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The Chick’s Life Upgrade to 12V Lithium Ion Battery Bank

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James and Ashley Chick are Vloggers on YouTube who document their adventures with their daughters Goose and Maverick. In October of 2017, they decided to sell their house and hit the road around the United States. They live full-time on their Keystone Sprinter RV (293FWBHS) named Cousin Eddie after the famous character played by Randy Quaid in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. Recently, they’ve upgraded their fifth wheel and are ready to start the next leg of their journey. After a steep learning curve, James and Ashley have figured out what kind of travel they enjoy most, and they are looking forward to the adventures with their new Battle Born battery bank!

They recently released an install video on their YouTube Channel, The Chick’s Life, which covers all the changes they’ve made to Cousin Eddie including their lithium upgrades.

About the ChicksThe Chicks and their children smile for a photo

James has been interested in film making for as long as he can remember and found his inspiration from Star Wars films. In high school, he would make short films with friends and he took that passion to the next level in college by obtaining a New Media Communications degree in video production from Oregon State University.  James and Ashley first met through their fraternity/sorority. Their houses collaborated on a variety of events and they were part of the same group of friends that did a lot of activities together. Eventually, their relationship as friends blossomed and the rest was history.

Now, James and Ashley have a five-year-old daughter, nicknamed Goose, and a one-year-old daughter, nicknamed Maverick. As a family, they love to play games, go swimming, watch movies, or go on mini adventures. James is the spontaneous one and loves anything to do with film and technology. Ashley is more mellow of a person and is typically the one to make the plans. She also loves reading, cooking, and channeling her creativity to make a variety of items. Goose is a huge animal lover but is particularly interested in horses and unicorns. She loves dancing, singing, running, and especially loves eating donuts. Goose also rides in gaming events every other weekend in the summers. Maverick is an avid eater and spends most of her time attempting to figure out how things work.

Ashley embracing her children with a view of The Grand Canyon.

Taking the Leap

James and Ashley had always planned on traveling and when one of their more substantial YouTube channels began to decline, they knew it was time to make a choice. Ashley was the one to bring up the idea of living in an RV when her and James were discussing job options and once she planted that idea, he couldn’t let it go. So instead of James going back to work, they decided to take the leap and try RVing. Now James can enjoy spending time with his family and watching his girls grow up instead of living a 9 to 5 lifestyle.

Their favorite place to visit so far has been the Redwoods because that was were their RV adventure first began. James and Ashley are especially fond of Fern Canyon because of the breathtaking hiking trails and gorgeous scenery the area has to offer. Since then, they’ve visited several national parks, but some of their best memories have been of dirt biking with Goose through the various terrains.

Making the Switch to Lithium Ion

James and Ashley first heard about Battle Born Batteries from the Less Junk, More Journey vlog and they were instantly drawn to the simplicity of the maintenance and setup for the batteries. Not to mention, that Battle Born Batteries are assembled here in the United States and they love supporting and partnering with American made products.

When comparing their lead acid batteries to lithium ion, it became a no brainer as to why they should go with lithium ion. Lead acid batteries are known for venting poisonous and corrosive gases which is something they didn’t want their family to be breathing in while they were on the road. Our deep cycle lithium ion batteries are made with a safe, non-toxic chemical composition so that this can be a concern of the past! Battle Born Batteries also weigh a third of a lead acid battery and supply two to three times the amount of power which is perhaps the most exciting aspect of their upgrade. This is going to allow them to get and stay out in beautiful remote locations and no longer needing to depend on RV parks during their trips. Now they will be able to dry camp without the battery anxieties associated with lead acid!

Their Setup

James and Ashley are currently using the following Battle Born Battery setup:Three 100Ah 12Volt LiFePO4 Battle Born Batteries.

James and Ashley are also using two 160W Zamp Solar panels. If they enjoy their setup and want more power, then they will add an additional battery and solar panel for 400Ah and 480W of solar power.

Now it’s Your Turn!

For those who want to get out on the road and start living the RV life, James and Ashley recommend doing extensive research. They used a collection of YouTube videos and blogs to teach themselves everything they know about RVing, places to travel, and video effects. Even though research is necessary to get started, they feel the most important thing is not to wait for the right time to do something you want to do because if you don’t go out of your way to make it happen, it probably never will. So remember to stay positive, get out there, and make some memories!

An RV being pulled by a truck in the desert.



Keep up with The Chick’s Life and their new and exciting adventures with Battle Born Batteries by subscribing to their YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

You can find more information on our Battle Born LiFePO4 Batteries here!

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