiFePO4 batteries.

Step 3: Continuous Charge

Push “A2” to the down position to allow the system to continuously charge the LiFePO4 batteries.

Step 4: Selecting when inverter turns on

Adjust switches “B1” and “B2” to either up or down, depending on the load that your system is drawing. Refer to Figure 2 for more help.

“B1” and “B2” Settings

Figure 2: “B1” and “B2” Settings

Step 5: Do not engage “B3”

Keep “B3” in the up position. If it is engaged, the system will begin to equalize the LiFePO4 battery, which is not necessary.

Step 6: Select the Charge Current

Push “B4” to the down position to allow the system to charge the LiFePO4 battery with 45 amps.

Your inverter/charger is now ready to be used with the Battle Born LiFePO4 Battery!

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3 thoughts on “How to Use a Tripp Lite with a Battle Born LiFePO4 Battery

  1. So, thanks for the info but with engine or generator running wouldn’t I need a DC/DC converter so as not to damage the alternator? I have a 2015, Tiffin, Ford F53, v10.

    1. Hi Raymond! The onboard generator does not charge the batteries via the DC converter or alternator. The engine uses the alternator to charge the batteries through the 7-pin connecter and is usually 5-10amps which is fine for batteries and does not stress the alternator.

  2. Do you have a LifePo charge profile (graph) developed for the RV750ULHW? I would like to know the voltages applied throughout the LifePo charging cycle. Assume charging is at 45A. Thanks

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