After NFL star Brian Robison retired in 2019, he traded making tackles on field for opening a tackle shop. He now spends his days fishing competitively as much as he possibly can. Brian trolls his Battle Born Battery-powered boat through Texas, chasing his next catch instead of chasing down quarterbacks.

Who Is Brian Robison?

The long-time defensive end and Texas native grew up in Splendora. He developed his passion for fishing, going with his father at a young age. Exploring the various ponds, creeks, and banks that surrounded him, Brian slowly honed his skills.


For Brian, competitive fishing has allowed him to stay physically fit. Long hours on the water ensure he maintains the mental aptitude acquired through his years as an athlete.

When the angler is not running his tackle shop, Tackle Addict, he spends his time fishing at Lake Sam Rayburn. Just how long does Brian spend fishing? Thanks to Battle Born Batteries he spends up to 9 days on the water. They allow him to fish carefree as he searches for teener bass in the area.

Lake Sam Rayburn


Family and Fishing


Brian has had the opportunity to fish with many great anglers, but his biggest competitor has been his son. He explained that “My son has been casting since he was 3 ½ years old. Not 20 minutes after I taught him how to cast, he caught his first fish. He’s a natural. When he was only 5 years old he was already giving me advice on what jig to use.”

Brian’s Son Parker. Showing Off His Catch!

It comes as no surprise Brian loves spending time fishing with his son. Most of his own fondest memories include fishing with his father too. In fact, his father caught his largest fish at a tournament the two did together, a 10-pound bass!

Brian’s Dad and His Catch!

Tournaments are not new to Brian- in fact, the accomplished bass fisher and his wife have even founded their own tournament in 2015, the Reel ‘Em In Foundation. The organization formed to provide financial, emotional and physical support for those in need. They’ve achieved this through partnerships with existing organizations in local communities in Minnesota.

Battle Born Partners Team Up


Brian has had the opportunity to fish with many notable anglers including a member of our pro staff, Seth Feider.  Seth has over seventy-nine total tournaments and a handful of first place wins. With five years of experience fishing the Elite Series, Brian has draw inspiration from the seasoned angler. The two bonded over their love of fishing on the Minnesota lakes where they battled a storm, caught Brian’s first ever musky, and talked about some of the difficulties they face, including being on the road and away from family as athletes.

Brian explained, “You know these guys spend so much time on the road and that’s probably one of the biggest reasons why I have such a respect for them because for me playing football, I don’t get a lot of time with my family and now that it’s over I appreciate it a lot more because I do have more time for them.

“Even playing football I would be gone for away games, but for the most part I get to come home and see my family every night. These guys when they’re on the road sometimes they’re gone a month – month and a half at a time.”

Seeing what an admiration Brian has for these athletes making the ultimate sacrifice with all they do behind the scenes was extremely eye opening, and anyone who watches him on the water knows he has a deep respect for the sport and the dedication needed for it.

Sam Feider and Brian Robison


Brian’s Battle Born Powered Rig:

Since downsizing from a deck boat to a bass fishing boat in 2012, it has further sparked his passion for fishing, which has now become an obsession for him. This smaller boat has allowed him to avoid the crowds and creates a better over-all fishing experience for himself and his family. Essentially the boat is smaller and more efficient, it has also allowed him to reach new and challenging areas on the lake as well, creating unique opportunities when fishing.






The Power Behind The Boat


Here’s what Brian ran in his rig, a 2018 Ranger Boat Z520L with a Minn Kota Ultrex Motor


Brian’s four lightweight Deep Cycle Battle Born Batteries keep him on top of the water and on top of his fishing game. This setup allows him to maximize those 7-9 day trips he loves to spend honing his fishing skills, while ensuring all the latest greatest accessories he uses stay powered up. His setup is built to last and bound to keep him fishing worry-free for years to come.

The Future is Fishing:

Brian lives his life by the 4 F’s; faith, family, football, and fishing. As he leaves his career as an NFL athlete behind, he looks forward to delving deeper into all the fishing industry has to offer and looks forward to the opportunities to take his son on the boat, participating in tournaments, fishing with friends, and creating fishing videos.

Currently he has a YouTube series called The Transition Season where he gives his audience an in-depth look at his transition from an NFL athlete to a fishing guru. These videos feature his fishing setup and experiences on the water with some notable anglers such as Seth Feider, Brandon Palaniuk, and Hunter Shyrock. As the angling season unfolds, we look forward to seeing more of Brian’s great content, his pursuit of one of his dream catches, a ShareLunker bass, new boating setups, and much more. You can also follow Brian on his Instagram and keep up with him on Facebook.

Brian's Transition Series
Brian’s Transition Series





















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