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Battle Born LiFePO4 Batteries Power Eric Carter and Vanny

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At Battle Born Batteries, our outstanding product and technical team has changed lives and empowered people to get out there and stay out there. Eric Carter was such a fan of Battle Born Batteries after putting them in his own rig that he became a part of the team! When you call for help with your own Battle Born system, you just might get some advice from Eric. What better person to get setup help with than someone who has them in their own rig!

Meet Eric Carter and Vanny

To get Eric Carter’s Battle Born Customer Story, we didn’t have to go far. Eric started out as a loyal Battle Born Battery customer, wanting toEric and his wife wearing helmets while posing for a picture power his van. He loved what Battle Born provided so much that he became a part of the team!

Eric and his wife bought their van, lovingly nicknamed “Vanny” in 2010. They kept Vanny bare bones for a few years until they discovered lithium battery power. Longtime Reno resident Eric was curious about this revolutionary technology and wanted to know more. Also wanting to support local business, he reached out to Battle Born Batteries and the rest is history!

Eric left his career in the bike industry and is now one of Battle Born Batteries’ Senior Sales and Tech experts. Before working in the bike industry, he was a neutral support race mechanic. He used that opportunity to travel to the US Olympic Training Center and obtain his Race Mechanics License. Some of his favorite events he was able to work were the Half Ironman World Championship in Austria and multiple Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii. Eric took this huge leap of faith to work at Battle Born Batteries because he needed a challenge and saw the potential for personal growth at the company.

Battle Born Through and Through

Eric Carter driving "Vanny"

Now, with Battle Born Batteries in their system, Eric knows “we are going to have all the power we need, whether it is a weekend away or a week-long trip.” That peace of mind is a relief to anyone that has dealt with lead acid batteries before. You don’t have to worry about off-gassing or being left without power in the middle of nowhere. 

The amount of power and ease of installation still comes as a surprise to Eric. With our LiFePO4 batteries, you’re able to charge everything and flip on the coffee pot whenever you want a cup. This was something they hadn’t experienced in their van before. 

Vanny is outfitted with three 100Ah 12V Battle Born Batteries, which gives them enough power to go wherever, whenever they decide to go. Eric knows that the components that you pair with your LiFePO4 batteries are important too. For a battery monitor, Eric installed a Victron BMV-712 with Bluetooth, so he can monitor the 300Ah of power right from his phone. He also included a Victron Digital Multi Control and a Battery Guardian Autoselect. If you are interested in learning more about Vanny’s system or any of the components, please call us at (855) 292-2831 or email us at [email protected].

Eric Carter Battle Born Batteries LiFePO4 setup

Vanny has taken Eric and his wife Maggie to many camping spots throughout the Sierra Nevada Mountains. They’ve traveled the western US including California, Oregon, Idaho, and Nevada. He explained, “we primarily like to stick to locations that have great mountain biking, rivers to swim in and empty boondocking spots.” With LiFePO4 batteries, they now have the ability to travel far and wide with the peace of mind they will have enough power for all their adventures.

“Being a customer first really showed me the Battle Born way, Eric explains. We know that his expertise and experience with our batteries is unmatched. It is always reassuring to know that, like Eric said, “the person selling it to you is an actual user and a believer in it.” You can’t beat that. 

One word to describe Eric? Helpful! He prides himself “on being able to help Battle Born customers, whether it be questions on product or troubleshooting a tech issue.” Working for Battle Born Batteries, Eric feels very lucky and grateful to be part of the team because we “work hard, learn new things every day and continue to strive for excellence daily.”

What’s Next

Eric Carter's van Vanny

Vanny has many more adventures ahead of her. From Reno, Nevada and beyond, the Carters can now power Vanny to get out there and stay out there, wherever that may be. Eric and Maggie don’t currently have any set plans as COVID-19 has thrown a wrench in Vanny’s next move. They are really looking forward to boondocking throughout Utah and Colorado when restrictions ease.

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