Smart dongle to monitor your Victron Multiplus inverter/charger that will also act as a temperature and voltage sensing device. Use the VictronConnect App to monitor and operate the system.

The VE.Direct to Bluetooth Smart dongle allows you to display your BMV or MPPT information on iOS and Android devices by using the VictronConnect app. With the Victron VE.Direct Bluetooth Smart Dongle, you can view information wirelessly! Important information like battery status and solar panel power will reduce your overall battery anxiety. The dongle is […]

Sailing Bohemia’s Tom and Peter Powers Their Travels with LiFePO4 Technology!

With Battle Born Batteries onboard the dream vessel for Tom Watkins and Peter Hejno of Sailing Bohemia, they can travel across the seas and make margaritas till their heart’s content! Before joining the Battle Born Family, the husbands often experienced battery anxiety to the point where opening the fridge was a big strain on their […]

Vanlife Sagas’ Second Van Build is Powered with Battle Born Batteries!

Meet Marie and Dom: nomads obsessed with Nutella and their minimalist lifestyle, which they’ve embarked on for the past 5 years. Their second van build came with a very important upgrade: LiFePO4 batteries, which have helped them take big and small road trips around Canada. As the creatives behind the educational and entertaining Vanlife Sagas […]

Navigating the Waters with When Sailing

Greta and Michael are explorers at heart and environmental advocates first. The duo behind When Sailing has covered 11,376 miles since April 2019 and shows no signs of stopping. Always ready to educate their audience about sustainability and reducing your environmental emissions, our company’s mission strongly aligns with theirs. The team at Battle Born Batteries […]

Sailing Good Bad and Ugly Upgrades to Battle Born Batteries

With Battle Born Batteries, traversing the seven seas and the adventures in between has never been easier for Matt and Kristen of Sailing Good, Bad and Ugly. Their YouTube channel showcases the ups and downs of building your own boat and doing repairs. They previously used only one lead-acid battery, but now that they’ve made the switch to lithium batteries, they can travel […]

The Vanwives’ Sprinter Van Rebuild is LiFePO4 Battery Powered!

Jazmyn and Crystal have been on the road for two years now and are loving every minute of van life. Their Sprinter van is powered by Battle Born Batteries and together they feel unstoppable when traveling in Canada. They’ve got grand plans to do some cross-continental travel and now have more power in the rig to do so.  Meet the Vanwives and their Sprinter Van:   Jazmyn and Crystal first met […]

Kelly Lund’s Truck Camper Travels the World with Loki the Wolfdog!

Hearing about how our batteries power travels near and far is important to the team, and Kelly Lund is no exception. Kelly and his Instagram famous companion Loki the Wolfdog are always going on new adventures. With the help of Battle Born Batteries, they are now able to get out there and stay out there longer.  As […]

What is a Battery Monitor and Why Do You Need One?

You can make many upgrades to your battery system, but one of the simplest and most useful is adding a battery monitor. Let’s take a look at what a battery monitor is and how it can help you get the most out of your battery system. What is a Battery Monitor?  People often think of […]

Charger Accessories

The purpose of a battery is to store energy, check out how to do so here. At Battle Born, we want to make charging your batteries, and the methods in doing so, as simple as possible. Whether it is the knowledge of what charger to use, how to charge your batteries, and everything in between, the Battle Born Batteries team has you covered. Check […]