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Setting Up a TriStar Charge Controller with a Battle Born LiFePO4 Battery

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The Morningstar Tri-star PWM works extremely well with any Battle Born battery bank once a few settings are changed. This guide will walk you through those changes to make the installation of your batteries as simple as possible.

Step 1:

Locate the DIP switches behind the negative power terminals. Notice that each switch is numbered and adjust them to the following:

Switch 1: OFF

Switch 2: OFF

Switch 3: ON

(Note: Switch settings for switches 2 & 3 are for a 12 V system. For a 24 V system use: ON-OFF. For a 48 V system use ON-ON.)

Switch 4: ON

Switch 5: ON

Switch 6: ON

Switch 7: OFF

Switch 8: OFF

(Note: Switch 8 can be turned to the ON position to reduce noise. However, MorningStar notes that this feature is very inefficient in the “Solar Battery Charge” mode and therefore other methods should be found for reducing noise.)

Step 3:
Download the MS View software here.

Step 4:
At this point the charge controller will need to be connected to a computer via the RS-232 connection. If your computer does not support this type of connection, we recommend a Tripp Lite 5ft USB to serial adapter cable (Part # U 209-000-R).

Setting Up a TriStar Charge Controller with a Battle Born LiFePO4 Battery

Step 5:
Open MS View and search for your charge controller.

Step 6:
From this point you will follow the prompts through the set up.

Setting Up a TriStar Charge Controller with a Battle Born LiFePO4 BatterySetting Up a TriStar Charge Controller with a Battle Born LiFePO4 Battery

TriStar Charge Mode limits 14.70TriStar Charge Mode limits

Continue to follow the program through the rest of the steps, making adjustments to fit your systems design.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call us at (855) 292-2831 or email us at [email protected].

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2 thoughts on “Setting Up a TriStar Charge Controller with a Battle Born LiFePO4 Battery

  1. Why would you not enter 14.6v as the absorption voltage? Why is the absorption phase timed? Shouldn’t the controller sense when the battery is fully charged and enter the float mode on its own? What if 90 minutes of absorption voltage doesn’t restore the battery to “full”?

    1. Hey John, thanks for reaching out. You can use a voltage range between 14.2-14.6 volts for the bulk and absorption charge stage, There is no problem using an absorption voltage of 14.6 volts. We use a set absorption time of at least 20 minutes per battery because our BMS uses a passive balancing at the top of the charge cycle. When the battery voltage exceeds 14.2 volts this balancing will occur and ensures that the cells remain at the same state of charge, which helps for pack longevity and performance. This preset time will allow and ensure that this balancing occurs. The controller should sense the voltage preset has been hit during its charge cycle which will allow it to move to a float voltage. If a 90 minute absorption does not fully restore the battery and achieve a full charge then it may indicate the battery is out of balance and needs an extended absorption charge to reach a balanced charge. If you have any questions, call us at 855-292-2831 or send an email to [email protected]

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