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Highlighting Green Energy Efforts from GoGreen EcoBins

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One of the primary missions of our company is to preserve the environment and promote green, sustainable energy. We get a lot of companies on our radar that have a similar mission, and the great work that Guy Strempack of GoGreen EcoBins (7 Sun Media, LLC) and their local government EcoBins Initiative is one of them.

Go Green Ecobin outside


What are GoGreen EcoBins?

The goal of GoGreen EcoBins is to supply local governments with cost-free curbside recycling bins. Their mission is to educate and improve upon the recycling process. Typically placed in high foot traffic areas, EcoBins can glow at night and have an angled solar panel to prevent people from stacking trash on top. The EcoBins and their design are ever evolving but are overall made of aluminum and stainless steel.

A lawyer by trade and fiercely passionate about the environment, Guy first came up with the idea of the the EcoBin unit several years ago. When the first EcoBin was placed outside of a Dairy Queen, an employee of the restaurant came by to tell him that her middle school age son was intrigued by the bin. He wrote a paper on it for an environmental science class and got an A. While Guy never got a chance to read a copy of the paper, he appreciates how it’s made an impact on people of all ages in the community. With an ever-evolving design concept, the bins have always utilized solar panels and LED lights.


How It Began

The company has gotten endorsements from Solar Impulse and Recycle Across America, a pair of non-profits dedicated to improving the practices of recycling. The climate crisis and its long-term effects are the focus for both groups, and Guy says that he is thrilled to have caught their eyes as a potential solution.

“It’s tough to find a true recycling program because a lot of trash cans are designed to accept everything. Their contents end up in landfills or are burned, which is not true recycling,” he said. “We want people to learn and create a presence in municipalities and other high traffic areas. It’s all set up at no cost to the city too.”

7 Sun Media encourages locals to recycle and learn about renewable energy. It produces an average of 4.4 pounds of trash per day. Each bin prevents, on average, about 960 pounds of CO2 from entering the atmosphere per week. It also bolsters local companies by providing sponsorship opportunities with advertisements on the sides of the bin.

Originally, Guy’s group was looking to establish themselves as a recycling company. They now have sponsors who purchase ad space on bins and take pride in supporting an eco-friendly solution.

A lot of independent recycling companies promote waste to energy in order to provide electricity. However, it isn’t true recycling because the products aren’t being incorporated again into new. As people begin to realize this and become more conscious of their efforts to recycle, then the movement can grow.

For more information on the mission of Go Green Eco Bins, visit their website and follow them on Instagram.

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