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Ben Edwards’ Off-Grid Property is Powered by our LiFePO4 Technology!

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Here at Battle Born Batteries, many of our customers are passionate about getting off-grid. Luckily for them, we’re also passionate about getting them out there. One of our sales and tech specialists recently connected with Ben Edwards, an off-grid enthusiast living just over the hill from our facilities. With Battle Born Batteries powering his Sierra City property, Ben likes being able to spend less time maintaining his power system and more time in the California foothills 

Meet Ben:  

Currently living in Sierra City, California, Ben loves how his property is so secluded and was a former gold mine and gravel pit. Living a unique life on a sprawling 86 acre plot of land, Ben’s able to get out there and stay out there and adventure.  

Portrait shot of Ben with a hat on

“The dream is to have about three or four mini campsites around for family to come hang out and escape life for a little while,” Ben said. “There’s going to be a communal place to hang out by the fire, and enough space for everyone to have privacy.” 

Preserving the property for generations to come is also near and dear to Ben’s heart. What better way to do that than with our batteries? 

off-grid home in the mountains

Ben’s first experience with electrical setups was when he attended Burning Man in 2005 and strapped a singular Mitsubishi 170-watt solar panel to the top of his Ford F250 for more power to run an air conditioner. Paired with a toolbox filled with golf cart batteries, the setup died within 15 minutes! Now Ben says he’s learned so much more and has been able to share what he’s learned with others.  

One of our company’s technical sales specialists, Brandon, has worked closely with Ben to guide him through the maintenance process and troubleshoot any electrical issue on the property. They both have led similar lives, from partaking in the van lifestyle to the fulfilling hobby of skiing. He’s thankful that anytime he calls, there’s someone on the other end to answer. Our sales and tech team are always standing by to take your calls at 855-292-2831 or emails at [email protected]. We help in the long run with every stage of the process, from troubleshooting or planning to any off-grid upgrades you may need in the future.  

An Ideal Off-Grid Setup 

Here’s what Ben is actively running in his off-grid system:  

He also has 6 solar panels at 180 watts each and is looking to install 3 more.  

“Everything in my system has been working great this year,” said Ben. “So far there’s zero complaints!”  

Another selling point of our batteries for Ben is how our company is based in Reno over the hill from him, and our products are designed and assembled in the United States. 

“When you think of American made, you think of things that are built and run forever,” he said. “And that’s really what comes to my mind for Battle Born.”  

Got a story to share about how Battle Born Batteries help you get out there and stay out there? Our team would love to hear it! Email [email protected] to learn more.  

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