Today, water enthusiasts are harnessing the power of lithium technology. Battle Born Batteries are popular among sailboats, kayaks, trolling motors, and plenty more applications.


Marine auxiliary and house battery banks have traditionally always been dominated by heavy and toxic lead acid batteries, but not anymore. The benefits of LiFePO4 include reduced weight and up to triple the amount of power on board. Upgrading your marine batteries to lithium deep cycle batteries has never been easier and more affordable than with Battle Born batteries drop in lithium ion solutions.


Are you worried about running out of power in the middle of a great day of fishing? We have you covered. Sailboat captains no longer need to worry about their battery bank, but instead focus on their next catch. The Battle Born team strives to make the water experience much more enjoyable.


We design and assemble the best deep cycle lithium batteries in the industry, right here in Reno, NV USA. When you are ready to upgrade to lithium, know we are prepared to help you get what you need.

Aren’t sure where to start? The team is prepared to help put a bundle together with the correct components for your water adventures. We will get you out there, and have you stay out there!

Our batteries work well with Dual Pro Chargers as long as they are programmed with our Battle Born algorithm. We also work great with Minnkota ( please use the AGM/High Performance AGM setting) and Power Mania (use the Flooded (Lead-Acid) / AGM setting) multibank chargers.