It likely comes as no surprise that RVers flock to southern states during the harsh winter and boondocking in Arizona has become more popular. Arizona has many premier RV resorts, but the state also has endless boondocking locations. Today, we’ll look at some of the top boondocking spots in the state and what makes them so great.  

Arizona Is Great for Solar-Powered Boondocking

Arizona is all about fun in the sun. And if you have some RV solar panels, you shouldn’t have a problem harnessing all of that solar power to power your rig. Situating yourself in a way that gives you plenty of sun should be easy. This allows you to boondock longer as you’ll be able to keep your onboard batteries full longer. 

Solar power is best if you have a deep-cycle lithium battery. Collecting solar power takes time, and you want a battery with more storage and a longer lifespan. Lithium-ion batteries are also more efficient and reliable than traditional lead-acid. So if you’re using solar power for your boondocking adventures, lithium is the way to go. 

horseshoe bend in arizona

10 Awesome Spots for Boondocking in Arizona

With so many boondocking locations in Arizona, it can be hard to filter through them all to find the right one for you. We’ve gathered a few of our favorite spots to share. 

1. Saddle Mountain near Phoenix

GPS Coordinates: 33.464, -113.0366

Max RV Length: 40 Feet

Cell Service: Good for all major carriers 

Length of Stay: 14 nights 

Saddle Mountain is a great spot to go boondocking in Arizona if you want to explore Phoenix. It’s only an hour away from the city, giving you easy access while still providing the escape you crave while boondocking. Despite its popularity, there’s plenty of room for RVs. 

While you wait for your solar panels to charge, enjoy hiking on the many breathtaking trails around Saddle Mountain. Look for wildlife like deer, buffalo, and antelope along the way. 

2. Craggy Wash near Lake Havasu City

GPS Coordinates: 34.5935, -114.3619

Max RV Length: 43 Feet

Cell Service: Good for all major carriers 

Length of Stay: 14 nights 

Lake Havasu City provides many excellent recreational opportunities, including hiking and water sports. Many RVers also enjoy off-roading opportunities. Craggy Wash is a boondocking location that puts you close to Lake Havasu City, too. 

It’s important to note that the sun will be weaker and set earlier if you visit the region in the winter. Keep this in mind if you’re there gathering solar power. 

lake havasu city arizona

3. Garland Prairie Road near Williams

GPS Coordinates: 35.2878, -112.1334

Max RV Length: 40 Feet

Cell Service: Good for Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile

Length of Stay: 14 nights 

Garland Prairie Road near Williams, Arizona, has enough room for several rigs and has the privacy many seek while boondocking. Nestled in the forest with mountain views and endless starry skies, you’ll hate leaving this spot. 

Check out the Garland Prairie Scenic Drive while you’re there–the photographic moments are endless. It’s also near the Grand Canyon, so you can check that off your bucket list if you haven’t already. 

4. Forest Road 525 near Sedona

GPS Coordinates: 34.8334, -111.9083

Max RV Length: 40 Feet

Cell Service: Good for all major carriers 

Length of Stay: 14 nights 

If seeing red rock cliffs out your front door is a must, Forest Road 525 near Sedona will be an excellent fit for you. It’s easy to access this location, and you’ll find plenty of room at your site. 

There isn’t much in the way of shade, so while it might be too hot in the summer, it’s great for solar power. The views are stunning, making up for the lack of shade. 

sedona arizona

5. Mittry Lake Wildlife Area near Yuma

GPS Coordinates: 32.8199, -114.4701

Max RV Length: 42 Feet

Cell Service: Relatively poor 

Length of Stay: 10 nights 

Those searching for a place to boondock near a simple lake will appreciate Mittry Lake Wildlife Area near Yuma. Visitors report that the road is bumpy but drivable, and the area is excellent for finding agate rocks. 

While much of Arizona is desert and red rocks, Mittry Lake Wildlife Area is a marshland with green vegetation and various wildlife. Consider bringing or renting a boat to experience the area in a unique way. 

