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Battle Born Discussion: Joey Nania and Miles Burghoff

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For our latest Battle Born Discussion, we visited pro anglers Joey Nania and Miles Burghoff in Guntersville, Alabama to kick back, relax and talk shop. We wanted to find out just how much their lives and boats have changed with the power of Battle Born Batteries! 

Joey and Miles are friends, tournament fishermen, and hosts of their own fishing show, Sweetwater TV. Check out the Sweetwater TV YouTube channel for exclusive content and the best of freshwater fishing!  And give the Sweetwater TV Instagram a follow for updates and exclusive content. 

In this video, Joey and Miles talk about growing up fishing, competing throughout their lives, and how reassuring it is to not have to worry about where their battery power is coming from. They both fish 300 days a year, so reliable power is important to say the least.  

Miles Burghoff fishing off of the front of his bass boat

Why Lithium?

Many things can go wrong on a boat, and battery anxiety is a very real thing, especially on the water. With Battle Born Batteries, Joey and Miles know they won’t have to worry about their power like they did before. “Once you have lithium batteries in your boat,” they explain, “you’re not going to trust being out there with lead acid batteries.” Take it from the pros: Battle Born Batteries are the low-maintenance drop-in replacements for heavy lead acid batteries. Miles has moved his Battle Born Batteries throughout five different boat builds, proving that these LiFePO4 batteries are built to be put to the test and last.  

As a fishing guide, Miles has found that Battle Born Batteries last all day long on his tours. Miles explains, “not only does lithium last the entire day, but they are most consistent.” A reliable battery supplies the ultimate peace of mind. No one wants to be stuck on the water with no power!  

Miles Burghoff truck with camper on top towing his bass boat

Powered On and Off the Water

Miles “Sonar” Burghoff not only has Battle Born Batteries in his boat, but he powers his camper with them as well! That means he won’t have to run the noisy generator and can get out there and just go. Battle Born Batteries aims to take the anxiety out of your battery setup and provide you with clean, worry-free power. And for both Joey and Miles, that freedom is a reality. 

Having to carry around heavy lead acid batteries are a thing of the past. With Battle Born Batteries, you can trust that you won’t run out of battery power. They are the clean, simple, quick to recharge, and low maintenance answer to outdated lead acid batteries. 

Joey Nania Miles Burghoff fist bump in a bass boat

It’s true, lead is dead.  

Click here to read more about Sweetwater TV, which is about to enter its sixth season! To find out more about their individual journeys, watch Joey’s Battle Born Story here and Miles’ Battle Born Story here. To keep up with the anglers, check out Joey’s Instagram and Miles’ Instagram.

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    My name is Ryan Siebert, I live here in Las Vegas, NV and have some questions about becoming part of your pro staff. If you could point me in the right direction to get these answered that would be great.


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