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Full-Time Family Becomes Weekend Warriors

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As their toddler, Tucker, grows older, Jesse and Jenny Ingram of Outside is Calling recently made the transition from full-time RV living to having a home base in Florida and becoming weekend warriors. They covered many miles in Edna the Eagle during their 3 years on the road, and thanks to our Battle Born LiFePO4 battery technology, were able to document it all. 

About the Ingrams, also known as Outside is Calling:

Weekend warriors Jesse and Jenny Ingram holding their toddler in front of a waterfall

Jesse grew up in Cocoa Beach, Florida, and his love of the ocean was unstoppable growing up. He joined the military and was stationed at the Tinker Air Force base in Oklahoma, specializing in military operations and electricity. Because of his GI Bill benefits, he was able to find an online film school and complete a degree in cinematography. The first major film project he worked on was RV Nomads the Movie, a documentary sponsored by Battle Born Batteries and features appearances from our CEO Denis and COO Sean.

Also a native Floridian, Jenny was a schoolteacher who felt dissatisfied with the state school system, and at the time Jesse wasn’t fulfilled with his role as a power plant operator at the Orlando Utilities Commission. In 2013, they made the decision to move across the country to Stevenson, Washington, and immediately fell in love with the openness and natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest. Being near the coast also fueled their idea to look for a sailboat. They loved their new home but also found themselves limited by how far and how long they could travel.

“We met outdoor enthusiasts from all walks of life and all levels of financial status, and what we didn’t expect was how many people found ways to achieve a level of freedom we still had yet to reach,” said Jesse. “Turns out it wasn’t money allowing them to travel freely, but their choices.”

Jesse and Jenny are staunch believers in being able to do what they love despite societal pressure, and when they found out that they were expecting Tucker, they were not going to easily give up their dreams of traveling. The two put serious time into researching different RV types, costs, strengths, and weaknesses. Going to dozens of RV shows, networking with plenty of RV owners and test-driving lots of rigs were just some of the ways that they looked at making their plans a reality.

They searched at plenty of RV dealerships until they came across the right vehicle. Jenny knew they could trust the RV  after taking one step into it.  Edna the Eagle proceeded to take them across the country twice, and to Mexico and Canada as well. Described as a rig that’s as comfortable as any house could be, they were able to park, camp out, and blend margaritas on the beach all while watching Netflix. Our LiFePO4 battery technology made this possible, storing more than enough power for the night and next day.

The Ingrams noted that it was easy to travel with a baby on board since many Baja locals were family-oriented.

“Everyone has their own unique situations for their family when it comes to living on the road, and overall we think that quality time is important,” said Jesse. “Being able to travel, our son has been exposed to way more and has grown more than he would have in our old stationary lives.”

Their son, Tucker, is now four years old, and the couple made the tough decision to come off the road and purchase a home base. They admit that full-time life “was cool for a while,” but they’re glad to have settled down. Their main reason for doing so was so Tucker could have friends and his own room.

“We can see the impact it has on him now since he says things like “I’m going to go into my own bedroom,”’ Jenny said. “He’s got his own independent space since in the RV his space was very small.”

The Answer to Outside is Calling:

Edna the Eagle powered their travels with the following components:

-3 100Ah 12V BB10012 Battle Born Batteries

-1 BMV-712

-1 Victron Smart Solar MPPT Charge Controller 75/15

Victron Multiplus 3000w 12V Inverter/Charger

They also incorporated 1,160 watts of solar panels on the roof and loved being able to have strong Wi-Fi anywhere and everywhere they went while traveling.

“Baja was also an excellent place to use lithium batteries and solar power, and while we did have a big diesel generator in our motorhome, we rarely used it because there was so much solar available,” said Jesse.

For a similar system to Jesse and Jenny’s, check out our Battle Born Energy Motorized 30A 400Ah kit, which can power your weekend warrior travels and everything in between.

brown RV

Their newest video series, which Battle Born Batteries sponsors, was an awesome way to showcase what they did during their time in Baja, Mexico. Check out Adventure of a Lifetime here, and learn more about how our batteries got them out there. They were able to find the best RV beach, go snorkeling and connect with plenty of intriguing locals. When planning their trip to Baja, the Ingrams couldn’t find much information about what it truly had to offer. While they found the basics about the history and the best places to eat, they wanted to discover the coolest surf spots or places to scuba dive.

“You can chase the 70s all year long and experience your own Endless Summer! Plenty of Canadians were in Baja for the winter, and of course, those locations are great to come to during the  summertime.”

If there’s anything that the Ingrams have learned while being on the road, it’s that people should take the opportunity to try it before you buy it. While being nomadic has its upsides, people can become disenchanted by the lifestyle because of faulty perceptions. That’s why being weekend warriors can make the lifestyle feel more balanced.

“Having an RV doesn’t translate into living worry free,”  Jesse said. “On the flip side, it can be pretty great too. When working, I can be parked beachside in Galveston, Texas, which is definitely better than an office in some city!”

Keeping in mind what you need is also important to the success of the RV lifestyle, as constantly moving through the country can push the limits of your water supply or black tank. Going off-grid can add to these stressors, and if you don’t pursue that route, then the time you spend at RV parks can eat up a lot of your budget. That’s why being weekend warriors means so much to the Ingrams now!

“A membership like Thousand Trails really is a great option,” said Jesse. “We spent an entire summer on the Oregon Coast for about $700 total, and we stayed in other places along the Pacific coastline.”

Keep up with all of Jesse and Jenny’s awesome travels as weekend warriors and creative projects on their YouTube channel, Instagram and website.

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