For Chickery’s Travels, living the nomad life means spending time at some of their favorite places. Their most memorable adventures were spent in the waves of Cocoa Beach and walking through the Jonathan Dickson State park in Florida, as well as zip-lining after wine tours in Fredericksburg, Texas. Sean and Julie have truly embraced their new-found freedom.

Now that they have implemented our Battle Born LiFePO4 Batteries onto their RV they will be able to get out there, and stay out there longer! They won’t have to put up with “Battery Anxiety” and are able to boondock wherever they’d like without having to limit their resources and uses. The Chickerys have truly embraced the lifestyle change powered by Battle Born Batteries!

Who is Chickery’s Travels?

“Chickery’s Travels” consists of Sean and Julie Chickery, a couple who has been RVing full-time since 2014 on their 2015 Heartland Cyclone Toy Hauler 5th Wheel. They were both in the Air Force as single parents when they first met. As they began dating, they introduced their kids to each other and realized their kids had already known one another, the coincidence felt like fate. After Serving in the military, raising three boys, and working regular jobs; they decided it was time to follow their RV dreams.

Chickery's Travels Joins Battle Born Family with LiFePO4 Battery Bank

Previously to life on the road, Sean worked as a consultant for a medical research project, and Julie was a proposal manager for the government. They took care of their three boys who are now 26, 24, and 22 in several states as a military family and enjoyed traveling from time to time.

When they decided to move to Tampa, Florida they couldn’t agree on a place to live until they stumbled upon a campground on the beach specifically for RVs. At this very moment, they thought, since they planned to retire soon, and their kids were moving out, why not just buy an RV? Within that same week, they became owners to an RV and were ecstatic about living right by the beach.

Soon after, the couple started a website with a blog and named it “Chickery’s Travels.” There they document their travels and experiences while giving people RV-related how-to tips. After establishing their website for some time, Sean suggested starting a YouTube channel because it was a different medium and since some people preferred to watch videos, they would be reaching a different audience. “Some people are present on both platforms, but there is hardly any crossover which is why it was a good idea,” they explained. Their YouTube Channel also focused on RVs and how-to tips because they realized the RV Industry sometimes didn’t answer exactly what they wanted to know. Therefore, they decided to provide information for those who may be seeking answers as well RV resources, financial tips and so much more.


The Nomad Community and Adventures

Now being on the road for almost 5 years, they want people to know the unity within the nomad community.

“Everyone is so nice and helpful! There was a time Sean was gone and I had never towed a 5th wheel before. One day the power went out and I didn’t know what to do, but surrounding neighbors came to help however they could,” cheered Julie.

As for Sean, he tries to help others whenever he can, “this is definitely a community-based culture I cherish.” Before joining this unified community, the Chickerys never thought they’d be living on the road full-time. They had looked into RVs for weekend trips but there wasn’t as much time to travel as a family due to school and extracurricular activities.

Chickery's Travels Joins Battle Born Family with LiFePO4 Battery Bank

However, now they get to hit the road and visit their kids whenever they’d like. Sean also constantly enjoys learning new things while on the road to make their experiences better.

Julie and Sean Chickery tend to travel to museums and historical sites. Within the last few months, they visited the Lyndon Baines Johnson Library and Museum, it’s the 4th presidential museum they’ve visited.

Overall, they really enjoy learning about new areas and their culture. Tasting new foods is also something that gets them excited! They recall a time where they went to Tennessee and found an unexpected waterfall that they described as breathtaking and unexpected. They feel truly grateful that they get to experience areas of the United States after proudly serving for it.


Choosing Battle Born Lithium Batteries

Within the last year, Chickery’s Travels have transitioned to Battle Born Lithium batteries. They chose to go lithium because through deep research they couldn’t find another alternative that provided the benefits that Battle Born Batteries does.

“Our old batteries were unreliable, we ran the generator all day and sometimes it ended up being pricey,” Sean Chickery explained. When they went to film “RV Nomads: The Movie,” a documentary they are featured in, they saw another couple that was installing their Battle Borns and thought all the power they had was amazing. The Battle Born team is a bonus that Sean and Julie really appreciate. “Everyone at Battle Born Batteries has been so friendly and easy to work with. They are extremely customer service-oriented.”

Chickery's Travels Joins Battle Born Family with LiFePO4 Battery Bank

The current system the Chickerys have on their Heartland 5th Wheel includes:

If you want to learn more about their upgrade check out their 4-part series! Chickery’s Travels have been using their batteries for quite some time now, and include a video on their feedback as well. Take a look here!

We also have Chickery’s Travels Battle Born Bundles that allow you to buy all the components together as a whole! If these bundles don’t meet your needs, you are more than welcome to call us at (855) 292-2831 or email us at [email protected] for a customized bundle.


Advice to Future Nomads

For those considering life on the road, Sean and Julie of Chickery’s Travels have some words of advice: “take time to plan before jumping into things. It’s important to prepare for the unexpected and to have a good Plan A and Plan B. Once you have the plan just do it. It’s been amazing for us.”

Chickery's Travels Joins Battle Born Family with LiFePO4 Battery Bank

Living life on the road has also allowed the Chickerys to start projects of their own. Julie is part of the largest online event for RVers, “Full-Time Freedom Week.” This event has over 30 full-time RVers and industry experts that help others making the transition to full-time easier.

As for Sean, he hosts a podcast called “Beyond the Wheel” with co-host Kenny Phillips. Together they talk about products and services that give a better understanding to people in the RV industry. Their goal is to share these products and services with people in the community. Our COO Sean Nichols was featured on both platforms where they talked more about going lithium. Check out the podcast here.

We look forward to seeing all the adventures Sean and Julie have planned for 2020! Please follow the Chickerys on Instagram, Facebook, website, YouTube to stay updated. They enjoy going live to converse with their followers and answer any questions they may have. They also really enjoy meeting people on Instagram through the location tag because they sometimes get to meet fellow nomads. So check them out, you never know when they may be in your area!

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