6. Hi Jolly Road near Quartzsite

GPS Coordinates: 33.7095, -114.2158

Max RV Length: 40 Feet

Cell Service: Good for all major carriers 

Length of Stay: 14 nights 

You won’t need to worry about finding a place to fit at Hi Jolly Road near Quartzsite. Campers report space for up to 500 RVs in this Arizona boondocking location. While there isn’t much in the way of privacy, depending on the season, you’ll at least have some breathing room. 

With more than 2 million RVers trekking to Quartzite each year, this boondocking site is an excellent place to set up camp. It’s also a great place to collect solar power. 

find boondocking near the grand canyon

7. Coconino Rim Road Dispersed Camping near the Grand Canyon

GPS Coordinates: 35.9623, -111.9644

Max RV Length: 40 Feet

Cell Service: Good for all major carriers 

Length of Stay: 14 nights 

Are you looking for a great boondocking spot near the Grand Canyon? Coconino Rim Road Dispersed Camping might be just what you need. It’s hard to find camping spots much closer than here. You’re a short walk away from the rim at this boondocking spot for a view you can’t beat! 

8. Indian Bread Rocks near Bowie

GPS Coordinates: 32.2387, -109.5

Max RV Length: 39 Feet

Cell Service: Good for all major carriers 

Length of Stay: 14 nights 

Indian Bread Rocks is the perfect rocky boondocking location in Arizona. The area provides amazing stargazing opportunities, and campers report enjoying hearing coyotes in the distance. The picnic area is the best access point to the Dos Cabezas Mountains Wilderness, where you can enjoy wildlife, vegetation, and local animal life. 

There are only a handful of camping locations, so arrive early in the day to snag a spot.

sunshine through the cactus

9. Cieneguita Camping Area near Elgin

GPS Coordinates: 31.7661, -110.6282

Max RV Length: 41 Feet

Cell Service: Best for Verizon and AT&T

Length of Stay: 14 nights 

Cieneguita Camping Area near Elgin is known for being quiet and secluded. It’s the perfect place to boondock when you want to get away from it all. It can get busy at times, but there’s generally a spot available. 

This area is made for those who truly understand and want to commune with nature. There’s bird watching and unique vegetation including five of the rarest habitat types in the southwestern region of America. You can enjoy this solitude while waiting for your solar panels to charge under a wide-open sky. 

10. Redington Pass Dispersed Camping near Tucson

GPS Coordinates: 32.2555, -110.6622

Max RV Length: 34 Feet

Cell Service: Best for Verizon and AT&T

Length of Stay: 14 nights 

Want to camp next to the massive Saguaros cactus? Redington Pass Dispersed Camping located near Tucson is the definition of great desert boondocking. You can enjoy the desert wildflowers and also hike to the Tanque Verde Falls. 

Tucson is less than 45 minutes away, so you’re close to shopping, restaurants, and more. If you bring a tow vehicle with you, you could set your solar panels out to charge while you head to Tucson to enjoy the city. 

battle born solar panel
Check out our line of solar panels and lithium batteries to power your Arizona boondocking adventure.

Why Solar Power Makes Boondocking Better

Being able to power your RV with solar power makes it easier to enjoy boondocking. As long as you’re getting plenty of sun, you won’t have to fire up a generator and listen to a loud engine humming along to charge your batteries. You enjoy the quietness of these remote boondocking locations and truly connect with the environment.

Solar power also makes boondocking better as you don’t have to worry about running out of gas for your generator. Some of the best boondocking locations may require driving a considerable distance to the nearest gas station. Not having to stress about how much gas you have or driving to and from the gas station means more time for enjoying your epic boondocking spot!

Enjoy Boondocking in Sunny Arizona 

Whether you are fleeing a bitter winter or just want to spend some time experiencing the desert, Arizona has some great boondocking opportunities.

Have you spent time boondocking in Arizona? What are some of your favorite outdoor Arizona activities?

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